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  1. I won't argue that the implementation leaves something to be desired, but apparently it was fully intentional. My understanding is that more ... targeted? events will be coming in a future patch that the defense suppression can be tied to, but absent those, it was pre-nerfed so as not to be better than intended and have to be nerfed later when the better events came along.
  2. The current suppression mechanics in EvMa are very aggressive. Any power activation and any buff to allies (including ones that feel passive, like running Leadership powers) will suppress the defense for 10s. What you're describing with the attribute monitor is the way suppressed things behave - the show up in the breakdown, but are not added to the sum. Some folks have speculated that these powers are actually suppressing themselves. I'm not sure that's actually possible, and it's not something I noticed in my own testing. But if you toggled anything else, even Sprint, that will s
  3. Essence Transfer is not using PPM, it is indeed supposed to use a flat 12% chance of activation. It only works in powers that can be slotted for damage. It will only activate in powers that have a combined (activation time + activation interval) > 0. (I don't know of any non-passive powers that would not meet this criteria, and no passive should exist that can be slotted for damage.) It's no super obvious to me from peering at it why it's not working as expected. Having looked at it, though, I do think its setup is strange. I don't know why it's not PPM based
  4. I am not sure how feasible it is for the warning popups to interrogate the auction house to compare what you're bidding to the historical price of the item you're bidding on. All of the examples of the warning boxes are comparing your input to things that are either hard-coded, or in character inventory. But if it's feasible and optional (like most (all?) of the warnings), I think it'd be a reasonable feature.
  5. Your original statement was that no one wanted combos. Unless you're claiming that they edited the thread to add people posting that they liked the combo system, I think you're moving the goalposts.
  6. We get it. You hate the change. Agitating for someone to come justify it isn't going to change it back. It's seems obvious to me at least that there is no justification you would accept in any case, meaning you're asking for something that wouldn't change anything for you or anyone else.
  7. If the devs woke up one day and gave us Laundry Melee, it would be fair feedback for people to say "no one wanted that". However, the devs could still choose to give us Laundry Melee and solicit feedback on how to make it functional and fun to play.
  8. Technically, no. Kind of a ... texture error? (The minimaps are just image/texture files.) But I don't think it would matter if you reported it in the geometry error thread, as long as a dev saw it. I assume that's the regular map texture and not one of the Vidiot's style ones?
  9. Are you by any chance using the No Redraw theme? I ask because there's another reported bug with that theme interacting badly with Ninja Run animation.
  10. I suspect limiting Sprint slotting was done specifically to limit how many universal travel sets can be slotted in a typical build. The BotZ globals are one thing, but BotZ actually used to have significant +DEF(Ranged/E/N) for two slots. I can't remember if the Sprint slotting change was before or after that was toned down. Letting people slot stuff in Sprint but not the prestige sprints also opens a can of worms, since some people elect to use one of the prestige sprints instead of Sprint. If you let them go in any of the sprints you've got, what, six? more places you can slot a
  11. Why does what other people are doing or thinking matter for bug testing? You can literally ignore that other people exist. Look for something that needs testing (lists are posted in Discord) or go test something you know you care about. Try it, see what happens, post results. Actual bug testing should not a subjective experience. Balance testing is something else, and pretty inevitably involves debate.
  12. Yep. It picks a random integer in the range 0 - (LIST_SIZE-1) and indexes into the array using that. And very welcome!
  13. Yeah. Sidebar, but I remember testing it on the Paragon Training Room server before the shutdown announcement. My only high-level Blaster at the time had Hoarfrost, which used to be seriously truncated by the original caps. As a PvE-focused player, I was really jazzed about it, before, you know, it all shut down.
  14. Have you met any Illusion Controllers? They'll still insist it's superior, even if it's the only one!
  15. Yeah. I mean it does more stuff that its base stats, but it's very fiddly about doing so. If it's intended to be impossible to get those benefits in combat, it should probably cost as though it didn't have them, or maybe a bit more. (Note: I haven't run any math on its costs, so maybe the cost does somehow make sense. But based on quick mental analysis, it doesn't seem like it.)
  16. He's saying the cancellation on action is intended. He should know - he added it. :P
  17. Recovery Res is actually a different stat. But the fact that it's there probably means we should get End Drain res too, unless there's some technical limitation on it. (And there might be one - I remember some old talk about how updates to the things sent for the combat monitors cause networking code changes. But that was a long time ago.)
  18. Um, no, that's not correct. This is from the JumpSpeed attribmod in Combat Jumping That means that powers with the "TravelBuff" stacking key will stack in a way where the highest value wins. This is the JumpSpeed attrbmod from Hurdle That's regular vanilla stacking almost every power in the game has. It means it stacks with other stuff that's not the same power cast by the same caster. So Hurdle stacks with whatever wins from the "TravelBuff" overlapping winner, as do other sources of +jumpspeed like Inertial
  19. Consume in Fiery Aura also grants this, and there's no way to check it there either. I have an FA brute and logged in to confirm I couldn't see it anywhere in the monitors - that I spotted at least.
  20. Relatively simple test - try to find some Mu. They will sap both end (when their blasts hit) and depress your recovery. I guess it's hard to get a comparison since this is an auto, but you may be able to compare two different characters if end drain is logged.
  21. Things like "was it that broken" or "it doesn't break the game" are strawman statements that don't have any objective basis. There are (admittedly not well documented for us) standards the devs try to follow for things. Why don't all attacks have some different range than they do now? I dunno, but they have pretty consistent standards*. A powers dev decided only "real" sniper mode attacks should exceed the now-standard ranges. I can see what they were going for, but they'd have to explain the "why". (I wouldn't mind knowing myself.) * If you were playing long enough, you may rememb
  22. Yeah. I mean, it certainly doesn't feel like that should be intended. I guess we'll have to see. 😒
  23. The "fast" in combat snipe is no longer a sniper shot. It's just a high DPA attack. I mean, don't get me wrong. It's not like I'm excited about this change - I have quite a few characters with snipes. But I get that the "fast" version isn't following any of the rules that make the slow version different from other attacks - it has no interrupt window and a way slower overall cast time. It's basically a regular (though very good) attack. I don't see why it's either so terrible a change or so hard to grok the reasoning, even if I do understand that any downgrade is rarely
  24. Wait, Corruptor. I looked at Defender stats. 🤦‍♂️ The base for Corrs is a whopping 1.192s. So even at ED "caps", you're looking at like 2.4s, so yeah, even even-level critters will wake up briefly.
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