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  1. I don't know how to do it, but I know how to measure the distance to Godzilla: If you can see him, you are too close.
  2. How about: Guitar gig bag backpack? Boom Box armor Speaker head - connected and disconnected 80's rocker hair styles
  3. The person(s) building the team have every right to choose how they want to communicate. If they want tells, that's ok. If they want broadcasts - that's ok too. If they want you to sacrifice a chicken first, then that gets a little messy. It doesn't matter what the 'norm' is, It doesn't matter what your opinion of it is. It's their call. And if someone wants to question them on why, instead of just doing as asked, they are not obligated to give a 5 page explanation, or refer them to the Forums, or even provide an answer at all. IMH
  4. Oh Man!!! I thought this was the Cheap and Explosive discussion! No wonder I thought I was missing it.
  5. And make sure you are watching the RIGHT television.
  6. They fixed this in the last update. They don't toggle off anymore. Also, they wanted to make them 'Less' than the actual powers. They are slower and you can't fight from them - but you can be targeted - just like Personal Forcefield - you can't attack, but you can be attacked. But, I believe I've made this argument elsewhere...
  7. Unique names. Part of what makes this game awesome. Kind of a brand for your Hero. Not to mention a specific background story that brings the Hero together. I haven't seen any other MMO that has this detail (though, I haven't seen many MMO's, so you know my point of view), where the name actually means so much. By nature, names are on a 1st come, 1st served basis. So, lets throw that away and move to a Last Come, 1st served model. Because, ya know, I want that name more than you do. I DESERVE that name more, because my heart is Dead Set on it. No other will do.
  8. Just wait for it, and some will be delivered to you.
  9. This is a great topic! My thoughts on what has been said: Fun, as a metric, is not directly measurable. But is used for measurement. An example: Ask players if then are having fun. The answer is definitely measurable. Just don't ask them to define what fun is - it is different and ambiguous for each person. Merrriam/Webster's definition of Fun: what provides amusement or enjoyment Merrriam/Webster's definition of Amusement: a means of amusing or entertaining Merrriam/Webster's definition of Enjoyment: the action or state of
  10. I also saw: --Seraphim --Twilight Men --Killing Crew --Fear Factor Would be interesting to see them in game
  11. Would this mean you haven't been honest up to now?
  12. That was a misquote - Luminara - you are better than that (and I have much respect for you and your posts)! I am all for having a Karl Urban NPC (or even inviting him to play!)
  13. Ya know, Roleki - you just did the most to redeem this power for me. Thank you!!
  14. A few notes: Karl Urban did a pretty good Bones. Got the stiffness down pretty well He did a good job in Lord Of The Rings - I wish he had a bigger part CoX does not need Karl Urban (or Karl Urban's) nipples. Let's just drop that one there. The Nude female body addon is local only, and not impressive. Don't bother with it. Now for the biggie: What if there was friendly fire? Those Blaster misses hitting civilians, or other PC's. Or damage to the environment. That would make the game so much more difficult... (now, everyone and their siste
  15. Hmmm...ok. I see them as being different powers, but that's me. I'll acquiesce the point. My point still stands - it's still a false sense of security. And still worthless in my opinion. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Much appreciated.
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