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  1. I created a Sonic/Bubble Corruptor. -> Shelved in the teens. --Couldn't do enough damage to make a short fight. --Couldn't take enough damage to survive. Perhaps I chose the wrong combination.
  2. First of all - it's City of Heroes. Capitalization matters Second: He is misinformed. CoH didn't die the same way - did not die because of a Nerf. I wouldn't consider a game that was cut off at the knees after several years of success, a game that died after launch. Third: SWTOR didn't die after a nerf. It hasn't died yet. -------------- Something to remember: Opinions are like ass holes: --Everyone has one --They all stink --The only one that matters is your own Here's the Nerfed Games Hot Line: 1-800-GET-WAAA
  3. Undaunted Or 10001 Because there are 2 kinds of people in the world
  4. Some are Complete Idiots. Some are Total Idiots. Complete AND total Idiots? Now that's a rare find and should be cherished. --We are a rare breed.
  5. I remember when the found an extinct race of 'Hobbits'. It was big news! They based their findings from 1 skeleton. That was it. The story was a flash in the pan - and disappeared quickly. Species: Homo floresiensis I suppose everyone needs their hour of fame. What gives this credence is the fact that Science Fiction must make sense.
  6. Nerf Nerfing Nerfers! Except for my dad When ever he owed me money, he would offer to pay me the Second Tuesday of Next Week. ...and I'm still waiting...
  7. What is the Devs at Paragon Studios had a team name of Nemesis...
  8. Thanks for asking. Somethings I write make sense to me, but not to others. Y'all don't think like me - and that's a good thing. What I meant was players will quit if things are changed, and other players will quit if they aren't changed. HelBlaiz nailed it (and should probably have his head examined for thinking like me). I get a bit tired of all the threats of people quitting for this reason or that. Ya can't make everyone happy, nor can you make the majority happy. We have to settle for the few. Also, people tend to complain about things they don't like, but ar
  9. My thoughts are: they are all related. But not necessarily discoverable. There are many points in the CoX timeline, with lots of gaps that may not be linearly connectable.
  10. I keep seeing this and it bothers me a little. **Nobody is necessary on a team.** This is untrue. The only person necessary on a team is the 2nd person. If it's only 1 person, then it's soloing. More than 1 person makes a team. Who, or what, that 2nd person is, is irrelevant, which goes the same for the 1st person. Only that they are there is what matters to a team. Also, any change to the game will trigger someone to stop playing. Even no change will do it.
  11. My worst day of gaming: Trying to level up a Sonic/Bubble Corruptor. Get in the middle of the TwinShot arc where I have to fight the 2 Praetorian Clockworks. I face plant several times. It's Just 2 of Them!! And I can't do it. I realize I'm not producing enough damage. Nor has sufficient defenses. In my opinion, he's just Skull/Warrior/Tsoo bait waiting to happen. In a fit of rage - I stripped and deleted the character. Only to regret it moments later. I have 1000 slots, enough room for some ne'er-do-wells. I should have shelved him. I recreated
  12. For someone's robot/droid: Batteries Included If they have a tendency of face planting: Some Assembly Required (may have to check for length) For the Brawler: Break Time --I have no idea if these names are taken on your server...
  13. I want to be a Silver Dollar. But I usually end up being a bad penny. I wouldn't mind leading. I just don't know where to get the ITF's, or what levels they are. So I end up soloing. I suppose I need to keep a notebook on who offers what. 😞
  14. For me, It's the AT with Primary/Secondary power choice first. Survivability has to be there for this team (the toon and me). If we don't work out, then they end up on the shelf. Here's an example. I started a Sonic/Bubble Corruptor named Soapy Water - after an adult joke: 'How do you get bubbles?' I'm sure you can figure out the answer. Anyway, I found the survivability to be seriously lacking. I couldn't even complete the TwinShot arc without face planting many times with the Praetorian Clockwork. He just didn't have the damage output needed, even slotting SO's. This one was ver
  15. I have been playing since Live. On HC, I have done the TwinShot arc on every toon, but I haven't once done Frost Fire. On live, that was the one arc that I loved/hated, because it would regularly stomp my character. It was a Baptism by Fire where I could determine if my toon would survive. Since I don't farm, a little variety would be welcome. I would rather not have a list of contacts I have to seek out. If I need to keep a sheet of instructions for my toons, then I might as well go back to Everquest where I have to research how to gain a item to make a device that will allow
  16. I was just reading over Shenanigunner's Technical Reference Guide (v3.01 - December 2020). This one has everything. I'm going to use it to make bind files for all my toons that need one. It's available on shenanigunner.com Just noticed there's a v3.02 from Feb 14, 2021! Great job, Shenanigunner! And Thank you for all your effort - you are most appreciated.
  17. Unfortunately, if you have a Internet connected network, it's more WHEN than IF you are going to be hit. And they may not be targeting you for gain. It may be just practice. A lot of the threat actors also hack for bragging rights. As for Sanctuary, They may have been targeted, or it could have been street traffic. If you look at the logs, those connecting IP's are from all over. And what's more, they are probably all spoofed, so where they originated is most likely shrouded. It's sad that we have to go to such extreme lengths to protect our systems. I was trying
  18. Warriors are boring. No matter their background, reason for existence, movie rights, or whatever. Still boring. I see part of the problem is they haven't evolved with the game. As it has become easier to start hero life, they have fallen into irrelevance. With the muddling of the Origins, their uniqueness has become mundane. Yes, they are boring and need to evolve to become worthwhile again. ---------------- Or, who cares.
  19. No, It's not the same picture. Superman is not the sum of his powers. It's WHO Superman is, not WHAT superman is.
  20. I have several toons where some toggles are deactivated unexpectedly. I've learned to deal with it. Would be nice if there was an enhancement that provided De-Toggle Protection.
  21. I've found the MM pets won't attack a non-combative mob unless they are on Aggressive setting. So, If I fear the mob before they can attack, my pets will stand around picking each other's noses. When the mob attacks ME, they will spring into action (as well as undead can spring) As for your pet, Your mileage may vary, Some assembly required, and Batteries are not included
  22. Thanks, Tuft. I appreciate the info. I was just hoping to find an easy solution. 😞
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