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  1. I've been reading through this topic (and a bunch of others), and I get ideas for new toons to try, because I'm all for the experience of the play. It sounds like Regen needs a mass of help just to be playable. I understand there are a bunch of AT's that appeal to different tastes in play style and concepts. But this doesn't sound like something I want to invest my limited time in. I don't farm (If I'm gonna PL by farming, I might as well just start off with a Level 50 whatever on the test server) - all my toons get where they are the hard way (probably harder than most), so I tend to become attached to them. If I have to work at liking the toon, then we are not destined for a long relationship. I'm not talking about effort, because I put the effort into all my toons. Work - as in -They Need To Pay Me to Do This- is what I'm talking about. For what it's worth, I think I'll pass on this one.
  2. I just rolled up ParaLaxAtive on Torch. He makes the bad guyz soil themselves no matter what angle the see him at.
  3. I don't have a main - they are all alts. But I suppose my favorite is my Street Justice/Bio Brute on Torch - Duk Duque. He's so damn fun to run. There's something therapeutic about punching the snot out of mobs. It's so satisfying!
  4. Time for a SmackDown? In Timex we trust? Take a licking. Keep on ticking. Broken clocks are right twice a day? Time flies like a banana - Fruit flies like a pear? You're not Orange enough!
  5. If my Alts formed a team, they would probably boot my main off the account.
  6. While I can't put my finger on it - The RNG is not quite R It seems I roll over 95 WAY more often than 5% of the time. And usually, it's several times in a row. To give it credit, when my To Hit is at 85%, then it relaxes and rolls over 85 often. I also noticed the Mobs don't have his issue.
  7. Could be that there was a glitch in your character or the location when you logged out and it reset your position. While it hasn't happened to me, I have read that it has happened to others. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it happens frequently - then I would send a petition to the CoX gods
  8. Initially, I do the costume and don't worry about the powers, stance, etc. I try to remember that I'm going to spend a significant amount of time looking at their back side, so I want to make that view interesting. (On one of my toons, I set the hips too wide for his height, and it looks emaciated with his pelvis piking out of his skin. I got to remember to change that...) After about 8 levels [(Trying to take advantage of the free costume change)(I solo almost exclusively, and never farm)] I re-examine to see if there's anything annoying (see anecdote above) or something I want to change out as I hone the concept. It's then that I'll personalize the powers/armor/what have you. I like to keep something consistent between their costumes. I figure they are the same person no matter what costume they are wearing at the moment. Typically, I'll keep hair color, face (shape, size, model), body shape and size, and any manifestations the same colors. I would change hair styles and costume parts (obviously). I also do things like have multiple instances of the same overall costume, but add or remove a helmet, cape, backpack, or some kind of accessory. It's not like this on all of my toons, as on others, I will have a specific costume for door/cave missions, and another for walking around Atlas Park - kind of work and play costumes. I also realize the only person to notice will probably be me.
  9. On that thought, if the toon is wearing a costume, then they are technology, because they don't naturally have costumes. Reminds me of a friend who said ALL movies are Science Fiction, since they were filmed using science. I think we may need to draw a line on where technology begins and natural ends. When it comes down to it, if you aren't fist fighting naked, then you are using technology. While this is silly, it's also true. Does using a knife, gun, bow, or shuriken make you a Technology Origin, or does it have to be futuristic or uncommon. I like what Take One said: This makes a lot of sense to me. It may not be the technology, but how it's applied to hero work.
  10. I was thinking of Door/Cave missions. All doors and caves would have a random mission ready - no need to have them assigned to you. The missions would be scaled to your toon's level when you opened the door (not sure how to scale to a team's level). Repeat missions would be unavoidable.
  11. Origins do not need to be strict. I remember when Batman didn't have body armor (before Michael Keeton), and his gadgets were specific tools for specific situations (think of handcuffs, or Bat Shark Repellant). His gadgets were most visible in his transportation. Technology is a much wider field than just hi-tech. Scribes from 1000 years ago, finding a better recipe for ink, are using technology. So I see the Warriors using bows as fitting the Natural Origin, and the Tech Origin. Using a broadsword could also go both ways. Is that a mundane broadsword? Or does it have a little 'extra' in it to make it sharper, lighter, and more durable. Maybe they found a new steel recipe that makes a superior metal, or maybe they found an unknown substance that improves the end product (like the brewers from 200 years ago that had a 'magic' stirring paddle that started the fermentation). My vision tends to run like this: We all start out as Natural. Do we rely on something else to give us our power? Tony Stark relies on Technology Bruce Wayne relies on his Natural abilities, and augments them with Technology Scarecrow would be from Science Clark Kent is weirdness from outer space - he don't count
  12. EVERYTHING has politics. Some more than others. Some more visible than others. Every story, mission, quest, whatever, is political. Death and Taxes may not be avoidable, but politics is where we live. There is no escape.
  13. It depends on my view for the toon, and my mood at the moment. I think about what what they would do in their day job and how they would look. I also believe their powers and AT will affect their personality and looks. I make a judgement on height from there. More powerful types (Blasters, tanks, brutes) would probably have larger bodies than the rest of the AT types.
  14. I can play my Level 45 Mastermind with full Zombie Hoard at +4/x8 while street sweeping in Atlas Park. After that, maybe +1/x2 on a good day. I am not a power player, if you can't tell. By the way, separate servers for power players has been deemed a bad idea. This was broached in at least 1 other discussion - It didn't go well for anyone. Here are the points I picked up on (I'm the messenger here...): 1) People seem to think this means they are FORCED to play on a separate server. Not sure where this idea came from, but I didn't find it in the original post. 2) We don't need to separate power players from the rest of us 3) Servers are expensive to run - and a specific server for power players would need separate coding. Do we need to put that burden on the Devs? I'll crawl back into my shell, now.
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