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  1. Hey thanks a lot! Ya Im good at following recipes, not so good at creating the recipes haha. Middle priced was what I was looking for. I appreciate you taking the time to do this. Message me in game or on here if you ever need anything, my main fire/fire blaster is decked out with purple surperiors, Im down to help ya with whatever you need! @Pie-ro
  2. Thanks for the reply! Any chance you could whip up a quick build as an example, or have one lying around?
  3. Ive played many controllers on live. Ive played controllers on live. This is just my first one since the game came back. "The build would completely depend on what you want to do." What I want to do is play my ill/plant troller with actual sets in it thats all. 😄 Still Looking for a build. Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone. Blaster here, I just made my first controller since the game came back. Just wondering if anyone has any good builds for the ill/plant combo, or if anyone could make one up for me? Thanks in advance! Edit: If it sweetens the deal I can compensate you with some influence or some farms runs for the build if it helps persuade anyone to chime in 😄
  5. I havent had any of the reported problems. Im in and have been playing for a while going between zones with no problem. Just wanted to give some constructive feedback that these problems are not happening to everyone, I wish I knew why its only happening to some.
  6. So I ran a virus scan and it also cleared my cache. All my badges are gone. Are there any plans to make this stored somewhere besides the browser cache?
  7. Any time I go to a different zone or enter a mission it takes forever for me to get back in the game, sometimes around a minute or more. The rest of the team is already halfway through the mission by the time I finally load in. I have attached a dxdiag from my computer. Any suggestions to help with this would be awesome! Thanks Pie_dxdiag.txt
  8. Pie-ro

    Cats & CoH

    Only for cats? Humans need toast pillows also!
  9. Pie-ro

    Cats & CoH

    I must have toast pillow!
  10. Pinnacle is Winnacle ! #bestserver
  11. I ran the one in IP, Dirty work. The story was great and I loved the cutscenes at the end that tied the story into IP. It made it feel like it was happening in the actual world not just an instanced office building. We need more of that in the game I think. So well done. Oh also the branching dialog choices and the characters reacting to your dialog was great. These did not feel like fanfiction. I am looking forward to more content 😄 just finished the other story arc with branching missions. I ended up trading the diamond for the bracers. AND IT GAVE ME THEM AS A TEMP POWER. I LOVE IT. More of this please.
  12. What are the 2 new story arcs listed as under ouro? I am unable to find them. Thanks
  13. If NC soft gets involved in homecoming in any way so many people will jump ship to rebirth or godforbid coxg. There's no way NC soft touches this game again. They are the enemy. This will kill homecoming
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