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  1. I would not have minded number 1 IF and ONLY IF it had nothing to do with Emperor Cole. He needed to go.
  2. That sounds VERY VERY VERY familiar from what I read from them in various posts in the forums at the time.
  3. True. Which is why I always advocate for it to remain casual friendly at base level, yet offer more options to reward those who want more complex levels.
  4. Plus would you ever have adequate population there to be able to actually run it.? lol
  5. Yeah honestly I did this too at first. But changing rage does have merit. Will they ever actually touch SS after the last shitstorm they got? Who knows. But I would not blamed them if they put SS/Rage at the bottom of their 50 thousand page to do list LOL
  6. True. My reaction was based on the already existing archetypes that can tank more easily than what MMs have to do. I mean yeah MMs can clearly make it work. But that just seems so painful to base a class around, especially with how traditional mms were (no fast buffing of pets, no group aoe buffing of pets when you res-ummoned them at launch for MMs). And clearly when COV launched once again the players proved the devs thought process wrong. LOL
  7. I'm saving this post the next time someone claims COH was not built to be a casual friendly game. LMAO!
  8. Yeah I forgot which Dev admitted that years back. When I first heard that I was like "umm, wtf?" lol 🤯
  9. Hmm, okay fair, if you're talking about folks who came from the traditional Everquest style of mmo era. With that said what they built and what actually happened are two different things. That's always been the case proven time and time again, that the original devs were often surprised by what could be done vs what they thought could be done.
  10. If I get a team of 2 defenders, 2 dominators, 2 blasters, 2 controllers would you consider that soft trinity? If so then sure.
  11. I would consider a well balanced team to be one with a blaster, controllers, defenders, etc. No need for a traditional healer or tank. In some specific content sure, but generally across COH. Not really. That was true even before IOs. Reapeat Offenders is just one example of taking that to the extreme.
  12. My argument is that traditional tank/dps/heal never existed in coh. It didnt.
  13. Yeah seriously HP in this game is not like that of bosses in WOW or other games. Or heaven forbid FFXIV Online for some bosses. Nothing in this game's past or present is anywhere near those in terms of trinity play. (Freaking FFXIV online mandates it in nearly every place).
  14. Seriously am I missing something here or have folks forgotten how powerful it was (and to an extent still is) to have a more control and buff/debuffing than tank/heal/dps on your team? Like I remember threads where folks would inform folks that empathy really isn't that important if you have debuffs/buffs/control. Like I'm seriously not getting some of the comments in this thread. There is a VERY different memory of this game back in the day that some of us have than others. lol
  15. How is that elitist? I'm generally confused lol it's just find 8 defenders or 8 corrupters and go. Umm . . . huh? Repeat Offenders (and folks that just formed teams like the above, aka not giving a rat's behind about traditionally trinity play) existed well before IOs. I don't get what you are saying.
  16. Quoted for emphasis since part of the point of SGs like Repeat Offenders from what I recall, were specifically about team setups like this. This is as far from traditional Trinity / RPG classic setup as you can get.
  17. Yeah. NO. That was true EVEN BEFORE IOs. Some of us have VERY different memories of the game.
  18. I pretty much try to look for at least 1-2 debuffers minimum when forming for high level tfs. (There aren't that many so it's not a burden for team forming).
  19. I was lucky enough to find scanned pdfs of the comics years back. Now I can't remember what online storage service I put them in. Sigh. lol
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