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  1. I agree with the premise of the thread but my idea of "support friendly IO sets" would be debuff and mez sets that also enhance damage (though not as much as the regular offensive sets.) No more franken-slotting (unless you choose to.)
  2. Not everything is numbers, sometimes it's just about what's fun.
  3. The -Def is noticeable if you're using a set that mostly relies on Defense (like Super Reflexes). But I think the complaints are less about feeling squishy and more that the ten seconds is boring. I don't think it's a big deal myself (I can Taunt, Handclap. Judgement, whatever) but I understand why people don't like it.
  4. The safest way to make a change to Rage is to keep the current version and give an alternate power choice like Practiced Brawler/Master Brawler. So if you hate the changes you can just ignore them. My suggestion would be a toggle version- it gives +ToHit, +Dam, but also increases End use on all your attacks. Or maybe a regular Build Up power, but if you choose this you also get a small passive damage boost. My other usual suggestion is to just create a whole new "Smash Melee" set as a Super Strength rework without losing Super Strength, and make sure it can
  5. For Electric attacks. I wish more sets had Acc and Dam enhancers, they'd be more usuable.
  6. Supra-dine. Saying the full four syllables sounds awkward to me.
  7. The 5th Column "Fist"s keep kicking me.
  8. My issue isn't the difficulty, I mean story-wise. It would fit better around level 30 where the Lost transitions to the Rikti.
  9. I know this is very old news at this point, but I just ran the missions again, and fighting Rikti, dealing with Vanguard, and curing the Lost at level 12/13 just seems weird compared to everything else happening in the game. I feel like this arc should be level 25+.
  10. I'm usually on a Tank, so it's a bit chaotic but still doable. That said, now when I hit level 50, I keep doing regular missions to unlock Incarnate powers and get them all to tier 3 before starting the Incarnate content. Makes everything a lot easier (maybe too easy?)
  11. The Tour Guide tips were a great idea. I used to avoid the "defeat X of an enemy group" missions from contacts, but now they're more fun with that extra reward.
  12. I think we should create a new "Smash Melee" powerset so we can make changes to Super Strength but still have the old Super Strength so everyone's happy. (Just kidding, there will still be complaints.)
  13. Tankers were originally melee Controllers- they shared the 'elemental' themes and some mitigation powers. Controllers had pets, Tanker basically were the pet. They both did very little damage except for Fire, and have been improved a lot since those early days.
  14. BAB's in a handy spot for leveling up when you're doing the "Save Atlas Park" early level arc.
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