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  1. There's a sticky on the MM front page that has a really nice write up of Incarnate choices. Alpha : Musculature. Judgement: Ion - if you want to pull lot of things and don't really care what you hit. Pyro if you have to be bothered to aim. Interface: I went Degen for the debuffs. Lore: I went Longbow for the -regen. Destiny: Clarion. The worst thing that can happen is you can't control your pets. The long acting version is a break free+ long buff to prevent all controls. Hybrid: Support. When playing solo and chain pulling met pets got tired. I took this and now their blue bar stays full. It's another option to buff damage so why would you want anything else? This stacks up to 5 in big raids and I almost never saw it stacked that high. I might consider Assault if it didn't have a broken mechanic that largely invalidates its use as a MM.
  2. Verix

    a few MM Qs

    Have a peek over at this thread: Force Redux has a really nice breakdown on Time/Thugs. You can murder the hell out of just about anything with Time/Thugs - and he even has a cookie cutter build you can copy if you like. Although you can make some changes and maybe personalize it a bit once you hit 50.
  3. I had room for a slot in my Enforcers to use the debuff. I tried It and found it works really well. I also really enjoy having Overwhelming Force->KD on my Bruiser. When he knocks people back he runs over to someone else and that causes issues and lowers his dps. When he knocks everyone over it lowers the dps of an enemy group. That's a double win.
  4. You really need to use Mids hero designer to look at the diminishing returns. What I meant is that you can have 5 of the same set bonus from IO sets applying five times. You can for example have 5x enhanced recharge for 7.5% each. Many people for example make builds with multiple copies of "luck of the gambler : global recharge". Be careful about overslotting powers. You can take combat jumping and 5 slot it but it won't really give you that much defense no matter what you do. The better defense powers start with like 12% instead of only 3-4% defense.
  5. You can slot however you want... but my time build debuffs enemies for -14.7% to hit with Time's Juncture. My lowest defense is ~25 and most enemies have a 5% chance to hit me or my pets from the combat log. When I turn on the Incarnate support core my highest defense goes up to 40 (without using hover). I don't get to max out defense but I am supremely resistant to damage from the Mu shield. My Smashing/Lethal defense without an incarnate boost is ~59% and my energy resistance is 48% before pet reductions. Most attacks in CoX have multiple energy types and will use your highest resist. So if you resist a Lethal/Fire attack you can use the higher value (If it is fire only you only get the fire value). Scorpion shield is really nice but I think the Mu shield is even better. As for my build exactly - I am using a modified version of Force Redux's Time/thug build. You can use that as a really strong base. Load up his build with mids and look at the set bonuses he uses. He focuses on S/L defense as well as haste.
  6. I would suggest Mu mastery instead. Mace shield gives you defense but the Mu shield gives you resistance. A lot of your offense or defense will come from which powers you have slotted and what you put there. You can stack a set bonus up to 5 times. With effort you can get some set bonuses that give you : resistances/defense from various attacks. Combine something like 30% defense with time's juncture and most enemies are left with a 5% chance to hit you.
  7. Was that something they changed when they altered the goto order?
  8. I love bots too - but the slotting on thugs >>> bots so I made a thug mm. If you like demons - Force Redux made a nice post about demons/dark (with a mids build). My build is thugs time (work in progress - but will post soon™ when I have everything slotted) so I wanted hasten for gang war - and everything else. The Judgement power is great because you can have it deal like 600 damage (mids value) before reduction for zero slots. But I would go haste even if I had made bots because why not do everything faster? When you get everything working just right haste is there to cast things on your time when you want them. Before you get there however I like haste to : resummon your pets with less delay (things happen while leveling), heal your pets more often, and throw whatever power more often. With haste+chrono shift my haste value is 235% and without those it is 115%. To make a long story short -haste is worth it on a MM because you want to be able to do all the things you 6 slotted way more often. Endurance was only an issue before I slotted stamina with : 1 Endurance modification IO, and then 2 performance shifter (end mod/performance shifter). I could literally walk around with my primary heal on autocast and not feel any End drain (just under 6 seconds without either speed increase active). The support core is to help my pets with stamina - not me.
  9. Question: How does the Assault power from Leadership interact with Musculature/Support Core when considering damage caps? A long time ago the verdict was that assault was a bad idea for the MM AT. Is that still true?
  10. Can't you somewhat circumvent that by telling your pets to attack a target with a macro and have them immediately shift to defensive+follow as part of the same macro? I remember having such a macro back in the day. Pets would show aggressive and as soon as their attack went off they swapped to defensive. It wasn't as safe as just triggering the mobs yourself but it made you much safer than using the pet attack command (and since you put them back in defensive follow you would never be caught forgetting they were on aggressive). It also gave you the ability to tell your minions to kill one specific target first. Is still possible to make a macro to work like that? If so could you tell me what I need to type?
  11. Logged in to double check but my incarnates look like this: Alpha : Musculature Core - Why? More damage for pets mids values show: Thugs go from 89.93 to 126.16 Enforcers go from 97.94 to 130.19 Bruiser goes from 96.92 to 129.17 Judgment : ion Core - Why? Fire and forget more damage on more targets Interface : Degen Radial - Why? Plenty of pets to proc the -hp debuff with 25% chance. Destiny : Clarion Core - Why? Free on demand break free (and the lasting buff prevents it from happening again) Hybrid: Support Core - Why? I took this to give the pets more stamina (as well as for all the other buffs) and it makes a world of difference. In mids Support Core shows a 12% boost in damage. It also gives a defense boost
  12. Here's a couple of scattered thoughts: Bots were my first love as MM - but they are at a disadvantage to demon/thugs (maybe others) due to the ability of those primary sets to be able to slot 6 more 'things' into the pets. For example with thugs and gang war you can use that power to hold some of the resistance buffs for pets. Accuracy bonuses from set bonuses do not apply to pets - you might feel some pain with the accuracy levels on your lowest level bots in +4/8 missions. You can for sure take the damage but can you dish it out? It seems to me you kinda wasted some of your slots with your healing powers (and your endurance). Take a look at what you get for spending 9 slots : I think you could do a lot better (being speculative about what you want in the build overall). You could have 192% recovery instead of 188 by slotting an endurance recovery instead of the third performance shifter: accuracy/endurance. That lowers your hp by 15 (but you will never notice with those thick defenses you have). You do not need to three slot hasten with time secondary. Why? Without them you have 85% haste (which you could improve if you wanted with some cleaner slotting in your heal set bonuses). This may seem like a random question but : what personal attack are you planning on boosting with assault core? It's not very much fun to try and use with pets. Also you don't need rebirth with time secondary as you have 2 heals that will affect you and a single target regen for one of your bots (not you). I think you want to read this link that Force Redux posted for MM about incarnate choices (about 3 posts down): I also have to emphasize these two points. Once upon a time with live you had to upgrade every pet with both upgrades - it was the main reason a MM needed hasten. Now the upgrades are universal. Go with reduce endurance on ugprade powers. Afterburner lets you slot another luck of the gambler but group fly does not. If this game were fair- it would give Mastermind pets a 'copy' of the power their master used with a 25% speed boost so they would always be right behind you.
  13. I'm really not seeing why Leviathan is getting so much hate when it has a nice ranged hold (that turns off flying) and a resist shield. Cold is very close but has a 'sleep' with its hold which is much worse. You don't need the heal with most MM sets as they include a very strong heal (if you are playing MM and can't heal yourself/pets...... I dunno what to say). Levi is also really fun thematically. That being said charge is the big loser as its 'shield' is really not useful except for pvp. Cold too has a near copy of that power - which makes me question why more people don't hate it.
  14. I searched for S/L and found a nice cave farm as the second entry - not sure if it was the one you meant. It has lots of ambushes- which really just means more mobs to farm.
  15. Verix


    You can also update mids directly within the program. Also, is there a reason I don't see many Radiation primary blasters?
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