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  1. I don't think so. AI doesn't interact with things that aren't critters. (Things we interact with are almost always critters, even if they seem inanimate - like glowies.) But the fix to flying MM pets did involve some AI / critter physics changes. Maybe that's negatively affected Singy somehow? The fact that it flies seems like a bit too much of a coincidence.
  2. I feel like the biggest thing stuff like this needs is automation. Like, by default, there should be a programmatic way to tell what everything's slottable sets are by default or by inspecting it. It should be possible to override defaults, but the override should be inspectable and testable. The fact that so much of this is manual and not self documenting (and was even more manual even in Paragon Studios' day) is the root of many evils.
  3. Did he start this after the most recent patch? Or was he doing it right after Page 2 came out?
  4. Confirmed. This seems specific to this enhancement. Not only does a quick spot check of the rest of the set look fine, the crafted version of the same thing looks fine. I'll see if I can't use the data I have for CoD to programatically scan for issues like this across all set enhancements.
  5. So, here are all the player powers that take Accuracy and -toHit enhancements, but don't take Accurate To-Hit Debuff sets. Blaster Support.Devices.Smoke Grenade Controller Control.Fire Control.Smoke Controller Control.Illusion Control.Spectral Terror Dominator Control.Darkness Control.Haunt Dominator Control.Fire Control.Smoke Mastermind Pets.Jounin.Blinding Powder Mastermind Pets.Lich.Fearsome Stare Mastermind Pets.Lich.Life Drain Mastermind Pets.Lich.Tenebrous Tentacles Mastermind Pets.Protector.Seeker Drones Mastermind Pets.Skeleton Warrior.Gloom Mastermind
  6. Seems like an oversight to me. That's not a place the devs would usually turn in order to give an edge between ATs. If they wanted to do such a thing, I think they would remove the actual -toHit from the Dominator version. (Which I think would be a weird thing to do and I'm not advocating for it, because -toHit is "Dark" sets' thing.) The fact that it has the -toHit and the -toHit is enhanceable on both ATs is what really suggests to me that it's just a miss.
  7. While I agree that "impossible" needs to be used with care, I think we need to be careful not to assume that someone with access to the source code can't know how something works well enough to know that certain correlations cannot be causation. What we can present to devs is evidence, not proof. It's worth remembering that "veteran levels" were added by this team. They actually do know how that code works. If they didn't add a check against vet level to the pre-existing rewards code, it really is impossible that it's checking that. If we use our imaginations, we could
  8. I don't know the formal definition for it, but non-unique minion/LT/boss/EB mobs don't give everyone a drop. They drop one thing from each reward category (enhancement, recipe, salvage, etc.) and each only goes to one person. AVs and GMs normally only have special drop rules for SOs, in which they give everyone who damaged them (or perhaps met some damage threshold). DE Monsters have special rules where everyone on a team that damaged them is eligible for an EoE drop. Incarnate rewards are different. I forget the specifics. I believe everyone on a league can get Threads
  9. Yeah, it's very possible the root time previously ended before the activation time. So we couldn't use powers any faster, but maybe we could move sooner.
  10. Every normal critter has a chance to drop one recipe on defeat. When you are on a team, which teammate gets that drop is random and evenly distributed*, and doesn't care what level the person is, how much damage they did, or whether they even have room for the drop. On a team of 8, you get 1/8 of the drops, on average, than you would if you defeated all that stuff yourself. Of course, it's very likely you defeat it all faster, but maybe not always 8x faster. In a raid, its much more complex. Which team is given the chance to get the drop from a critter does depend on how much total
  11. I haven't actually noticed that office maps have a problem with this. I know I do see these markers on them, but maybe not always. Maybe this is a thing and I just don't miss the spawns. I have noticed that sometimes spawns that did show on the map disappear. I've never pinned down the pattern for why. It seems maybe to related to it showing more than one "last" spawn, and defeating the first hides the second? Also worth noting, ambushes count against the threshold, so if you're down to the last "static" spawn but there are 3 ambushes waiting for you to release a hostag
  12. Very minor update to the above post - after chatting with some folks we decided it made more sense to call the Cryptic test server "Alpha". That's actually always been its designation, but during issue/page testing rounds a lot of us me included) have taken to calling it "beta". But there are totally different "beta" servers (Brainstorm and Paragon), so I'm jumping in early to correct the convention on CoD. The site and the post above have been updated to reflect this naming.
  13. That's just the nature of unbiased (pseudo) randomness. And by "unbiased" I don't mean it's not got a chip on its shoulder. Rather, I mean that the shape of the distribution of numbers over time looks like a nice Gaussian curve. Streaks of similar outcomes are actually completely normal in the short term even for completely random systems. A lot of folks assume "fair" randomness won't do that, but it totally does. And, yes, when that turns against you on conversions or missing a dangers foe a bunch or something, it really stinks.
  14. OK, this update is kind of a big one. CoD can now show data for both Live ("Homecoming") and Alpha ("Cryptic") The "revision" string in the top right of the screen is now clickable. When you click on it, a popup appears offering a link to change to other servers. Right now, the only two options are Live and Alpha. Clicking anywhere outside of these links will dismiss them without changing your current data preference. You can also change this on the settings screen. (This was the original way to do this, as the popup versi
  15. It feels about the same to me. The root time matches the cast time according to CoD, so I wouldn't expect surprises there. I took a quick vid with a recharge timer running, activated Vorp then held down space. Watching the countdown on the power it seems like I jump just before the 3s mark. That seems about right for a 2.5s cast.
  16. It should not be! Just checked, the current site code: // Setting name and default value always_prefer_at_none: ["always-prefer-at-none", false], But if it ever was set, by me messing up that default or accidental click, it would remember it forever (until it was changed again.)
  17. Is this option perhaps enabled on the settings page? Edit: If it's off, then navigating from, say, Scrapper -> Fighting -> Boxing should show you stats for use by a Scrapper. The URL should end up looking like so: https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=pool.fighting.boxing&at=scrapper And following that link I just pasted there should also always show a Scrapper. Let me know if those things don't happen. I would want t o look into it
  18. The reason for wanting to know the GM's name is very, very certainly so Faultline can chat with the GM about any additional details they may have. The devs and GMs talk to one another. There's nothing punitive going on.
  19. That's just because it has no way to know what AT you want it to display the information for. It only displays the "X * table" when it doesn't know what AT version of the table it should use. You can always fix that by picking an AT from the dropdown above the info. I've tried to make the site figure out what AT you want it to display based on how you navigate to a power, but if you jump directly or from the search box, it may not know. It depends on the power - some always only make sense for a specific AT, but some are shared. You can make it default to showing an AT by going to
  20. I use this approach now to separate my HC, CB and Cryptic installs. Mostly because I like keeping the logs and screenshots for the different environments separate, but as a bonus side effect I get a cleaner environment list in each installer. But the point is that separating them definitely works, and cleanly. Note that each installer directory will have a copy of the I24 piggs, which is about 4.2GB of data. Not a lot by modern hard drive standards, but just so you know. If you're feeling fancy you could use Windows junctions (symbolic links) to point one installer at the other one
  21. I don't think this is new. This is a common issue when completing "street hunt" missions inside actual missions. Still a bug, but I don't think it's been caused by anything in I27.
  22. Yeah, what @Wavicle said. The suppressed speed didn't change. You're likely feeling how much bigger the change between suppressed and non-suppressed movement is now that non-suppressed is so much faster, especially for Fly.
  23. CoD now shows shows max number allowed for powers that stack through multiple copies of the power. There's also a new icon for the Line of Sight requirement on powers. I kind of forgot that was already there in the Activation Details block. Maybe I'll remove that now. Finally "DelayedRequires" expressions are now displayed on attribmods. These aren't real common, but they're important. The expression is checked before the attribmod is applied, and if it is false, the attribmod is dropped instead and doesn't take effect.
  24. My money is on it not existing, but hey, even if not maybe it's possible to add it.
  25. I searched for the actual terms we know are used and didn't find anything, including using Google for the search. The game's damage types are an actual, literal in-game thing. They have actual game-mechanical meaning, and aren't abstract terms like these damage "scale" terms.
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