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  1. Xanatos

    Sell me Taunt.

    It's auto-hit.
  2. Yeah I run 3 AFK farmers every day for $$$. Brutes are good in that specific circumstance. They're also great at winning "which AT best rhymes with flute" contests. With that said, I still don't get why anyone would pick, for 99% of the content of this game, a Brute over a Tank or Scrapper. If Brutes had the same taunt scale as tanks, like they did on live, then I'd understand the appeal. Stone Melee on a damaging character and Regen on a survivable character are kinda cool, I guess?
  3. Hah! Fair. Think I got carried away at the end, there. I guess I just don't understand why anyone would play a brute when scrappers do more damage, and tanks handle aggro better.
  4. Because the person who made the list doesn't understand corruptors? (Or the current meta?) Fire, Ice, and Beam are great corr primaries. Cold, Dark, Sonic, Poison, Rad, Time (and as you mentioned, kin) are all great corr secondaries. There's a reason the TF olympic teams use corruptors. (They're really good!) If anything, the most valuable ATs at the top end are Blasters, Corruptors, and Scrappers. I agree that Brutes are kinda useless. Especially since Tanks now can take aggro off-of them with ease, and Scrappers do more damage.
  5. Eh? I love playing the game. What a weird comment to make. And my original suggestion already priced them higher. (400mil at the P2W vs the 315mil worth).
  6. Villains can switch to blueside instantly via null the gull to avoid the AFK badges. So the AFK badges are an irrelevant concern when it comes to pricing accolades in P2W. Whether it should/should not take 3.5 hours is also irrelevant. Currently it does. So price match to that.
  7. Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member, + Portal Jockey + Atlas Medallion + Invader = No AFK time
  8. Well you can get them in 3.5 hours. Which is around 315m inf farming. So 400mil for the lot would work out more expensive.
  9. All four +HP/+End accolades - 100m each
  10. Xanatos

    DEF goals?

    I wouldn't build with this in mind though. If it runs out and you're on a TF/AE arc/ouro arc...you can't refresh it.
  11. Nothing wrong with factoring in the P2W buffs. They're part of the game.
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