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  1. I just used PayPal...."Homecoming Servers LLC"....
  2. Keep up the great work and thank you again. It's good to be 'home'. 🙂
  3. ....as an ex-audio professional, there are days I regret the release of microphones to the general public.............today is not one of those days. 🎤
  4. RedSide....accidentally clicked on an NPC walking by: [NPC]"There are two kinds of villains in the Isles. The successful kind. And you."
  5. They could make zero changes and add nothing from this point on .......and I still would be so grateful and happy.
  6. And thank you Redlynne - I did this and it was fun! I finally saw all the story lines I missed back before the 'snap'. Well done guide.
  7. Oh, I've visited.....and it's quite lovely. Dare I say, 'out of this world'?
  8. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Going_Rouge_Badge Can't 'Rita Mayfair' do that in Imperial City?
  9. ....Healix.......That is a thing of beauty..... :D...!
  10. +1 the journey is the game itself, for me! I've wondered about doing this as well - something with a few AOE skills. And Redside/Goldside, where would the lowest level BIG groups of mobs be, like PP & Hollows?...hmmm
  11. I really missed this game...what joy!
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