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  1. Any chances you're making Disruption Aura replace the old Sonic Resonance version?
  2. That sounds interesting, I'll mark my calendar. I have two lv50 tanks--both have taunt. I'll check the builds to meet the requirements.
  3. What do you think of this build? I want to keep my fire mastery 😏 Druid2.mxd
  4. Nice build, though, it doesn't seem good for exemplaring due to many boosters. I have plant/savage, but I'm torn between working on ranged or s/l defenses. Plus, I can't give up my pretty green colored fire mastery xD
  5. I did said most. The mu pet is nice, but I rarely use Mu Mastery. I don't recall any good experience with Fortunata, does she have Mind Link? I don't remember her casting often...
  6. Singularity, without a doubt. Someone mentioned Patron Pets, I'm sorry, but most of them are useless--unless you're a buffer. Seriously though, they have small HP and tends to run in melee, so they die instantly. It'd be challenging for a buffer to keep them alive lol.
  7. Ice/Thorny is my favorite. Maxxed out Arctic Air with proc bomb Thorntrops. /giggles
  8. I feel Ground Zero is skippable. Yes, Rad Therapy and GZ are both fantastic for procs, but Ground Zero still need accuracy, and long animation, like--wow. Rad Therapy has an high base accuracy, which means you can go with procs alone, nothing else. I took tier9 at lv49 for set mule, it's a great place to slot like Gladiator's. Fun fact; Gamma Boost slotted with end mod IO is actually stronger than P Shifter's. It also provides End/Recovery debuff resistance. Particle Shielding gives 50% recovery for like, 30 seconds I think? [PS on auto is fantastic--I don't use it for recovery, absorb/regen is amazing.] Mids don't reflect everything, always test stuff ingame. Edit: If you have a solid AoE from primary power along with Rad Therapy, you can skip Ground Zero. Otherwise, you'll be standing doing nothing for 3 seconds. It does have a buff for your teammates, but it's so ridiculously small. I took GZ on /Fire tanker, because lolCombustion.
  9. I heard there's a bug with DP's tier 9 though.
  10. Oh, my definition is different. Aggro means getting attention of an NPC without taunt, or aggressive behavior. Blappers are very aggressive due to mixed abilities.
  11. I'm not sure why you're talking about taunt. I already stated it before; Blasters have low HP, 0% defenses without set bonuses/defense abilities and high DPS thanks to the modifier. Edit: Basically, you're an aggro magnet with low defenses/HP. ;D
  12. Huh. I don't recall any nerfs to Scrappers after AE, but then again, that was a long time ago. Honestly, it's not fair to Scrappers while Brutes with high HP/90% resists and strong DPS, Stalkers got best buffs back on retail and there's broken ATO, and Tankers with 90% resists and got target increased/aoe buffs. Scrappers? Lulz. Scrappers only have one good thing going; Crits. That's it.
  13. Heliodorus

    Crosspunch question

    I don't know about all secondaries, but I took Cross Punch on /SS and /MA tanks. The benefits from Rage works well with Cross Punch, and its CD is short. The stuns from Boxing/Cross Punch stacks with MA's stun from Cobra Strike, and Eagles Claw [lol]. I like the fact Cross Punch helps with the lack of AoE, despite being a cone.
  14. Fire/Kin is overrated. Besides, why on earth you want to farm on Fire/Kin corr instead of Broot, like seriously? Big difference. Rad/Kin used to be very popular on Live due to -def. Nowadays, it's alright, Neutrino Bolt never been the same as Live RIP. Anyway, you need to be careful with Irradiate, it's an aggro magnet.
  15. I never play /Elec, but a damage aura sounds bad, I mean you're a blapper with 0 defenses and low HP [which is why lots of blasters took fighting pool]. Water may have a lot of soft controls, but that doesn't help with the damage aura, not in a long run. Also, I vaguely recall procs go off in every 10 secs? Personally, I don't find that useful, the procs are better off in somewhere else other than damage aura. Besides, with /Elec being strong ST DPS and Water, strong AoEs, do you need Lightning Field? It's a great combo, a perfect fit actually.
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