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  1. I like when I catch Vahzilok minions dropping to the ground, like actors getting in position.
  2. It can be a little tougher: put the Gladiator's Armor +Def in Tough (since it's a passive bonus that doesn't need Tough running) and the Impervious Skin +Regen in Resist Physical Damage. I don't take the Fighting Pool so I have the +Def in Unstoppable.
  3. Why is Fly on? And if Rage plus Hasten is a problem, I take Rage every time. I really notice the lack of the ToHit buff when playing other sets.
  4. You definitely want Rage, the crash really isn't a big deal, and the ToHit buff may be even more valuable than the damage. And KO Blow is just way too good to skip. If you want Fly and Afterburner, I'd suggest taking Air Superiority instead of Hover. It's a useful attack for keeping annoying enemies off their feet.
  5. They should add a goldside-only AT unannounced and see how long it takes for players to notice.
  6. I like to split up Apocalypse for the 16% Regen bonuses but that's pretty much it for purples.
  7. Not disappointed but I often think of one other little change to the build right after respec-ing.
  8. The "how to get you to try" thread reminded me of my idea to overhaul PvP to make it more fast and arcade-like by just giving everyone a few powers based on powerset choices. Your build doesn't matter, it's just for fun and badges.
  9. It varies by powerset, but also look at any crowd control options you have that you might have skipped over because you thought you didn't need them. I've learned to really like Handclap (with the KB to KD IO) against enemies with debuffs and drains.
  10. Not that radical but I'd freshen up all the old low-res costume options.
  11. I'd suggest a Blaster just to try out the changes that have been made to the AT. The new sustain powers make them a lot more fun.
  12. The name Hunky Dory is available on Excelsior. I was going to use it but couldn't decide on a concept.
  13. Look at the basic 300% and 400% damage, they're only off by a few percent. If the attack had been 100% enhanced, the numbers would be the same.
  14. My point is going by the damage bonus is misleading, because it doesn't include your Enhancements. Try it yourself- check your damage at 300% versus 400%. It's probably the same or close.
  15. Your Enhancements count too, so assuming you have around +100% damage, the cap is more like 300%. This is another reason I don't bother with double Rage- with Assault running I'm at +175% damage, and with Musculature Core most attacks are at about +130% damage, and the Gaussian's Build Up goes off a lot when you're in the middle of a crowd. So, damage is pretty crazy already.
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