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  1. So, I think the deal here is that the effect pulses every 2.5 seconds, but the sleep lasts a (base) of 1.49s. Against +3 critters, that's cut to 65% of base, so about 1s, which means you're never going to be able to keep +3s asleep. So yeah, it's basically impossible to keep things slept with that. No idea if that's intended - it seems kind of silly to me.
  2. Based on its display in CoD, I think it should work. It also shows up in the detailed power info view in-game. I think the issue is that the combat attributes windows just don't have an entry for displaying endurance resistance as a stat at all.
  3. Rather than berating others for lack of foresight, perhaps you should ask more players come join the testing. And join them. This is a bug that only appears in very specific circumstances - teleportation with a non-combat NPC targeted. That's something that people popping into Ouro to test teleporting around could easily miss. How likely was it that someone combine testing teleport with having clicked on a contact or open world civilian? As a reminder, this is a free game provided by volunteer effort, by people working on spaghetti code they didn't originally write with
  4. As @Arbegla says, it's because the best power now wins. Remember, you could not run these together before. The intent is not to change them to be stackable when they weren't before - it's to let us get the bet of all of them at the same time when run together.
  5. To be clear, no defense granted by any IOs is being stripped, at all. If you're just talking about these new-ish powers that give you defense but let you act, remember that what they're replacing prevented you affecting friends or foes, so the defense they granted came at a high functional price. That price has been removed - if we could fight while unconditionally keeping the full defense these new versions of old powers grant, the devs would just plain be giving us new sources of in-combat defense that we did not have before. I think a lot of us feel that the bonus d
  6. The code for leveling up in the respec screens is apparently rather fragile (IMO) in the sense that it figures out what level you are based on how many powers you have that meet certain criteria. Powers in certain categories, like "temporary powers" and "inherent" don't count for this, nor do powers explicitly marked as "free" (that's a setting on the powers themselves). It looks like the "Momentum" power, which is in none of the "free" categories and not explicitly be flagged to be "free" may be the issue. If you turn of SS or let Momentum expire (it only lasts a few seconds) befo
  7. Just based on the testing cycles we say for beta, it seems likely each patch is given a few days to be implemented / reviewed / tested before it goes to any of the test servers. Also, given that none of the bugs so far are causing "all hands on deck" issues like crashes or character corruption, waiting a few days to see what other issues players can find, so they can also be rolled into a patch would make sense, rather than pumping out a rapid sequence of small patches.
  8. Out of curiosity, do the affected characters all have Super Speed?
  9. If you disabled your popup tray, and didn't add Afterburrner to any other tray, then that is why. The "display name" only works if the power is in a tray, If the popup tray is disabled and the power is in no other tray, then it won't be found by display name.
  10. Or you could read that (a) there's an extremely simple workaround and (b) a fix is inbound to boot.
  11. It's not a programming thing. It's just how the power's settings were chosen, which is "just" a data thing. No one will have to make code changes to update this, nor is the code doing anything out of place. The settings for the power are, however, being questioned and, it seems, updated in the next patch.
  12. What you are saying you tried and what I suggested you try are not the same. I know what I posted works, because I am using it successfully. My bind turns on Fly first if it is not already running. This enables the "Afterburner" power (display name), which puts it in a tray. Then, and only then will the "powexec_toggle Afterburner" be executed on the next press, which will work using that name because it is in a tray.
  13. Yeah, reverting the changes would mean turning EvMa back into Afterburner, which would mean reworking the entire Flight pool to near its original state. That's an unreasonable amount of change when the events that trigger suppression can be modified.
  14. Conversions using any of the "out-of-set" categories are done at the whole set level. A non "in-set" conversion will always give you a piece of a different set than the original piece. A list of valid target sets (based on conversion group and a few things like the original enhancement's level) is constructed first and then a random set is chosen from that list. Pieces within the resulting set are chosen randomly from the pieces listed as part of that set. There are no rerolls.
  15. According to CoD The effect that recharges Power Siphon has no tags, so nothing will modify its chance. Given that it's a relatively unique effect with an unusually high base chance (20% is higher than regular critical hit base chances get), this may be intentional.
  16. Be that as it may, it's probably in use in those four powers, and folks using it that way would probably not be pleased if the recharge aspect was replaced with something else.
  17. I just went digging in some of the public I26 code, which is a couple of years old now. I didn't study it in great detail, but here's what I got from it. The list of bids and listings are stored in "binary heap" structures storing pointers to structures representing bids and sales, respectively. A processing loop iterates over both in parallel, popping items off of the "top" of the two heaps looking for matches where a bid fulfills a listing. "Skipped" bids and listings that don't line up are stuffed into temporary heaps during processed and all of them are shoved back into the mai
  18. We had this information given to us back pre-sunset by the Paragon devs, after some players experimented extensively and reported their findings. The order ties are broken is based on purely internal implementation details of how the auctions are stored. That order is fixed until, IIRC, someone posts another of the same items at the same price. Then the tie resolution order shuffles again. For practical purposes, yes, it's effectively random.
  19. Not generally. About the only thing I can think of is translucency changing when stealth powers suppressed.
  20. This appears to be an undocumented feature of the powexec family of commands. If the power name you supply does not match the "display name" of a power in any tray, it instead matches against internal power name of powers you own, which are what most of the game deals in when referencing powers to activate them, deactivate them, grant them, etc. You might be surprised how many powers have a display name that's completely different from their internal power name. This often is done when a power is redesigned or the level different powers can be earned is changed. The "guts" of the p
  21. Look in your settings\homecoming\options.txt file for lines starting with those names. They're probably at the bottom of the file. Those names are commands to toggle on and off oooold UI elements left over from the Paragon store and NCSoft account system that don't work here because there's no link to those things any more. I am betting our devs finally removed the commands to control those UI elements, and now the game complains when you load the options file containing them. Why it only displays on certain characters I cannot explain. You can safely edit t
  22. There may be some effect on the "summoning platform" that dismissed it when the zone event reset. But that seems like a stretch.
  23. Solo on max notoriety? That's what I build everything for, or strive for. To play that way, you're likely to want as much defense as you can muster without gimping something else important. With that goal, the only things you wouldn't strive for high defense on are probably things that readily max resists instead, and even then probably only if it's a Brute, Tanker or Kheld, due to their higher resist caps. (SoAs share the Khedlian caps, but lack much in the way of capping their resists.) Reason being that 45% defense is, on average, better mitigation than 75% resist, and tends to
  24. If I'm right, you shouldn't even have to turn it off. Just be off a team with no pets it can buff.
  25. I'm not sure if this is strictly intended, but activating any power in that hover state will end the effect. Link. That event fires at the end of activating any click or toggle.
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