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  1. This is totally a QoL suggestion and therefore should be addressed sometime after new costume pieces, if at all, but I wanted to put it out there just to see if it's easy or hard to implement. I'd like a box to check or leave unchecked during Character Creation (most likely in the section where you add your Background) the informs the game that 'Yes, I am an experienced player. Please don't bombard me with new notifications every time something happens like finding my first piece of Salvage.' We get inundated with notifications and information a lot, during the early phases of play in particular, and as an experienced player I don't need the info. The default for this would be unchecked so new players will have the benefits of the information as they begin play. How difficult would this be to implement?
  2. I'd rather see them spend their time doing virtually anything else except maybe adding more horns to Costumes (I think we have horns covered for a while). On Live Super Jump was the most popular movement power followed by Flight. Should SJ be nerfed then? I usually don't take Hasten. I don't insist others take Hasten. Why would you insist that there's a problem with it just because YOU don't like it? I HATE the animations on several powers but I'm not going to cry to the Devs about changing it for me.
  3. If I have room for it in the build, I take it and add one additional slot and use it to mule Healing IOs. It's great as the 100% heal on the minion that just dropped to 10% health but as others have said simply taking Heal Other will be consistently more useful IMHO.
  4. I never used to take the Fighting Pool on my MMs. I ALWAYS take it now, mostly because, as has been noted before several of the MM offensive powers can be skipped and Tough is just TOO useful. It's amazing how much more survivable my MMs are with 4-slotted Tough. I've tried the Provoke route and I find it to be Meh at best. The power can use a couple of IOs not found on many other MM sets (Fear mainly) but I've found that simply taking an 80' ranged offensive power works just as well, if not better. As with all things in this game, YMMV.
  5. My very first hero on Live was a Blaster and because I played at odd times I wound up trying to solo. I had all of the Debt Badges before he was lvl 20. Note that this was back when Stamina wasn't inherent and your Movement Powers kicked in at lvl 14. Most of my old Blasters will be remade as Sentinels now because in most cases I prefer playing Iron Man to playing Cyclops in a game. My various Sents can team or solo, have played stand-in Tanks, have held the ramps in the MSR and my Beam/Bio is the first new character I made that could solo +4/x8 content solo. Yes, if you're okay spending hundreds of millions of Inf on a build you can do as well or better on a Blaster but I'm cheap and not fond of 'playing' the Market. If I wanted a financial sim I'd go and play one. I'm here to create or recreate a hero or villain and fight enemies...not stand around staring at the Market interface. Others enjoy it and are good at it so more power to them. I play Sents because when I'm playing the character I want to feel mighty. Getting Stunned (or perma-Stunned...) is a buzz-kill for me.
  6. I go away for a few weeks and look what happens. People get creative. That's what we do here...create. I've enjoyed reading everything posted so far and look forward to more.
  7. I play just about every AT and most combinations at one point or another. The one power I find myself skipping regularly is Sleep. I don't solo much and I'm not seeing a big benefit for teams since everyone seems to drop a nice big AoE right after I put the spawn to sleep. Is it worth taking for a mostly-team player and if so, how should I be using it to get the most bang for my buck?
  8. I have NO idea what animation costs these days, what with all of the computer advances, but if it isn't too expensive I could see this working. Good anime makes good money and in recent years there have been several very successful animated t.v. series. We have at least a quarter of a million fans that would pay to see it or even own it if it went straight to DVD. The sad part is the licensing. NCSoft still holds primary rights and the SCORE team is jumping through some very small hoops to keep the servers out of legal trouble. I sincerely doubt that they'd allow a movie unless they got a BIG chunk of the profits. Considering the current mood (more people at home with the virus etc) a t.v. series, if it were well-done, could be very successful IMHO.
  9. And this is why I love the Forums. Thanks!
  10. WOW! I've seen players chatting about their Beast MMs and how happy they were (paired with Nature) that they didn't have to heal much. Perhaps this was the reason. Well I'm off to the CC! Thanks for all the help. Btw Redlynne, it's good to see you again. As I recall we had some very spirited chats back on Live. It's nice to see someone I recognize!
  11. Any particular reason for this pairing? Or powers I should focus on with the Secondary?
  12. I have to confess, I'm an unrepentant Altaholic and I LOVE MMs. However, I haven't had much chance to play with the 'new' Secondaries that were ported over like Emp, Storm and such. I enjoy soloing on my MMs as much as team play but I haven't done my homework on my next few builds and I was hoping for some feedback on what worked, what was meh and what didn't work for my next few projects: 1) Beast/Emp: I haven't found a theme for this yet but I'm thinking Druid. I know that Nature and Pain are great sets but I've only run Emp on a Defender. Is this boring? Ineffective? Fort-heavy? 2) Necro/Sonic: A Siren theme with Mako's Epic for lulz. I'm thinking the melee-centric pets plus Disruption Field should be a good match, yes? No Heals for the pets but Heal Other always an option. 3) Necro/Storm: A relatively melee-centric set with Hurricane etc keeping the enemies busy. I hear people raving about /Storm for MMs but I don't know if Necro is a good pairing for this. 4) Anything/Poison: I have a Merc/Poison right now but he seems to be languishing in the 30s somewhere. The debuffs are good but solo seems to be very rough. Team-only build maybe? 5) Anything/Kinetics: I haven't got a lot of experience with /Kin anything so I'm wondering what would mesh well with this. Maybe Thugs for the accelerated Gang War madness? Thanks for the help in advance.
  13. And this is why I read Forums. I have a Demon/Pain build in the 30s somewhere and this will definitely get done in my next respec!
  14. And THIS is why I read Forums. Thugs/Anything with +Def just became my next build. Thanks everyone!
  15. Truth be told, I hate taking my MMs into Incarnate content for most of the reasons you cited. Even before that, if I was in a team with post-50s they were melting the mobs as I was ordering my boys into battle. I have resigned myself to keeping my Lich and Knights, forgetting about the Zombies and fighting as a form of Dark Defender, helping the team and allowing my minions to follow me on Defensive so I'm playing the role of Tank for them, sharing the damage. Some MM Secondaries are probably more useful (like anything with shields in it) but /Dark is rough on Incarnates IMHO. Good luck.
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