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  1. That's sort of funny. It makes sense. I am not sure if this can actually be avoided, as I think your falling damage is a function of your jump height attribute, and so protection from the damage probably can't extend beyond the duration of your ability to actually jump so high that you'll take more damage after falling. PS: When I read the title of this, I was expecting some strange behavior for Titan Weapons. 😮
  2. Yep. The early game had no numbers for players, and this was a very explicit decision by Jack and probably others from the early design team. They envisioned a more story-centric MMO, where people cared less about the numbers. That never really worked out. Fist, lots of gamers really want to know the numbers. Especially early on, when you recall that there were no respecs! You were stuck with your power choices. But probably more importantly, CoH is almost totally combat focused. Hiding the numbers in such an environment makes less sense than if it were actually, functionally more
  3. I also just finally updated the site to display "application type". This was something that was always missing on the old CoD and lacking it makes some powers effects super confusing, because they often just look like a list of "grant this power" followed by "revoke the same power". Which is, like, "what?". Now you can see that these kinds of things have different triggers. From Assault Radial Embodiment: The standard "application type" is "on tick", and vast majority of effects use that application type. Because of this, I don't display it when
  4. CoD has been updated for Homecoming build 4337 In addition, there are new displays for toggles which shut off after running for so long and for shared recharge groups. From Double Jump: I'll look into making some of these group displays (recharge groups and exclusion groups) into a link you can click on to see what powers are included, but for now they're just text. I also fixed some display issues with Taunt and Placate (they were showing up as "Applies X points of Placate", which is not super helpful) and healing (which
  5. If that's bugged, it's actually bugged in the game. That's really a null attribmod. There's no hold effect in that power. Note that it cannot be enhanced for hold duration. I think the Wiki is out of date.
  6. What @Apparition said, but the devs have said they still want to improve the spawn behavior to not be so crazy, but doing so requires modifying the missions that rely on you clearing them. That will take more time than they wanted to leave people having to deal with the side effects of the reduced spawn rates, so the reversion was the best course for now.
  7. We don't have one that I know of. There is no hard link in the game itself between those text descriptions and the actual damage of the powers. Meaning the game does not look at the damage a power does and choose a descriptive word based on that. Instead, they are entered as free-form text by the devs as part of the power description. These used to be very inconsistent. You could not, in fact, make assumptions that "moderate" was more than "light". A pass was done by the devs some time back to standardize them using objective criteria, but that was done with tooling that exists out
  8. That's been bandied about for ... ever. It basically never goes anywhere because doing it right is downright tough. The settings can't be so hard that it just becomes a curiosity no matter how good the reward, but they can't be easy enough with a big enough bonus reward that they becomes the One True Way to TF. (Bearing in mind that becoming The One True Way means people actively reject players/characters who aren't up to the challenge.) Keeping it up to date as the game evolves is another layer of difficulty on the design.
  9. Spamming remotes used to allow players to confuse the game and emit some animations never intended to be useable as player emotes, including some that were pretty obnoxious if spammed. This ability was disabled in a recent patch, which is almost certainly what you are running into.
  10. I've updated the data today to reflect a back-end change required to handle some power expressions that rely on implementation details of how the power expression parser in the game works. The game uses an "expression stack" that contains the accumulated expression values parsed so far, and at least one parser "verb", called "dup" directly manipulates the expression stack, duplicating the top element onto the stack again. This is used as an efficient way to reuse a parsed value derived from a potentially complex sub-expression without having to evaluate the expression multiple times.
  11. The really more trivial ways are to extend or contract sets bottom ranges so they match. Honestly, this is the most "harmless" option in my opinion, because I doubt that, outside of the special rules for converting Attuned IOs, that anyone cares about level 10-20 Positron's Blast or the like.
  12. Not 100%, since AE does that too, but AE must be doing it a different way, I guess.
  13. Yes. Adding a slider would be a fix to the current behavior that wouldn't break anyone's desired conversion set ... what's a good word? Spans? It might open up some new ways to control what you get that didn't exist before for attuned stuff, but I truly doubt that's a big deal.
  14. There's a (harder to implement) fix that would not break any other conversions. When converting an attuned version of a standard IO, you get a slider to let you pick the level you want the conversion to happen at, with its limits defined by the valid range for the current IO's set. So if converting an Air Burst, you could choose any level from 10-50. When converting a Miracle, you'd be offered 20-40. The dropdown would only off you "category" conversions if you chose a level with valid overlap with other sets in that category. Logic to achieve this in the actual conversion function
  15. A more sane implementation, IMO, would look at what sets overlap the level range of the original enhancement's set, and let any of those be possible targets. Without checking, I suspect that would make the conversion lists larger in several cases. That's great for fixing a case like the one in the OP. It's not so great though if it makes it harder (read: less likely) to get from one set to a specific other set though conversions, though. I rarely attune things. I mostly do so with globals like LotGs. I don't go playing lowbie TFs on +4 or anything, and rarely care to so
  16. It's what I tell people because of how so many of them propose to fix Regen - the most common, most fundamental ask is to restore toggle IH. In a nutshell, that's Willpower, though you do have to go stand in a bunch of foes to get the full benefit of old IH. But people who ask for toggle IH want Regen to be much less reactive, much less clicky, and that describes Willpower quite closely. That's not I want the actual Regen powerset to play like, though. I like how it plays right now, broadly, and want any improvements to preserve it as much as feasible. While there are a
  17. I also posted in those other threads about how +absorb is a horrible idea as replacement for either +maxHP or +regen. It's fine, in terms of buffing the set to add it to existing +maxHP and regen (though it's maybe hard to explain lorewise), but Absorb is inferior to +maxHP and +regen for reasons mentioned already in this thread. And many people seem to fail to grasp that +absorb is still functionally HP, HP replacement/gain is a linear offset to DPS, and Regen's challenges relative to other sets are due to the fact that Defense and DR are nonlinear. The more you have, the longer you live agai
  18. SR isn't exciting, but it's anything but weak. There are stronger sets, mostly because some other sets can combine high mitigation with high sustain (which SR has none of), but my SR is one of the characters I can basically wade into any content except Rularuu and not break a sweat. Massed Mu can be a problem just because of the end drain and -recovery, and so can massed Psi or Toxic damage. (Even Psi and Tox which are tagged melee/ranged/AoE will hit some of the time, and SR's scaling resists don't work on those damage types.) I would want nothing to do with a port of Sentinel Reg
  19. I was able to reproduce it with missions in arcs that change your level away from your current level. Specifically, the 2nd mission in the Intro to Ouroboros arc. If taken through the Ouro Crystal, this arc lets you be level 50 when you start it. The 2nd mission sets you to level 1. Using that, I was able to keep both Speed Phase and Afterburner running on entry to the mission,, even though I lost both Super Speed and Fly. (Yes, this character has both.) Since the Safeguard/Mayhem contacts don't put you in TF mode, it seems like there's a mechanism for changing your combat level be
  20. Totally reproduced this with the Safeguard contact in Steel Canyon. Could not reproduce it with TF contacts, Ouro missions or the AE. So apparently there's something different about the Safeguard/Mayhem contacts.
  21. We have this as a new issue for Afterburner. Because of how Evasive Maneuvers replaced Afterburner (so that people who had AB didn't need to respec), the internal name of Evasive Maneuvers is ... "Afterburner". So binds that try to toggle Afterburner when it's not visible in the pop up tray will instead toggle Evasive Maneuvers. There are a few work-arounds for this one. You can move the new Afterburner into a regular (non-popup) tray, which will mean it is always found by that name, even if it can't be activated. You can instead toggle "fly_boost", which is the internal name of th
  22. Castle isn't responsible for the Rage crash in its current form. That happened because of an actual bugfix related to how effects stack when an existing effect is in play and a new copy comes along. Among other things, that was a bug that affected Domination negatively (I forget the precise details there), but it also affected other things, like stacking -res procs, which used to have an unavoidable gap in coverage even if you proc'd on every hit. But fixing this issue caused Rage's crash to actually apply unconditionally (instead of being avoidable if you had stacked Rage). Which it was origi
  23. Mostly running it from SSD will ensure that it loads faster, which can help a bit with things like zoning. It really shouldn't improve the overall in-game experience. (It's not impossible, but the things I can think of that an SSD would help with would involve your computer being under severe memory stress and having to swap in-memory things in and out to disk constantly.)
  24. Are you monitoring the game's priority when another window has focus, such as the task manager itself? When the game window does not have focus, it's priority drops. Edit: Sniped!
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