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  1. Hey there! Here's my experience in a nutshell: 1) LS knockback is hardly annoying to anyone at all as it only knocks back 1-2 enemies 2) If you place LS correctly (jump and place it a bit higher, or even right on top of mobs), the knockback distance can be minimized or even neglected 3) As the others have said, they've added -kb to all immobilizes in game which means you'll be able to turn any knockback into very team friendly knockdown with ease
  2. I quite enjoy my SR tank. It does require me to be more active with taunts and aoe attacks to make sure things stay on top of me, and I do hate that the mez protection is a clickie, but yeah. It's definitely fun and sturdy. The only thing I would disagree on is that it is not the best tank primary for lower levels. To me, it will always be Ice for the ease of aggro management, herding and the fact that it also has very nice defenses, end management and a oh-sh!t button.
  3. What's your fave so far @Yomo Kimyata?
  4. WM/Dark can do pretty things. Sweet damage, stun stacking, phenomenal heal/proc mule. Not to mention you'd be able to cap negative resistances with ease if you wanted to.
  5. Falsey

    Best of Blasters

    Can confirm Fire/Temp is a serious powerhouse (soloed MsLib +4/8 with it). It's my go-to toon for most stuff in game and never lets me down.
  6. Were there any updated to Energy Melee in the past 6 months? I haven't played in a long while and suddenly there's all this /EM builds o.O
  7. I can't think of any combo that can't be made godlike. But to me, the best tanks will always be Ice/ for the ease of herding and aggro holding capabilities.
  8. Now I want to try this. Do you have a build you can share?
  9. Intuition would be my pick. It fits Ill/Rad like a glove, after having AM+PA perma.
  10. Scrapperlock defined.
  11. Yeah, that's what I thought. Was just wondering if the set has suffered any cool changes that'd make it slightly more appealing. But oh well. By the way @kiramonwhat's your fave blaster combo?
  12. Allow me to hijack your post and ask you how do you like AR so far? This is the only primary I haven't tried so far and I might give it a go!
  13. Interesting! I was thinking Plant was probably the best at locking things down just because of how OP Seeds of Confusion seems to be. I've never played either sets (Plant or Elec), so those might added to my never ending list of alts. How quickly can you drain a spawn? Is it efficient enough that you can do it safely and constantly? Thanks!
  14. I too am trying to find something sweet to go with Gravity. So far, I'm considering Gravity/Earth. Having Singularity throwing in some extra controls would allow me to smash things with extra safety. Plus, like the idea of stacking stuns with power boosted Wormhole + Fissure. I've also seen quite a few players raving about Gravity/Savage and the fun teleport factor.
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