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  1. That's never going to happen. Don't worry. :-)
  2. I afk farm to 50 + patron arc in a day. Then afk farm ~12 vet levels a day thereafter. (I usually PL em up to VL 25-33. Or even higher when I have more incarnates to T4,.) Then when I have gaming time I spend ~3 hours getting the passive accolades and Demonic. And then a play session getting Geas. And then another play session IOing / building incarnates / +5ing. So...I have a "completed" 50 in like a week. That seems about right to me. I find the above process kinda fun. But it's just setup for the real fun...doing insane stuff in PVE and PVP with completed characters. If I had to grind out all the above by doing active farming or...*shudders*...regular content I'd just not bother with alts.
  3. This stuff all looks ace. Excited to see what else you've got in store.
  4. Good post. Plenty of valid stuff. Plenty I agree and disagree with. But I just wanted to zoom in on the bit I quoted above, because I think that's the crux of us not seeing eye-to-eye on this. Specifically in the context of City of Heroes - what's this boogieman that's going to bite us in the ass if the game doesn't get balanced anymore? Because establishing what that boogieman is, in a pragmatic rather than hypothetical sense, allows us to do one of two things: Either we realize the boogieman doesn't exist, that game balance is pointless in PVE, and we ignore it. Or we establish how the boogieman behaves in practice, and that allows us to cost/benefit "overcoming boogie man vs versus player unhappiness at nerfs" in a specific, measured, way. When it comes to City of Heroes, I'm currently in camp #1. But am happy to move into camp #2 if the boogieman can be demonstrated in a non-hypothetical way. I've read a lot of posts in this thread, and I haven't seen anyone do that yet. (If i missed anyone who did, sorry. Wasn't expecting this thread to blow up so much.)
  5. Absolutely spot on. There are a few instances where procs need to be looked at in PVE (such as double-proccing in burn, -res procs giving blasters/scrappers the same -res as debuffer sets, the FF +rech proc being permable in Energy Blast, etc) but I don't think damage procs are a problem at all in PVE. They allow for build diversity in PVE. I like that. That should be encouraged. I do worry that the Homecoming team are looking for solutions to a problem they haven't clearly defined. @The Curator saying "many procs are very strong in AoEs and very weak in single targets" (when procs mostly behave the opposite way to this) has got me a little bit on edge. To their credit, though. They really do listen to feedback. (Which is useful when the occasional shower thought finds its way onto the training room server.) I've seen you post this a few times and it annoys me no end I can't remember exactly. Is it repel or disruption field or something like that?
  6. Burnout only lets you have the T9s up for 6 minutes. And I've killed enough people through their T9s to know they're not unkillable. (Though I understand they might seem that way to someone who mostly 8v8s/zones.)
  7. Absolutely. I was just saying to a friend that the game is so much better now than it was on live. Community included. The smaller sub communities seem healthier too. The RP community on Everlasting and PVP community on Indominable seem bigger than they were at the end of live. (Have you seen all the nightclubs the RP groups have made on Everlasting? Absolutely blew me away!) Well, yes. But how did you know?
  8. I've noticed this too. In myself, as well. I think it's just covid lockdown & the political climate putting people on edge a bit. If it makes you feel any better, it seems to just be a forum thing. People in game as as nice as they ever were.
  9. Whoah there buddy. Let's slow it down on the PVP ideas. If you don't PVP, please please please don't start suggesting stuff for it. My dig was at the sort of thread you see all the time in the suggestions forum. They're always bad. But because people keep making them, they start getting traction. Things like this: Or this: And a bunch of posts towards the end of this thread: The forums are RIFE with people who play the forums, and not the games. It can lead to genuine problems. If you disagree. Remember it was forum feedback that lead to Issue #13s PVP changes. Anyway, didn't mean to get into anything here. Just wanted to drop in my perspective. Hope no feathers were ruffled. Mucho love to the Homecoming folks for all they do.
  10. Please leave the T9s alone. They're essential (and balanced!) in PVP, and not needed in PVE. If you're adamant about tweaking Overload/Elude/Kuji-In Retsu/Power Surge/Unstoppable, then all you need to do is lessen the crash. (Similar to how the blaster T9's had their crashes removed.) They don't need reinventing. They don't need replacing. Please don't listen to the people with 1000+ posts in the suggestions forum who play the forums more than the game.
  11. Be very careful. If everyone does something, that means they enjoy it. You start making it harder to hit the defense softcap with IOs / mess with hasten / noodle too much with endgame staples, and you're going to irritate every endgame player. (To the point where it will overshadow all the good stuff you're doing.) Again, be careful. Nobody wants to play City of Respecs because you decided to switch off Incarnate powers in regular content. I think it's wise to accept that 8-man content at level 50 is actually just 4-man content now. I would say accept this as the status-quo and build new content on this understanding, rather than mess too much with players. (I.e. New content = 4man limit. Hard as hell. Insane rewards.) There's a thread here from the playerbase about balancing and MMORPGs you might find interesting. Some varied takes found within (Mine is the correct one, of course ): Is game balance pointless in MMORPGs?
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