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  1. Does anybody have the link to this zip folder as listed above in the white banner. When I click on it, it does not open up at all. I have already created the correct folders now in my CoH folder, just need the link now to extract them. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Also if you don't know and have fly power you can get into the AE building thru the top floor and bypass the lobby.
  3. Chuckers. Thank you for replying to this. I will try this out tonight once I get on the game. Hopefully this works out. I looks like a really nice program to use to track the badges.
  4. Hello, and try as I might, I am able to find the CoH folder, but when I open it I am not able to find any of the other subfolders you mentioned here. No Data, No Texts, & No English folders. How do I go about finding them. I would really love to be able to use this program. Thank you for any help in this matter.
  5. I can't thank you enough for letting me know on this. Will try it out as soon as I have a chance to play later on tonight.
  6. I found the city of heroes file, but I am not able to locate the AppData folder at all. And then where do you get a copy of the file that I am supposed to put in there. As stated before I would be nice to have a 1.2.3. step procedure in which to get this to work. any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I just got done reading this, and this is so cool what you have been able to do. I would like to also be able to do this also , but sometimes I am just not as computer programming savvy as some folks are. I was wondering if it would be possible to possible for you to post here an exact step by step procedure on how to set this up and make work. Like step 1 put the code here. step 2 click here. Things like that would be really helpful. I really appreciate the work that you have put into this and the future guide on how to install. Hopefully as they add new badges to the game with future expansions and additions this program will be able to keep up with them automatically. Thank you once again.
  8. Hello, was wondering if someone knows how to turn off the Temporary power bar that sometimes pops up by itself when you get a particular temporary power like Buoyant Membrane. The power is for flying, and I really do not need it since I already have that power. I know you also get the temp power to move between First Ward & Night Ward which I also do not need. I looked through all of the options on the game last night but was not able to find anything to keep it from popping up by itself. Also you are not able to delete the power by right clicking it, or even just to delete the power tray. As this bar comes up it blocks half of my inspirations and a few of my other powers on my regular tray bars. Tired of moving my trays around just to have to move them back again once the temp power goes away. Any help here would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.
  9. One thing that would really have to happen for that to come to be is that there would have to be some kind of advertising on the web, gaming magazines, sites and other forms to let people know that the game is back and how they can go about getting on it.
  10. I've tried searching for this but not able to find, sorry if this has been said before. Just a curiosity question here. Just wondering what the server size as in the amount of people that each of the Homecomming servers can hold at one time?
  11. As this my first post on here I would like to say Hello to all COH fans. I have always been a super hero fan since I was a kid and it did not matter on which side of the comic universe they fell, I liked them all. And I still recall the day when I walked into Walmart to buy a new computer game for myself when my eye happen to catch the site of this new game in a nice packaged box with Statesman right there on the front cover. I read that this was unlike any super hero game you have ever saw, and left me intrigued and reading more. Saw that it was $50 plus dollars but I had that much on me and figured what the heck at least it looked like a game that I would love. Took it home and opened the box and started to read but found out that this was a paid subscription game and I must have missed that it said that on the outside of the box, As MMO's were kinda new at that time and I had never had the chance to ever play one so I really did not know what it meant nor did I have the money in which to pay that amount every month. So I did what most people would try and do and try and return it to get my money back for the game. But as predictable when I took it back to Walmart they informed me that once the package was opened that they could not let me return it. So disappointed I just returned home and figured that was a quick 50 bucks flushed, and stuck it on a shelf to be forgotten. A couple of weeks later I picked it up again just to read the nice book that came with game just to learn a little bit more about the game, but then discovered another little piece of paper that said that you could start the game with a free 3 month subscription and then just cancel or continue on with the paid subscription from there if you wanted to. So I thought to my self why not. Signed up and played my self silly every minute that I had some freed up time. Played out that 3 month free trial and loved the game so much that I found the money every year in which to keep up on the yearly subscriptions, that is until that very disappointing day when we all got the inevitable shutoff that we got. So when the son told me a few months ago that some private server had got the game back up again and running I was just ecstatic and could not believe my ears what I was hearing. Got It downloaded and started playing non stop ever since. I really don't care that I was not able to get my old characters back, that was then and this is now. Besides I have been able to enjoy just starting over again, learning once again what I really love about the game in the first place is following the story arcs, developing my characters looks and powers and everything else about the game. And who cares if the game is old as the hills and out of dates as some of the newer games on the market. As long as my computer is able to handle it, it fits me perfectly. And now even better now that my son and daughter are older and they have the game on their computers, and with the Discord channel we have set up, it is so unbelievably awesome to be able to play this and do missions and help each other out, at the same just makes my day. Besides I have already surpassed my previous character that I originally had. IGN: EmeraldRain and already at 50+4 with Incarnet powers and only getting better. I would like to take the time to Thank the people at Homecomming so much for bringing back the game and making it available to all of us to enjoy our good old days we had when we first played this game for the first time.
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