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  1. ....I wonder how it would feel if it were reversed for all NPC - our supers would just walk through them....? 🤔
  2. I do it with the jump pack, but you have to stop halfway up and let it recharge.....nice view, especially at night!
  3. obligatory Redlynne link Alignment Switching
  4. Long time lurker, both before and after the snap.....and never got into Titan Weapons. However, I decided to try the changes on test and I will just add my voice to this conversation: I will make and play one on Live if this is the way it will work. Feels way smoother, to me, than what I've tried in the past. Others with more experience with the set may see things better than I, but I am not an expert, just know I like this better! 🙂
  5. <looks at profile photo> Twas where I was at sunset before the Snap.......
  6. I just used PayPal...."Homecoming Servers LLC"....
  7. Keep up the great work and thank you again. It's good to be 'home'. 🙂
  8. ....as an ex-audio professional, there are days I regret the release of microphones to the general public.............today is not one of those days. 🎤
  9. RedSide....accidentally clicked on an NPC walking by: [NPC]"There are two kinds of villains in the Isles. The successful kind. And you."
  10. They could make zero changes and add nothing from this point on .......and I still would be so grateful and happy.
  11. And thank you Redlynne - I did this and it was fun! I finally saw all the story lines I missed back before the 'snap'. Well done guide.
  12. Oh, I've visited.....and it's quite lovely. Dare I say, 'out of this world'?
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