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  1. I suppose my first tank because I had no status protection, Unyielding Stance meant you couldn't move when it was running so I skipped it. But I was still having fun.
  2. The icon flashes as a ten second warning. Not really noticeable on its own. but after a lot of playtime you get the hang of when to look for it.
  3. I have the damage bonus monitor running in the corner so I can see when it turns red and when the crash is over.
  4. I would drop Hasten, not Rage. You already have lots of Recharge bonuses, I think the +80% damage will help more then an extra few seconds of recharge time (also the +ToHit helps a lot against +4 enemies.)
  5. When passing through Atlas Park I like to stop and send some Hellions into orbit with Mighty Judgement.
  6. I see this a lot but it's only 400% total. The meter goes up to +400% but my damage caps around +300% because Enhancements are included.
  7. I like the wealth of options and ideally that should lend to many different ways to build and play Dominators, but somehow that doesn't seem to be the case.
  8. Dominators need consistency. I want to play them but I don't like the part-time superhero feeling.
  9. One small suggestion- put the Gaussian's Chance for Build Up in Invincibility, you'll get a lot more use out of it. The more enemies around you, the more it goes off. Also, if you're slotting the Smashing Haymakers for the S/L defense, why not switch them to Kinetic Combat for twice the bonus? Then you can move those Taunt slots to somewhere they'll be more useful.
  10. I don't know if it's "sub-optimal" but most Super Strength builds I see skip Handclap even though it's really useful leveling up. Don't just stand there letting enemies debuff you, smack em down!
  11. They pretty much reworked Regen into Willpower so it could be ported to Tanks (but also kept the old Regen to not upset anyone.)
  12. Tankers: "Are teams useless endgame?"
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