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  1. Glad to finally be able to kick in- before the flood of 'Take Mah Moneh!' filled your coffers 😛
  2. *chuckles* Looking at all the back and forth- it's like we never left!
  3. Remember that turning on/off base edit mode will move you back to the original entrance room- so it's possible to screw yourself up, since once you're out of Edit mode you can't get back to the outside section of the base- and that includes your base entrance portal if you've moved it. Have a flight power, and set up a teleport link from the entrance room to your outside sections early if you're gonna build outside.
  4. And too late again for me, too. I feel bad, but OTOH, that's AWESOME!
  5. If my memory serves correct, they specifically took away several color choices earlier on to prevent just that. People were making bikini-characters and matching up the bikini color with the skin tone color. That being said. I think sliders would be cool. Give us sliders for skin tones too! It's still possible, with certain skin tones, anyway, so it's maybe a moot point. I'd like to see better color-matching options myself, to make some of those pesky costume pieces work with each other.
  6. While I agree with the OP- to a point; I miss a certain sense of achievement for finally earning enough inf to buy some specific widget- I also can't say I'd be happy to going back to having to grind like for every single desk and wall deco. And the old system seriously penalized smaller SGs/VGs when it came to making a base with even the merest functionality.
  7. And also something similar for floors, for folks who'd like their base to be 'suspended', like an airship or space station. It's jarring to look down from my Darkspace Runner and see...floor tiles... Also, don't know if this would be possible, but it would be fun if we could skin NPCs from saved costume files, so as to have themed NPCs besides the main groups, or have all your alts hanging out while you're on your main. And to be able to 'lock' NPC names, as we can pets'.
  8. Also, as it stands now, you have to pay for your cake before you can eat it, in the form of reduced/eliminated INF gain. So you have to choose: get out of the lowbie levels faster, or be able to buy ENH sooner. Being able to toggle it on and off at will, instead of living with your choice by the hour, kinda defeats the balance of the system, IMO.
  9. Hey there! First off, a thousand thank yous for all the work you folks do for all us COX junkies. Never expected to find a game again that rewarded my altitis in such a corner-pusher type manner ;D One little thing: could we please, please, please get the Talons waitcloth belt/skirt or something like it as a costume piece? https://paragonwiki.com/w/images//thumb/4/41/TalonsOfVengeance_OracleShadow.png/104px-TalonsOfVengeance_OracleShadow.png[/img] They'd be great for a number of classes of character types, especially with a cleaned-up bottom edge. It seems to be the one Talons piece not available in the 'stume maker, and while there are a couple of belts with loincloths, they're quite short and either front or back only.
  10. Hail Arachnos! And you folks! There are no words for the joy produced by having this back online, and alive.
  11. While we do, technically, now have four servers, they're all still unstable enough that I wouldn't count on being able to get much RPing done for a bit.
  12. Hail Mechanon! Oops...wrong game... ;D
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