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  1. I read very detailed info about PT: Chance for heal somewhere. The healing component depends on the AT, and if you have more than one PT: Chance for heal IO, the healing rate will be reduced. Now, I have no idea which AT you slotted that IO in, and how many in that build. You should check it out! I think this forum have the information about PT: Chance for heal. Edit: Found it, it's in Bopper's signature [you won't able to see it if you're looking on your phone] +HP/+Regen Proc Cheat Sheet. It was update in May, so not sure if anything changed by now. The text on the IO is fine, it's just...vague.
  2. My toon is based on a character from anime....so yeah, it matters.
  3. So...are scrappers the only AT being affected by this bug?? I just rolled katana/rad brute a week ago. I plan to play him this weekend. I need my flashy sword to show off 😉
  4. With enough recharge, you really don't need GFS in an attack chain, it's really slow. Also, for some reason, it converts most damage to Lethal, not fire. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of slamming on an enemy with a fire sword, but I'll pass. Oh by the way, a lot of numbers in mids are wrong.
  5. Choice is good, but I wish some of the AT have more defense shields such as Blasters.
  6. No one should take Greater Fire Sword. That ability have bad DPA, same thing with the ice version. Incinerate is the real deal--very strong ST, but DoT though. 😕
  7. Thank you all for the replies! It definitely help me a lot, I didn't know about the defense for low HP and resistance for high HP. One of my fire/fire builds [with different results] have 45% e/n and almost 45 [44.92 lol] ranged. I just need to test it out this weekend, but I will probably fix that build to get a little bit more of ranged defense. Just out of curiosity; are you referring to Ice defense shield or the winter set bonuses? Perhaps both? I have a few full winter sets, I don't mind stripping them off inactive toons. I haven't test Ice mastery yet, I'm not a big fan of the cold. 😛 Can you elaborate on that part? Do you mean most of mez abilities can be miss due to defenses?
  8. Hello all! I'm working on Fire/Fire/Flame blaster, I really love the raw DPS he throws at. However, I'm confused about which one should I focus on; Defense or Resistance? I'll explain why I'm confused, Fire Blast is mostly ranged, so obviously I should focus on ranged defenses, right? However, the Fire Manipulation have lots of melee abilities along with one from Fire Blast; Inferno. With that being said, I should increase my s/l resistances...Please senpai, guide me!
  9. Chaining heals on enemies doesn't sounds right, totally unreliable especially when they're trying to flee. I'm all in for electric shields. An ST buff that absorb end drain/stun/electric damage is a godsend for sappers/Malta/Synapse TF. It also should have a version of Fortitude as Jolt or Charge.
  10. I thought so, oh well. Thanks!
  11. Heliodorus

    Frozen Fists

    Hey all. I was playing my Ice/Shield, it's really fun to play. I was looking through my ice abilities and I noticed something--Frozen Fists have -resist. So, I looked over in detailed info, it doesn't say anything about -resist. My question is, does anyone know the actual numbers on -resists Frozen Fists provide? Or did they make a mistake when proliferated from tankers to scrappers/stalkers? Many thanks!
  12. Why did they nerfed Feral Charge? AoE target cap is 5? Is that a bit too extreme? I'm still on a break from CoH, so I can't remember other AoE target caps.
  13. This may sounds silly, but do you have your abilities slotted with accuracy and recharge? I do know Earth and Fire loves to aggro, especially Hot Feet--delay Hot Feet 'til you have high defenses or NPCs are held, etc. Play it safe until your Domination is up, for example, don't open with Stone Cages or Fire Cages first until someone charges in. Salt Crystal/Earthquake/Smoke/Bonfire (with KB to KD slotted) are all good opener--pray your team know what to do with Salt Crystals 😕. Dark is really easy to play. Open with Possess, then use Fearsome Stare to reduce their -tohit. Use Possess/ST Hold on runners, then DPS the feared ones first. Activate Heart of Darkness after the fear and confuse wore off--keep DPSing them down. Dark/Fire is really fun!
  14. Interesting...thanks for showing to us! I gotta fix some builds now... 😩
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