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  1. While Homecoming has some changes the economy, from disabling double-inf-no-exp as an option, to ATOs/WinterOs being essentially gold destruction to take INF out of the economy, and seeding/fungibles on the market there are options for every play-style (Except maybe roleplay without costume contests/playing with AE editor only and not playing created arcs) to generate an income in this game; OPs query got answered pretty early on in page 1 and 2 of this thread, While I'm not going to close this thread just because it's been answered, a debate on how farming, merits, and inf generation of diffe
  2. ERP requires the consent of all parties involved, and is not permitted to take place on public channels, any ERP that occurs thus occurs in PMs, as per the CoC https://forums.homecomingservers.com/code-of-conduct/ if you see this happening outside of PMs, please inform them to take it to private messages where those who aren't consenting to be witness to it are exposed to the roleplay. Underage ERP is an offence taken very seriously and if you see or suspect it happening, bring it to the attention of the team - This includes not just the age of the players but the age of characters being rolep
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