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  1. I haven't played goldside past level six or so.
  2. Instead of Gadgetry, how about Power Armor? A Flight power with rocket boot SPX, a ranged blast with an Arcane Power-type effect but "Target Locked" or something like that. A passive resist armor power. Yeah, it would have overlap with other sets but so does the Fighting Pool and people keep taking it anyway.
  3. I go for a lot of Energy/Neg. Energy and Psi resistance because S/L and Fire/Cold are really easy to come by from offensive sets. So Unbreakable Guard, Impervium Armor in the resists, Shield Wall in the defense powers. Not slotting Dull Pain might seem weird but honestly I barely use it. (One IO missing here is the Reactive Defenses: Scaling Resists, because I have it in Combat Jumping.)
  4. Right when it opens up at level 10. Auto-hit AoE control power that needs no extra slotting? Sign me up.
  5. I had this problem with the Outcasts auctioneer mission. Completed the hunt part in a radio mission and had no mission door afterwards.
  6. New Presence Pool travel power: "Where'd they go?" It's a teleport but only works when no one is looking.
  7. Depends on your secondary. With Super Strength I find Accuracy in the 50s and 60s to be enough because Rage gives a big ToHit buff. I'm playing an Energy Melee Tank right now, which is cool, but all the whiffing is kind of annoying.
  8. I mean, the level 49 character would still be there, just with a generic name (if someone took it.) They just have to think up a new name, which I don't see as a huge deal. Renaming is free and easy.
  9. I just don't see the point of two combat toggles, and this includes Combat Jumping and Acrobatics. Just have the regular travel power and the combat version, which replace each other when turned on. But whatevs.
  10. I read the thread title to the tune of "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo".
  11. In the early levels just one rare Salvage drop can buy you a full slate of SOs, plus maybe an upgrade (since you have less slots.) And you're going to get a rare drop at least every few levels.
  12. Some Invention Enhancements I like to slot early are Steadfast Protection and Gladiator's Armor +Def IOs in Resist power, and the Reactive Defenses and Shield Wall +Res IOs in Defense powers. These give you +6% Defense and +8% Resistance to everything which might not seem like a lot but combined with Invulnerability's base powers makes a noticeable difference.
  13. I thought about that, but 1) Handclap is a good power, and 2) people seem to want some skippable powers But maybe since Handclap already Stuns, the Build Up power could add damage?
  14. Super Strength for Scrappers and changes to Rage are always hot topics. This suggestion side-steps both by creating a new set called Mighty Melee available to all Melee Archetypes. Here's my rough idea for powers: (Yeah, it's a lot like Super Strength but that's the point) Clobber: This is a one-two punch like Barrage, but can cause KD Punch: Same as Super Strength set Smash: Basically Haymaker but more damage Taunt/Confront/Placate Handclap: Same as Super Strength Build Up: Same as most Build Ups except it also adds a Stun to every attack Footstomp: S
  15. I usually take my entire Primary and Secondary.
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