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  1. My first time donating, and it feels so good!! ^_^
  2. It would be nice if there was a customizable NPC option (similar to that used for AE mob design), to allow us to populate our bases with non-human inhabitants doing things (though still limited to the cycling emotes or just standing there). However I realize that's not very likely, given the nature of the code base.
  3. We need a deerstalker hat for all the Sherlock and Detective Pikachu wannabe's.
  4. I've recreated mine ... of course, I only HAD the one character because I was a Free-to-play person who started playing just after the sunset announcement. Got her up to 50, so now I'm going again, currently at 21. (She's going slower this time because now I actually HAVE alts to play, so they're leveling up too...)
  5. More like you found a book of evil spells and read aloud from it and now the dead are rising and your hand is about to be replaced with a chainsaw or shotgun. That said I absolutely agree that the biggest problem with ED was the tactless, hamfisted, disingenuous way it was shoved onto the community which Belle has nicely summarized. It would have been nice if the original devs had balanced the game around it at launch. Well, that's the way of software development, isn't it? At some point you've just got to release, regardless of the state of the build, otherwise you'll never get anything launched at all chasing that "perfect" build/game/implementation without any outside input from your customer base. The best you can do is get a "Good Enough" design and build out for people to play with, and have a list already in reserve for all the additions you hope to implement in the future. I came into the game really late, after Freedom on live, so I never lived in a pre-ED world, so honestly I don't see what the fuss is about. I got a pretty balanced and robust build on my Katana/Willpower Scrapper and leveled up to 50 in three months of dedicated play and no ability to make/buy/sell IO's and only the Overwhelming Force set from the Summer Blockbuster and gifted parts of Scrapper's Strike to top her off. But I do remember complaints from my COH-playing friends about various things over the years, especially once CoV came out and MM's were strictly redside, and that the ability to swap sides "should have" been in there from the initial release of CoV day one and it was a dire affront that it was not so. (there is SOME advantage to coming to a gaming platform late in the game's lifecycle, once the game has matured and everything has been hammered out by the infinite monkeys of the player base...)
  6. I'd guess the plaque would have been for the original purpose of the park; as for the vehicles and tents, I'd assume they'd be for housing Praetorian Earth refugees, or for supporting the military prepping to fight against the Battalion's Shivans.
  7. Would it be possible to add a "Creative" category to the forums? While I like the content coming out on the "arts" and "costume-discussion" channels of the Homecoming Discord, it would be nice for there to be a place where stuff like that won't get lost in the infinite scrolling of time, including longer-form text stories for the roleplayers that don't need to be confined to individual RP forums/channels. Also, the current costumes thread could be moved there, keeping them more prominent than risking getting lost in updated threads. Thanks in advance! --- Philip
  8. According to the Lore AMA, Kallisti Wharf was going to be a co-op zone for heroes and villains, and serve as the set piece for the next big phase of the City of Heroes story, the actual arrival of the "Coming Storm", AKA the Batallion. Shiva was going to be used as a weapon by the Batallion, and the heroes and villains were going to need to fight against it, winning the first battle but setting the stage for the next major war. This was to be launched in issue 25, the existence of which was being seeded as hints in other stories in issue 24 and before. Specific links to what they had planned: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Lore_AMA/Sorted#347 https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Lore_AMA/Sorted#385 https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Lore_AMA/Sorted#397
  9. I recreated my main, Aerianne Connor, because she was the only character I had back in the day. If anything, I had plenty of alts planned but never released, but now have an opportunity to do so!
  10. I did briefly on live before sunset because I wanted to RP two characters interacting, but to do that I got permission to use a friend's account to log on separately (he'd been a longtime player but sunset took the wind out of his sails and he stopped playing), and I played on two separate machines, desktop and laptop (in my lap). I only ever used it for brief RP's, never combat missions, and certainly wouldn't do it here unless explicit permission was given. (I also only HAD one character for each, so... *shrug*)
  11. The guy with spikey dreads and cyber shoulderpads and lower arms I think is a prototype Back Alley Brawler (BAB doesn't have the cybereye). Don't know about the rest.
  12. Does the web planner even work, though? I click on the Issue 16 link and it says planner.cohtitan.com cannot be found.
  13. I have the variant called "Costume-itis". I only got to play one character on Virtue before it shut down, and I got her to 50, but after everything closed and Titan Icon became viable, I went to town creating all the costumes I wanted for her, not limited by F2P parts restrictions or costume slots. And now I'm back in the city, and I've got all those costume files saved...
  14. I've got enough potential characters with multiple aliases that I could drop them into both without issues, I think.
  15. @Aerianne Connor here (Nat Katana/Willpower Scrapper); Virtue was the only server I ever played on, in the free-to-play days, but I managed to get her up to level 50 before the servers closed (and I only really started playing when the closing announcement was made! That was an intense 3 months...). I've recreated her here on Excelsior, but I've got enough aliases for her that I could start her up elsewhere without problems.
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