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  1. I think the fact that Mass Levitate (I assume @EmergentRain meant Mass Levitate) is doing this hints that there's something more than unusual knock-up going on, since that power is straight knockup. I played around and could not especially vector foes up with my lowbie Energy/Cold Corr, but even if there is a new thing going on there, I think the real key is that stuff is getting stuck in ceilings more easily. If we can find and fix that, maybe we don't need to worry about whether KB is popping stuff more vertically than in the past - we'll have to see. But the fact that pure knock
  2. Oh this is ancient, as in original game behavior. It's done this at least as long as Malta have existed (I1), and maybe before. Any critter using the robot skeleton will do this. I want to say wolves and things that share their skeleton do it too, but maybe not as badly. A screenshot wouldn't really show the issue. You can't really "see" the blockage - your character just can't move past the defeated foe's feet. It would need a video to really make clear. I would love to see this fixed though.
  3. I can't reproduce this. 🙁
  4. You are entirely correct, sir. I missed that when looking at it on CoD, because the "strength" is at the end of the list of attribs buffed. (Maybe someone should change that display, huh?) So basically, this acts like an enhancement to all your movement powers, or like a tiny Power Boost that only affects movement.
  5. Interesting. I have a ton of SJ'ers and I've updated their travel binds to use SJ+CJ together and haven't noticed this. I'll go look for it, in case I'm just overlooking it somehow. Any other powers going on that could maybe, somehow be involved? Evasive Maneuvers? Temp powers? (I don't expect any of those to matter, but I wouldn't expect what you're seeing at all, so hey.)
  6. No clue. Even if it was suppressed (and it shouldn't be - it should stack with everything else), normally suppressed things still appear in the list of effects contributing, but don't end up added to the total. It's like it's not doing anything.
  7. Good news! These are live patch notes, not beta.
  8. In the two powers the pet had... - One did not accept toHit Debuff boosts, so the fact that you could slot them in the summons did not transmit to that power. - One did accept them, but the only effect it could boost was flagged to ignore enhancements. (Which fully made no sense whatsoever.)
  9. I would expect stacked KB to send them flying further back, but not vector them up into the air. So even if it's related to magnitude (stacking, scaling vs lower-level foes) it's still strange.
  10. I am really sure that's the first time I've heard someone interpret it that way. IMO, that's exactly the kind of thing the Cottage Rule was about avoiding. The example was "Build Up now builds a small cottage". I mean, OK, in the example, it's still called "Build Up" and it now builds a house. But if it was called "Construct Cottage", I don't think that would actually satisfy anyone. I think the interpretation of Power Crash as a "violation" of the cottage rule is fair. I was willing to give it a pass because, IMO, EM had plenty of stun going around, and I wasn't going to miss a si
  11. None of those would be "violations" because none of them change the core behavior of the powers. That's probably the closest to a "violation" of the rule from your list, as it fundamentally changes how you use the power. But really, the only clear violations would be to fundamentally alter a power from doing one thing to doing something totally different. Changing Build Up into a heal, making a pure damage attack into a no-damage mez, or turning a place AoE debuff into a single-target blast.
  12. I think you will find, though, that the devs aim to project a line from the development and balance trends that they saw happening on the pre-sunset servers. A line which they make an effort to fit their changes around, with some exceptions. (Some of the P2W and Incarnate changes near the game's shutdown didn't fit any line you could draw up to the time they appeared.) This dev team is not discarding the old paradigms and setting a completely independent course.
  13. If you look closely at even some of the sweeping changes, the "cottage rule" is still being adhered to. Rarely is a power being completely changed in nature. Single-target powers don't become wide AoEs. Debuffs and mezzes don't usually turn into pure damage attacks. Powers don't cease to exist whole cloth - if room for a new power is wanted, the effects of two other powers are usually merged into a single power with similar activation mechanics. Look at the changes to Energy Melee - all the same basic attacks are still there, but in addition to tweaks to their base acti
  14. Today's patch does back off some of the suppression. However, it still suppresses on any buffing of allies, which still includes toggle effects like Leadership or Shadow Fall.
  15. There's a Siren's Call store variant and it has this issue too.
  16. Ugh, yes, it's the stacking. It's set to "StackByKey" instead of "StackByAttributeAndKey". It's being suppressed by any attrib with a higher scale that shares that key, instead of only being suppressed by other jumpspeed attribs that share it. Props to @Jimmy for pointing it out. I had totally looked at the stacking and, yeah, coffee.
  17. It seems fine on CoD. It gives the same +jumpspeed as Super Jump, and more than Ninja Run. Going to poking around a bit in game to see what it's really doing. Edit: Nope, definitely not acting right. Ninja Run boosts your jumpspeed, but ZGP doesn't, even though it looks to me like it should from a cursory review of its effects. The issue is probably hiding in its stacking rules or something subtle like that. Or I need more coffee, or both.
  18. I don't think I've ever seen someone toss daggers on a team unless it was known in advance we were doing something stupid, like a +4 Kahn with no debuffers. As someone who has on occasion turned to them to solo AVs, spamming them is pretty terrible on your blue bar and, unless you're low DPS to start with, probably harms your DPS.
  19. Are you actually using the button to auto-complete missions, or is this happening while trying to complete missions the regular way? (Which is usually to go to a mission door and follow the instructions shown in your nav window.)
  20. Yeah, even though it's marked as accepting those sets, the actual summoning power itself doesn't accept knockback boosts. The boosts in those sets are marked as knockback boosts, so the fact that the power doesn't accept those probably takes precedence over the fact that the power has been marked as accepting those sets. And, as @csrmentions, none of the pet's powers do knockback, so all you would get out of slotting the set if you could would be the bonuses. So yeah, it seems like the error is that it says it takes those sets.
  21. Yeah, that's what it does. So I run the expressions through an algebraic simplifier that does things like flatten nested parenthesis, and it's writing "x squared" as "x**2". The raw expression in postfix looks like this: 38 distance 7 - - 19 / dup dup * * Converted to "raw" infix, it looks like this: ((38 - (distance - 7)) / 19) * (dup() * dup()) Basically, dup() should be replaced by the expression as seen up to that point. Without doing it for you during parsing, it's kind of weird to grok when showing things infix notation the way CoD does. (The game's expres
  22. It seems to be a shorthand way to duplicate the most recent value on the expression stack. I think it's being used as handy way to square the value. If I'm right about that, I don't think I'm displaying it in a sensible way on CoD.
  23. Is it possible your double click is carrying over into a slotted enhancement on the management screen? I have my main 3 power trays in the lower right hand corner of the screen, and the word "Enhancements" on there doesn't overlay where any of my slotted enhancements would be on the management screen. If you've moved your trays, or perhaps if your screen resolution is different from mine, you may be unintentionally clicking on an enhancement as part of the double click that takes you to that screen.
  24. I can't reproduce this. It's still taking me to the enhancement management screen.
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