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  1. Partial respecs are #1 on things I'd like to see added to the game.
  2. absolutely. I had a stone/bio brute on test server that had my fastest pylon time.. it just hit like a truck. i'll build a tanker version of it and see how they compare.
  3. I'm curious, why would we want to limit usage of this? I was thinking players could be free to run around with a stack of recharge inspirations the same way many players do with purples and blues. And you'd have a pool of 7.5%, 18.75%, and 37.5% inspirations like there is with yellows. I guess I'm just really wondering if recharge is really that much more valuable than all of the other stats?
  4. There were some animations like these included in the Gadgetry pool. Maybe that would be a good place to start.
  5. I've always wondered why we have an inspiration for every major stat in the game with the exception of recharge speed. Was this decision made so that players couldn't have everything buffed from inspirations? I don't think it would be unbalanced, considering we can get to damage bonus cap from reds or even get level shifted. I think it would allow for a wider variety of builds, as most recharge set bonuses require 5 or 6 slots and defense powers are often taken just to mule LoTG 7.5%'s.
  6. Is there a place that Homecoming shares this kind of information? Like the number of max-level characters and information like date_created and archetype? Would be cool to see the trends of AT popularity as updates are made. My scrapper-to-tanker ratio pretty much flipped once the tank buffs came around and TW was reworked.
  7. I was thinking it could work both ways. If you took a tanker from blue side to red side, they could use Frenzy to get a bonus similar to Fury. Just seems odd that only stalkers, brutes, and dominators get an AT-specific bonus.
  8. This idea is pretty out of left field, but could a solution to this whole debate be adding AT-specific bonuses to Call to Justice to make villain AT's feel more like hero AT's for a period of time? For example, if a Brute activates Call to Justice, they get the same AoE bonuses tanks have. Or if a corrupter uses it, they get buff/debuff bonuses of defenders? Frenzy gives Brutes and Dominators 100% of their red side bonuses, so I would think that Call to Justice should give its own unique bonus rather than a flat damage buff. I think the root of this whole issue is Going Rogue. Tankers/Scrappers were never meant to be on the same team as Brutes/Stalkers, so one side is probably going to have an advantage in the current state of the game. But maybe that line can be blurred if we start experimenting with exchanging AT bonuses between AT's.
  9. So I built a FM/DA brute (a concept I've been wanting to run with for awhile) to hopefully see better numbers than my tanker. The results were... pretty bad. ST and AOE felt slower. It was a good build and attack chain, but the numbers just didn't match the tanker's. I was about halfway through the map when I decided the brute just wasn't cleaning mobs as fast, so I ran straight to the EB. Running in with an almost full bar of fury, it took 36 seconds to down the EB. Ran it again with my tanker and he took him down in 31 seconds. Maybe this is an unfair comparison since FA/DM is really strong on a tanker.. but this first test seemed pretty poor for the brute. Or maybe FM is just bad and only certain Brute primaries will perform better than a tanker. Gonna have to test more cases.
  10. Brutal mission simulator was a fun test. Ran it +4/x8 with my FA/DM tanker and got 6:46 on my first run. Full IO build, T3 Incarnates, no inspirations/temps. Goal now is to build a brute that can beat that time and I may change my mind about my OP. The wider AOE and higher aggro cap that my tanker had is giving me doubts though.
  11. 100% agree with this. Would also love to see Hand Clap reworked into some something useful (like Power Crash with EM). Playing a Super Strength character on any content where Foot Stomp isn't available has been THE most boring time I've had in the game. Thematically, I would think this set should be the one that shines the most on Brutes, but it is SO boring at low levels. It would be so fun to run around with a full bar of Fury if Hand Clap was something more like Spinning Strike or Power Crash.
  12. I have an AR/Dev with an expensive build I'm pretty happy with. I'd say AR can make for a very capable blaster AS LONG as you're on a team that has some kind of crowd control.. whether that be a tanker, controller, etc. You're gonna be very happy with flamethrower, ignite, m30, and full auto mowing down tightly packed mobs. However, this is the only blaster I have that I cannot stand solo'ing x8 with. You won't be doing enough damage with your alpha strike to clear the minions & lieutenants so some of them are going to run away and you'll have to chase them down. I tried mitigating this with web envelope but it didn't do the job. So just keep that in mind if you want a combo that will be fun to solo x8 content with.
  13. My new elec/shield stalker built for speed-running, Trophy.
  14. @Myrmidon or being able to make Lord Recluse play super mario on the flagpole while your tank hovers and checks his phone. Seems to be working as intended lol.
  15. @Galaxy Brain I'm 100% for changing Shout to be a cone attack. The smallest ranged cones I could find were Piercing Beam/Rounds at 5 degrees. It would be awesome to see more of these in other sets. What I find odd is that powers like Cosmic Burst and Blaze have the same range as the t1/t2 blasts. I always thought the icon of those powers signified that they were a shorter distance, harder hitting attack. I think it would be cool to cut the range of those blasts (as well as Shout, Lancer Shot, etc) to ~45ft and give them that small cone effect with the same ratio as Head Splitter. Would make for more interesting blaster combat IMO.
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