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  1. It is. It'll affect all of the items indicated above proportionally, though, so if one option is more effective than another at 100 max endurance, it will still be better at 105 or 120 or any other value. Endurance recovery plays nice that way.
  2. I clearly remember them working fine on Live. This is a relatively new issue and one I would very much like to see fixed.
  3. It's every attack you have to click to use, regardless of type. Passive auras won't generate Fury, but Brawl, Sands of Mu, pool powers, etc all will. It's fairly simple - no need to overthink it.
  4. Fury increases for every attack you make, and for every attack made against you, regardless of damage or whether the attack in question hits or misses. Fury decays at an increased rate at high Fury levels, so maintaining more than 90% Fury for any length of time is generally impossible.
  5. Just finished leveling my Stalker to 50 and I noticed a huge difference in how often this goes off when I started dropping Ball Lightnings on 8-man spawns vs. single target. It seems obvious to me that the % chance to go off is checked against every target hit, which is...bonkers.
  6. For the most part this is great. However... This is just incorrect. With the exception of specific enhancements labeled as Unique, you can slot the same sets in multiple powers. You can't slot more than one of the same set enhancement in the same power, however.
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