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  1. As usual, the ‘insane damage or not worth playing’ lot tend to skewer the reality of Elec Blast. Yes, Elec blast isn’t as high damage as it could be, but it’s good enough. Fast snipes have changed the set a little, for the better. It used to suffer for a lack of a genuine top level single target attack, but the snipe helps massively there too. You can also proc out Tesla Cage to fill the void too. In my experience, Elec blast could do with some help. The Sentinel set is much better, for example. But I don’t think anyone should be put off playing it.
  2. This is why I paired dark blast with NRG on my dark blaster. Boost range + two cones + two more cones from Soul Mastery = pure AoE joy. On the wider issue... I don’t want to get involved in any arguments here. I just want to say I like Dark Blast on blasters and see very little reason, personally, to change it. It’s a nice set 🙂
  3. I have no in-game friends or SG, so PUGs is all I get 😂 So all I’m taking away from this thread is how bad I must be to play with 😂😂 Ah well, at least it’s Friday 😁
  4. Oldskool has been pretty comprehensive there, as usual. Of I may ask the OP, though: What type of gameplay are you building for? A lot of people ask for feedback and advice on builds without actually stating what they hope to get from it. Will you be mostly teaming? Does it need to be exemp-friendly or are we talking just an end-game build? If soloing, are you looking for a +4/x8 build, or something a bit less extreme?
  5. Precisely how I see it too. We lost CoH altogether for seven years, so why anyone would want to speed through it now is completely beyond me.
  6. I’m not sure Sents are underused, but I think they are misunderstood. A lot of people on CoH tend to look at the game very one-dimensionally, that dimension being Damage. If you view the game through that prism then, yes, Sentinels are poor. Personally, I’ve never looked at Sentinels as a damage-dealing AT. It’s more of a utility AT as far as I’m concerned. It can adapt to any requirement really. It can take alpha strike if need be, it can hover blast, it can comfortably survive in the melee, it can solo. It doesn’t really need anyone’s help either. No tank on a team to take
  7. Oh absolutely. A great player is a great player with or without a great build. It’s just another arrow in their quiver. And someone who isn’t a great player before a great build won’t be one after either. They’re just borrowing someone else’s quiver. Ultimately, absolutely no substitute for playing a specific character extensively, builds included.
  8. I’m the same in terms of planning a build. Still respec plenty though. That first super-crunched obsessed over Mids build is always just the starting point for me. Never yet found a build I can’t improve with experience of actually playing the character.
  9. I agree with this, or I did agree with this, back when Blasters lacked survivability. These days I am not sure it’s necessarily true given the options we have to build defence. That said, I like NRG blast. I personally put KB2KD in the AoEs and consider it a KB Tax on the build. You lose a few slots, but think you gain plenty.
  10. Agree with this entirely. Spend too much time on the forums and they’ll have you believing a character who can’t solo +4/x8 content and solo all the TFs is weak and unplayable. We used to play this game without IOs at all and it was just as brilliant then, if not more so as teams and teamwork meant more, achievements were shared, and friendships were borne of appreciation of quality play - not quality builds. Rely on yourself rather than your build and you’ll always be ok. Blasting without a tank/brute? Cut down on your AoE use. Fighting mobs who use a lot of AoE attacks? K
  11. If your playstyle is to always end up in melee range anyway, then Sentinels are probably just not for you regardless. Nothing wrong with that either. I personally love the self-sufficiency and utility of Sentinels. That, for me, is their ‘purpose’. They do enough damage to contribute and don’t need looking after by anyone. That said, I do think they could do with a little extra, but sure that’ll come.
  12. Personally, I go with ranged defence primarily on my blasters. There are two real reasons for that: 1) My playstyle is to stay at range as much as possible 2) The vast majority of mez powers are ranged and need to hit you, so ranged defence cap means only 5% of them will. It’s a good way to plug the mez hole. However, it’s pretty much impossible to be a DP/Martial ranged blaster, so on that build I’d go Mace Mastery and try to get S/L/E/R defence cap. Don’t think I’d worry about resistance too much.
  13. I’ve got no rants about the latest patch. I see nothing to get upset about and plenty of stuff to like. I do want to have a rant and rave, though. I get to play my favourite game again - for free - within a thriving community of like-minded people and skilful players, the vast majority of which enhance my experience of the game. I am able to do that because of the efforts and dedication of the Homecoming team who gave me back my online home. Yes, there are other private servers, but it’s here where the community is. What they have built here, or rebuilt, is special.
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