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  1. I have to agree that Poison is not cone friendly. You can argue that it's possible to use VG along with cones - because it is - but you'll hardly do it efficiently. Especially in a fast moving team which is where Poison usually shines. The time you'd spend on positioning your toon or worrying about hop-n-debuff is time wasted not using the splash-debuff mechanics properly. Again, cones can work, they're just not great. Alternatively, /Rad would be a better option because of Irradiate alone.
  2. Hey guys, unrelated question: when it comes to soloing AVs / TFs, which interface is recommended? Does the -HP one affect AVs or just regular mobs? Thanks.
  3. Falsey

    Water/? Duo

    Hey guys. Me and a friend are considering rolling a themed water corruptor duo. We intend to run most TFs (including MsLiberty) so we were thinking what would be a nice combo to go with. My buddy is set on Water/Rad and I think that's great for the debuffs, heal and extra recharge and damage boost. I'm thorn between Water/Rad, /Cold or /Time. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Thank you. I'll check it out and help him build this.
  5. Hey gang. A friend of mine is looking for a Elec/Elec build within a 600M budget. I've never played a Sentinel, so I'd rather ask people with some experience instead. The only thing he asks is to have Flight as travel power, keep the nuke and skip Short Circuit. Thanks in advance
  6. In a way, it made your thirst for progression even bigger (and more rewarding). Also, having limited respecs would make you think twice about your power picks and slotting. So, no. CoH never sucked. In fact, I miss the pre-IO days quite a bit.
  7. Falsey


    1 recharge is enough. Procs don't seem to work properly on rain powers, but if I had the spare slots i'd go with 1rech, 1 achilles proc and 1 annihilation proc.
  8. They're both great. I just think that being able to provide 25% Def All (and some exotic resistances) to the whole party with PB+Fade is extremely good in a set that is already so versatile.
  9. As many other celebrations, there's history behind, which usually suffers alterations as time goes by. I'm no expert, but the origin of "thanksgiving" was a way of celebrating and giving thanks for successful crop harvests, especially after periods of scarcity. It has nothing to do with turkeys or family, but with survival.
  10. Thankful for that SG TP macro.
  11. I find TA to be much more enjoyable to play than Traps. Mainly because it's a shoot-and-forget set with decent recharge and proc potential on its main powers. Plus, it offers the extra control that Illusion lacks.
  12. Yes. I happen to panic more when the forums are down than the game itself. Go figure!
  13. The classic Rad/Sonic Defender is always a nice choice. I've melted Lusca (GM) with a cheap build and absolutely no incarnates, shortly after HC launched. Sonic/Bio sentinel would be an interesting pick as well. But then again, I've never played Sentinels - I'm just guessing from what I know of both sets separately.
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