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  1. UPDATE (10/5/2020) AE Mission ID Updated to 33618 After receiving some feedback... Made some changes to Mission 1, to remove the glitchy faction fighting and opted for hostage rescuing in it's stead... Also, removed the GM from Mission 3 and opted for a custom AV/EB instead (depends on mission difficulty settings)... Also, changed the min/max levels to be more consistent across all 3 missions, instead of the roller coaster it was before... Made some slight adjustments to text here and there as well... Please, feel free to test it out and let me know if any
  2. I actually find this Mission fun and different... It definitely works out better if you do it in a group... This mission has been like it is since it first came out with the zone, back in live... My best recommendation for completing it, especially if soloing it, is to rescue all the hostages one at a time, wait for ambushes as you rescue each hostage... (do not pump up the difficulty of the mission at all, in fact if soloing, I recommend lowering it to -1/0)... Once all three are rescued, conduct the escort of all 3 at one time, following the road to the fence behind the henge... Jump the fen
  3. Howdy, I made an AE Adventure consisting of 3 Missions for this Halloween... It just needs some Beta Testing and Feedback for improvements... Also be aware there is a lot of text in the form of Clues, Pop ups, and dialogue with the contact (be aware, only the leader can see the Contact text if you test it with friends)... There is a GM in the final mission, but if anyone thinks it's a bit too hard, then I can downgrade it to something else and make the appropriate text changes... Let me know what you think of it... The AE # is 33618... It is meant to be story driven, and uses a uni
  4. I know some folks like the feel of knockback, especially when soloing. Watching everything get knocked on it's butts... But in groups, especially when AoE pools are placed on the ground, watching attacks knock everything back and out of those AoE zones (thereby voiding their beneficial effects) can be rather annoying for the folks placing them down (or for tanks that heard a group into one spot). I always recommend adding in Knockback to Knockdown IO's into powers prone to have lots of Knockback, if you plan to group a lot... Of course, play how you want to, but I like to throw that caveat out
  5. I always preferred the Mace based Bane Spider over the more Ranged version, mostly because in Live the ranged one was highly over used due to it's more AoE focus. You may not get the same sort of Critical hits that a Stalker gets, but the Mace attacks of the Bane feel very powerful when they hit. When you add in the strength of the hits along with the toxic dot's with high defenses, I feel the Bane is very capable. Sure, it is more Single Target focused, but that was the whole idea in the first place. Couple in the fact that many of the attacks also have a KD/KB component for a bit of crowd co
  6. I'm working out a SR/Spines Tank, is it possible for you to link your build with all the items you listed in this post? I was doing tweaking in Mids, and I could actually get my Melee Def to 79%, Ranged to 67%, and AOE to 75%... But the highest I could get for S/L Resist was around 72% without the +Res from the Tank AIO which even then shows at only 79% with the Res Proc... One issue I see with SR is Endurance, as it has no End Siphon, and with all the toggles needed I can see it becoming a bit hairy... Are you relying on Incarnates to pick up the slack? I'v
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