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  1. Does anyone have a non-purple, non-pvp StreetJ/Fire build?
  2. I'll shamelessly admit that I have 23 L50 Blasters and I'm not stopping there. So far, Fire/Temp holds a special place in my heart, as it was the first toon I soloed MsLib on +4/8 with. It does amazing ST damage, brutal AoE, and it's just oh-so-smooth to play with. And I also love the fact that it's not a FOTM combo and still holds some uniqueness to it. So, if you had to delete all your Blasters and only keep one... which one would it be?
  3. Straight up bind without adding emotes: /bind Key team Gather for RAs!
  4. Thanks ZM. I'm aware of how easy it is to get PvP IOs on Homecoming. But this specific character will be made on a different server, which uses the same loot drop rules as live. So, PvP IOs are much harder to get - even if you afk farm. Cheers SK! Yeah, I was leaning towards Energy or Dark. I might just go with Dark since I never played it on a Blaster. The server I'll be playing on doesn't have the revamped Teleport pool, unfortunately, but I'll make it work nevertheless.
  5. Hey'all. I've decided that I want to roll a /dev blaster, and I'm curious to see if anyone has feedback on the following combos: Energy/Dev Dark/Dev Atomic/Dev I'm perfectly aware that none of the above are FOTM combos and that's exactly why I know I'll enjoy them. Not sure if it will influence your opinion but I play on a server where getting PvP IOs is unrealistic. So, I'll most likely build a non-purple, non-pvp IO toon. Thanks guys.
  6. My fave MM is a non-MM. Shots fired.
  7. I've been leveling my Ice/Ice and I like the uniqueness of the combo. Any chance I could take a sneak peek at your build?
  8. I've figured it out! Thanks for the input guys.
  9. Oh, I meant one arc only, but 4 exact same missions that I'll then slightly edit the mob type.
  10. Hey all. I'd like to create an arc with 4 exact same missions. Is there am easy way to easily replicate them so I don't have to do all the settings again and again? Thank you.
  11. My Earth/FF doesn't do damage because I built it for survivability and control. Earth/ is a perfectly capable set in terms of damage, especially if paired with the right secondaries. Heck, I took Lusca down with an Earth/Rad back on live. Took ages, but it was done.
  12. Which combo would you choose? One of my latest (and most rewarding) creations was a Earth/FF controller, built to always be the first rushing in on +4/8 DA missions. He does next to zero damage, but definitely does a great job at absorbing the alpha strike and getting things somewhat under control so my buddies can do the damage. My next challenge will be doing it on a Defender (and then a domi). My first instinct was to go with Time or Dark, but I'd like to hear your thoughts too! The weirder the combo, the more satisfying it is to me. And I'm totally fine with going with FF again if I
  13. Woah! What are you doing?! Trying to make the OP even more confused? Stawp!
  14. Damage wise, /Kin will always beat /Dark except for very specific scenarios (eg: AV fights) where you're less likely to take full advantage of Fulcrum Shift. While with /Dark you'll get a consistently good - and more relaxing - performance at all times. Having played all three combos here's my quick rundown: Fire/Dark Great all rounder for both solo and teams at any level. It's the most survivable toon by a long shot, while still dishing out good damage. Fade is a great team buff and also helps to keep your squishy Imps alive. Fire/Kin There's a reason why this was th
  15. Fire/Dark. Because nothing would beat the feeling of turning to your wife and say "Hello darkness, my old friend". On a more serious note, Fire/Dark. Because it's great from the get go, while the other combos take a while (in terms of powers and building defenses) to truly shine.
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