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  1. You can see if it installed homebrew by running "brew help".
  2. Edit: that command has several issues. Not sure how it should actually look. This is a guess: /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"
  3. The veteran badges were repurposed for veteran levels. You get one every 3 vet levels up to 99.
  4. Electrical Affinity does not have the endurance cost penalty applied for masterminds -- endurance costs are currently the same as other ATs.
  5. On beta, when viewing details of a power with knockback/knockdown, it now shows up as AttrKnock instead of Knockback.
  6. Would suggest submitting a support ticket (https://forums.homecomingservers.com/support/) for this.
  7. @DarknessEternal, if you want an official reply on this I suggest opening a support request using the menu at the top of the forum.
  8. A couple of the day jobs give temporary powers with +recharge. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Day_Job_Badges
  9. Recreated my dark armor/staff tanker, buffed it to 50 and IOed and Incarnated it out to match what I had. It feels almost too powerful, compared to what is a very equivalent build on a non-testing server (the only real difference is the live version doesn't have most T4 incarnate abilities, only T3ish). I was taking down packs of mobs really quickly in the DA arcs. I'll have to try buffing a tanker to ~20-30 or so with just SOs to see how that feels. Are Judgement incarnates exempt from the radius increase? I feel like Void Radial T4 had a much larger radius than 50' (seems more like 80', which makes me think the radius increase is applying to it).
  10. Some of the Incarnate arcs at 50 touch on some of that -- Vetrano's especially, I think. As for chronological order of the Praetoria arcs, it mostly lines up with the chronological order in which the arcs/trials were released, though not completely. Roughly something like this, but this list is from memory so I could be getting some of it wrong. 1. Original 40+ hero Praetoria arcs (Tina, Maria...) 2. Praetoria 1-20 3. Praetoria First Ward + Night Ward 4. New 40+ hero Praetoria arcs (Tina, Maria...) 5. Roy Cooling's arc 6. Apex TF 7. Sutter TF 8. Tin Mage TF 9. BAF / Lambda trials 10. Keyes trial 11. Underground trial 12. TPN trial 13. MoM trial 14. Dark Astoria arcs (+ personal stories) 15. DD trial 16. Belladonna Vetrano's arc (+ personal story) 17. Magisterium trial 18. Number Six's arc (+ personal story) 19. I24 arcs from Marchand and Mr. G
  11. From Maybe that is contributing to this?
  12. This only works for tankers - it seems to be a bug related to Gauntlet.
  13. I just tried it out and you are right. It looks like the skiff/carpet/rocket board go faster than the (non-Afterburner) Fly speed cap, though not as fast as Fly with slotted Afterburner. In comparison, the timed temporary flight powers seem to be slightly under the cap.
  14. The main thing about all of those is that they detoggle all of your other powers when you activate them. On Live, Panther used to come with a stealth component, but it seems to have been removed. If I remember, all of the flying ones were sufficient to cap your flight speed, so about the same as Fly. Not sure on the speed of the coyote and panther powers. P.S. If you look under the Temporary Powers section at the bottom of the P2W vendor, you'll see some travel powers that won't detoggle you, though these are sold in 30 minute increments (stacks up to 10x?). (And of course, ninja and beast run don't detoggle.)
  15. Slotting Chilling Embrace will increase the movement speed debuff, but the recharge rate debuff isn't enhanceable.
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