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  1. Trying out some duo missions, with Spirit Ward toggled on another player. It apparently makes noises when each stack of the buff wears off. The amount of sound from this should probably be toned down now that it's a toggle.
  2. Rocket Board and the other "detoggle" fly powers are faster than the jet packs on HC Live, yeah. I made that same mistake at first, but went back and tested and it's definitely faster...
  3. Don't have time to test right now, but has anyone tried Speed Phase with things like the vault doors in Safeguards and Mayhems, the destroyable wall in the Eden TF, and the destroyable wall in the 40+ villain mission (I think maybe this one?).
  4. Phalanx Fighting has two components: * One defense buff that always affects you; this one is not enhanceable * One defense buff that scales based on number of allies nearby; this one is enhanceable (or should be)
  5. I believe you could also spend the veteran reward tokens to get super packs.
  6. Paragon did make several passes in issue 5?, issue 14, issue 16 to reduce the number of things needed for a large number of badges, to make them less grindy to obtain. Just something to keep in mind when adding these badges with high counters.
  7. Taunt should probably be in there as a control somewhere.
  8. Regarding taunt auras, anything that affects the mob interrupts them -- that isn't new. Taunts, toggle debuffs, non-damaging taunt auras, damage... that's probably not even a complete list.
  9. Edit: that command has several issues. Not sure how it should actually look. This is a guess: /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"
  10. The veteran badges were repurposed for veteran levels. You get one every 3 vet levels up to 99.
  11. Electrical Affinity does not have the endurance cost penalty applied for masterminds -- endurance costs are currently the same as other ATs.
  12. On beta, when viewing details of a power with knockback/knockdown, it now shows up as AttrKnock instead of Knockback.
  13. Would suggest submitting a support ticket (https://forums.homecomingservers.com/support/) for this.
  14. @DarknessEternal, if you want an official reply on this I suggest opening a support request using the menu at the top of the forum.
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