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  1. Now I want to try this. Do you have a build you can share?
  2. Intuition would be my pick. It fits Ill/Rad like a glove, after having AM+PA perma.
  3. Scrapperlock defined.
  4. Yeah, that's what I thought. Was just wondering if the set has suffered any cool changes that'd make it slightly more appealing. But oh well. By the way @kiramonwhat's your fave blaster combo?
  5. Allow me to hijack your post and ask you how do you like AR so far? This is the only primary I haven't tried so far and I might give it a go!
  6. Interesting! I was thinking Plant was probably the best at locking things down just because of how OP Seeds of Confusion seems to be. I've never played either sets (Plant or Elec), so those might added to my never ending list of alts. How quickly can you drain a spawn? Is it efficient enough that you can do it safely and constantly? Thanks!
  7. I too am trying to find something sweet to go with Gravity. So far, I'm considering Gravity/Earth. Having Singularity throwing in some extra controls would allow me to smash things with extra safety. Plus, like the idea of stacking stuns with power boosted Wormhole + Fissure. I've also seen quite a few players raving about Gravity/Savage and the fun teleport factor.
  8. So many options T_T what to do what to do? I want a Gravity domi at some point. And I also think I'll finally give Ice/ a chance, even though it seems subpar. Or does domination makes Arctic Air that much better?
  9. You know, I've never tried the Dark control set. Maybe now is the time!
  10. This sounds like a good enough reason to me!
  11. Trying to catch up with eventual changes. Is there any other Lore pet that does -Resistance other than BP?
  12. Now that's hardcore and filthy crazy. I like you.
  13. So, I'm guilty. Guilty of never having played Dominators up until a few weeks ago. But now that I've given it a shot, I fell madly in love with my Earth/Earth domi. Granted, it doesn't steamroll through +4/8 at the same speed of some of my controllers, but dammmmn sure it's fun! Lock things down with one click, and then unleash your inner mini-scrapper and start smashing things. Luv it. What about you? What's your poison?
  14. So, other than soloing TFs, speedruns, costume & naming competitions... What other challenges or competitions would be fun to run?
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