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  1. One thing to note it there is a mechanic in the software to request less and less frequently if the previous attempt was unsuccessful. Right now, my GPU is folding, but the CPU has not received a WU in a while, due to 10 or so unsuccessful attempts in a row. Now, it won't even ask for another for over 5 hours. Workaround: Quit the system tray icon (Pause first if the other part(s) of the system are active so you don't lose data since last checkpoint), then re-open; it will reset the cooldown on asking for a WU. No guarantee this will get you anything if they don't have WU's availa
  2. Nice, changed over my username and team affiliation. Fold it real good!
  3. Any critique on this build? It's not my best, but ehhhh... Chebeck Jr.mxd
  4. Crunching a bit of the new data (19x13 = 247, -6 for /SD, -240 listed combinations), it seems like there are no KA/DA scrappers at 50! This seems like an adequately, ah, challenging combination to force me to create an alt! Never played EITHER on SCR, much less together. We'll see how this goes.
  5. Bah, maybe I'll have to remake and get it past 15 this time 🤔
  6. True, but after multiple applications it stacks into a KB. Side note: Yes, I actually was fighting clockwork primarily.
  7. I'd think it's moreso the set's lack of actual defensive power. Taking all 9 powers, there's only 14.7% SLEN base defense, 2% FC def, and ~15% FT res, with C res the only one that's good "out of the box", but it's already overcapped, so that's a waste. Yes, there's a damage toggle and the T9 is 37.5% ResAll (-Psi), but chasing the CD on that is rough. Absolutely no protection against Psionics. Only Dark has a higher end drain, too. The status protection is very good, though, and the +60 Percept is nice, but those are a bit easier to IO or PP in without the existing hol
  8. Update: Battle Axe is not fun. ALL the powers have KB, which on a melee set is just the worst. That character has already been deleted to free up the slot. Using the next one up, Ice Melee leaves us with Ice/Ice, which I have not seen on HC nor played on HC/Live. We're gonna give it a shot! Thanks again, all.
  9. I want to create a new alt scrapper (Or maybe brute, but we'll see, and the sets are nearly the same in broad strokes) However. I don't want a good build. I want a challenge. So, give me your worst combinations. Two stipulations: No psi melee, as it annoys me. No regen, as it annoys me. Go! Bonus points for why it's a terrible combination.
  10. I wanted to make a /Plant and I haven't done Ice Blast in a long time, so here we are. I'm thinking of running this as a weird off-controller, due to the qty of holds/slows present, so I'm not as concerned with the defense statistics as those oddball melee blaster peoples 😉 Also the Absorb of wild Fortress should give me alpha shot protection, generally. Hasten is perm after incarnates, and since my 2 large AoE's are DoT based, I was thinking I'd have time to go back and hold up the bosses, but if someone has suggestions here, I'm all ears. Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : H
  11. Thinking about doing the below. Swapped energy for mu mastery, dropped a couple res debuffs into those due to lack of slots, then moved the EndMod slot out of Stamina into combat jumping to drop a Kismet +Acc in there to compensate for loss of Focused Acc. Lowers End drain but also Recovery; both are negligible once Ageless is T3+ in my experience. Should provide one more wide area attack to snag stragglers (and an immobilize, I guess?) Link to Mids build Tanker (Shield Defense - Electric Melee) R2.mxd
  12. Most of the auras for tanks have a taunt in them, so the hard cast taunt is usually redundant. Sometimes useful for pulling "the next pack over" or forcing a tank switch, but once they're on your face, they tend to stay there. Exception is SR, no taunt aura IIRC.
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