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  1. They read about me every day. They even pay to have their pictures and stories with me. Who Am I? I'm Obituary Paige on Torchbearer
  2. Maybe they can reverse the power creep. Maybe they can UnNerf Regen. Maybe they can uncover all the Nemesis Plots --Only to find there never was any - and that Statesman was behind it all
  3. How about: Quads the problem? Quad Zi Moto? Quad Radical?
  4. How about Bland Man, or BlandMan. The Big Blandowski? BlandMan Biggs? I had a question - were you on on the right server? If you chose a different server, your character wouldn't show up.
  5. I heard a story from an old job of mine. A gut sent out an email about his laptop docking station not working. Unfortunately, he made 2 mistakes: 1) He misspelled Docking by replacing the 'o' with an 'i' 2) He sent the email company wide. He quit 2 days later.
  6. I pronounce it as Sup'Deen. It's the silent syllables in the middle that makes it unspeakably easy to pronounce.
  7. Sounds like they should all be fired.
  8. Lets start here. Last time I checked, LFG means Looking For Group. It's kind of a hard stretch to say LFG means Trials/ Taskforces/Strikeforces. I mean, the initials just don't match nearly as well. Then there's the 'Stop being in it' thing. Why? Are you saying they can use it only the way you want them to? While I agree, it's not like WoW, and asking for something in CoH to be like WoW would cause me to ask if they are playing the right game. But on the other hand, even a broken clock is right twice a day. While I can feel the frustration, it's the tone that bothers me.
  9. I think part of the great community we have here is due to several reasons. A couple are: --It's not a new game -> this brings people who like the game for what it is --It's a free game -> If you're not paying for it, you tend to realize you have less ground to demand anything -> you also tend to be more thankful for the game
  10. For Safety, send yourself a test message first. Make sure the To and From match (copy and paste if possible). This way you don't send any influence to the wrong account. Then reply to that email with your influence laden email. And when ever you want to transfer funds, respond to the email again. Remember to not delete it.
  11. I use them as needed. Mids is great for planning - but does jack for execution. Mids = Looks good on paper. I respec when a I find a power isn't as useful as I thought I would be. Or when I don't use it as I expected and want to try something else. Mids doesn't help with this. I normally don't respec at all. I had to on 1 toon twice because I found I didn't use Placate as I thought I would - so I dumped it. Then I found the next power choice didn't work as expected, so I dumped that one too. I play this game for the experiences.
  12. I created a Sonic/Bubble Corruptor. -> Shelved in the teens. --Couldn't do enough damage to make a short fight. --Couldn't take enough damage to survive. Perhaps I chose the wrong combination.
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