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  1. If you have ever been jolted by a significant current source, it would make sense. Having, among other things, stuck a fork in a light socket when I was a kid and subsequently unable to let go... yeah.
  2. I am glad you mentioned this, because she is one of my contacts that are available right now.
  3. An arc like that, would it be Family? OoOOoooo, maybe it could investigate the construction on the west side?
  4. So, I ended up totally bypassing PO and going straight to Cap. I ran through the "new" arc(s) in mercy, which got me to 9 or 10. The next contact was in Cap. Should PO get a KR treatment with a 10-20 type arc(s)? The skullz arcs are really cool, we have new arcs being created, and it might be a good place for some redside love?
  5. You do realize that was _intentional_, right? Because maybe, just maybe, rooting things as a scrapper with a higher damage mod in a burn patch doing more damage isnt in the best interests of AT balancing and is a bit the antithesis of a always-on damage at? Tanks tend to park. Brutes, something between park and some run. Scrappers? All run. Scrapperlock is real, and the AT design decisions that drive scrapperlock are also real. Intentionally setting up a circumstance where a scrapper _just sits there_ so burn can burn is just bad.
  6. Giving all scrappers taunt auras is not much different from saying give all fenders or corrs mez protect. I mean, a few def/corrs have it, why shouldnt they all? After all, they do their job better if they arent mezd, right? Lets not go there. I fully agree with PH on taunt + scrappers.
  7. Haha. nobody. It was just taking up space, and that was the start of our whole-house cleanup, since we rented a rollaway. Lots of stuff went, and other than sentimental reasons, it didn't do me much good. 🙂
  8. There are LOTS of people that help newbies, never-have-beenbies, experienced, and UltraCombo pros. Use the /h channel. A lot. People will randomly give you inf, or help you with mishs, or whatever needs to be done. I am not sure how to avoid the more prominent questions raised by your post; If you are playing redside, go to blueside. If you are looking for lots of teamage, probably go to Excelsior, which has a very thriving PUG team thing going on.
  9. I literally just threw away the entire CoV collectors edition box + all swag (as in, yesterday). All the heroclix, maps, everything.
  10. Heh. Add splash heal to Heal Other... Lesser heal on targets nearby primary target, with standard heal as is applied to the primary target.
  11. I like to beat the bad guys with a pole.
  12. Mr G is an excellent arc, and so is Marchand. I REALLY like Mr G, since it gives villains and rogues a real feeling of being villains and rogues. Marchand is the same, but with more flexibility, and for heroes.
  13. Hm, I can see the point about asking on /help, but my intent was to continue through the arc as well, and I felt that asking for help on a single mish would have been disingenuous, as the arc continues with some hard targets. Had it just been one mish, that would have been different and definitely been a /help, but I would not have felt right saying "hey, i need help with the remnants of this arc because lots of hard targets", figuring I would have been directed to lfg as being more appropriate. Plus, we (gfriends+) ended up running red content that had nothing to do with the arc a
  14. I was told "hey, advertise!" so I spent 30 minutes advertising a Mr G mish that involved killing 2 of the new praetorians. Several attempts to solo it failed. Noone even suggested any interest, in all of 30 minutes. In the end, I had to wait for some gfriends to log on to join me. 😐 (3-330 pm EST for the curious)
  15. So, I thought like you do, that this was kind of a no brainer. Yet team after team I join (blueside of course) when someone else is leading, as soon as the leader quits, almost noone steps up to lead. Its just play damn whackamole with mishs, you know? Not hard. But somehow, (randompersonhere) started a thread not long ago about "why are people allergic to the star". I have a habit of running teams doing either tips, SSA, or whackamole mishs in the list. It is, in my opinion, exactly as you say: not complicated, easy to do. This indirectly rela
  16. Personal opinion, totally out of line: infiltration. Get to mule, very efficient at ground level combat, stealth, good movement control, can be left on while mystically flying for stealth.
  17. I fully agree with everything you said flea, except one thing. Sometimes, you just want to be a fly on the wall. And if nobody is advertising, should you organize a team that you have no intention of leading, but just want to tag along on?
  18. HAHAHAhahaha. "LFM for Black Scorpion Arc, (on last mish, speeding, take your pick of flavor)" "I'll join! Let me null the gull it real fast, get the badge, and convert right back!" Nobody is leaving blue side to get the patron pool _and staying_.
  19. Actually, Sgt Schorr covers this to a degree, but it is (afaict) a rogue mish. It however, has lots of cool dialog, people, and consequence choices.
  20. Is there any sort of subconscious reason you picked a Field Of Corn Thats Been Farmed there? Hahahah
  21. Piecemeal and company put together a red side arc that gives you morality points. Given that people dont seem to run the blue side very often (its too hard syndrome), and the fact that I only seen ONE lfg listing for the red side arc, anything "not blue" seems like it will just be wasted effort. That does not seem reasonable, to end up in a situation where new content lovingly crafted and created simply gets no play time because "not blue enough". What about the people who want to do other content, but either end up soloing it, or not doing it all, because no
  22. Well.... spirit tree and the healing beacon thing kinda do their on jive... as does the elec affin chains for friendlies. But that just mucks up this conversation 😄
  23. You would be surprised how fast 2 merits per mish (double for arc completion) can add up. If you are rolling mishs in PO or Cap au dribble, its totally seeable to rack up 10, 16 merits in an hour, just putzing in contact content. At low level is where it REALLY shines, since there are a lot of arcs, they are easy to deal with (in mercy), and if you rotate leads on startup arcs, could definitely net maybe 30 merits in an hour, which is _a lot_ for a brand new alt.
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