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  1. Yep, but I want to see it here. See, they asked, I replied.
  2. - The Guardian AT - Defenders with melee secondaries (and corrs with melee primaries) - Wind Control - Water Control - Illusion Control Dominators - Dominator Secondary with whip attacks - HC working hand by hand with Ourodev Team - New costumes - Pointed Mask and Rounded Mask moved from "Face" to "Detail 2" - New bionic / cyborg / robotic arm models - Cigars with beards - A new face detail "Unshaved" to round up existing beard options - New Axe and Mace skins (especially Axe) - New lvl 35 - 50 co-op TFs (lots of them) - Haw
  3. Hello and stuff, Sorry if I missed a similar thread but my search-fu, well, it sucks. I was wondering about all this AV running when there's no taunt power on team. I'm sure I am not the only one who noticed, Romulus runs away, Requiem runs away, Hopkins runs away, Dr. Vazhilok runs away, Clamor runs away... I'm sure you get the gist of what I mean. See, to make this short, just wondering if it is working as intended thus trying to force teams to have a toon with Taunt or is it a bug or some sort of unwanted behavior? and if so, anything being done to sort it out?
  4. To be honest, I haven't noticed any such thing. I have noticed a steady decline in population and a steady increase in people asking to doorsit in a farm as well as a steady increase in farms asking for hitters (it is, I can't farm on my own, let's form an AE farming team so we don't have to play the game) but I haven't noticed ppl soloing in TFs. Since I don't think it is a problem in the slightest, that's prolly why it didn't catch my attention if happening at all.
  5. Staff/WP. No clickies so no redraw plus over 2k HP after accolades on a stalker, nuff said.
  6. For hard control, Earth is awesome, you can pair it with pretty much anything. I have earth/rad and earth/dark but you already have those secondaries so maybe earth/sonic or earth/time might be fun (or earth/kin and see stoney run). Plant/Storm and Grav/Storm are both real fun, messy and chaotic. Dark/Nature is also fun, I am currently lvling one and it feels awesome and last but not least, Ice/Poison is fun too. I'd say Fire/Poison but again, you already have a Fire troller so either Ice/Poison or Dark/Poison are fun. And now I want to roll another troller... thank you *grrrrr*
  7. Musculature for Alpha, Ageless for Destiny and Reactive for Interface (I love that res debuff). The rest, up to you. I like Support Hybrid but prolly Assault is better for a scrapper, still, I usually take support just because.
  8. This is pretty much what I am planning for my upcoming one. Hope you get some ideas: This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/LoadedCamel/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Mutation Scrapper Primary Power Set: Dark Melee Secondary Power Set: Radiation Armor Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leadership Power Pool: Concealment Ancillary Pool: Soul Mastery Hero Profile: Level 1: Smite -- KntCmb-Acc/Dmg(A), KntCmb-Dmg/EndRdx(11), KntCmb-Dmg/Rchg(23), KntCmb-Dmg/EndRdx/Rchg(23), CldSns-%Dam(25) Level 1: Al
  9. DM/Bio is great and busier than DM/Inv. DM/Inv is amazing but Inv is a bit dull. DM/SR is also an awesome combo.
  10. I need new contact lenses, was going crazy (English not my native language) trying to find out why "one missed attack could be dutch in certain situations"... until I finally found out it says "clutch" and not "dutch" lmao.
  11. Mmmkay, arranged things a bit and since I see you chose Fly, ditched Hasten and took Fly Pool instead (Hasten is not really critical in this build with a 111% global rchg already). Regarding your build, Concealment Pool is not needed at all, if memory serves, Nin already had a stealth toggle but cannot find it in the descriptions so I mighht be wrong. I don't like how you slotted Tough since you can get a better mileage from set bonuses focusing on one set. Also, you don't need Kuji-in-rin up that often unless you pvp. (in which case not sure Nin is the best choice) For PvE, just recharging it
  12. Nope but Ninjitsu is a def based set so, besides aiming for def over 45% (def softcap) it is also very helpful trying to get high resistances for added mitigation. All in all, best case scenario is a combination of high defense + high resistances. The defense softcap and usually goal is 45% for regular content and 59% for incarnate content. On Ninjitsu, I'd go for the 45% target and then try to get as much rchg and res as possible, something like this could give you some ideas: This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/LoadedCamel/MidsReborn Click this D
  13. This ain't WoW, ppl won't complain, all I am saying is that blasters are a damage dealing AT so, they should deal damaga. The longer you stay alive, the more dmg you deal but in this game there's one truth that does not apply to pretty much any other MMO out there, your survivability does not depend on a tank or a healer. Guess you are used to your build, the way I see it, you do a huge workaraound to get where you could have gotten easier with a different build. There's something also true for this game that it's not true for other mMO's, there are shitload of different builds that are equall
  14. I wasn't replying to you, was replying to PluckySideckick. This build is also terrible though, like theirs (and yours for that matter), but they came with all that shit about cones cones cones and has two of them unslotted so I thought if it's all about cones, let's go big but again, wasn't replying to you, what I had to say about your build, I already said it :(
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