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  1. Here's a guide that was released in the first weeks after Homecoming launched: I have my own build, but I'm still tweaking it. @Harlequin565's build looks solid though.
  2. Screenshot of contact in Port Oakes for the mayhem missions (Lord Schweinzer).
  3. A couple more entries, to feed the thread! Hiroshima Maiden - Dark/Rad Tank Bohemian Rhapsody - Time/Sonic Defender
  4. My suggestions would be either Fire/Rad or Fire/Dark. The debuffs + heals will make sure your ride pre-Imps goes smoothly. After L32, you'll simply destroy things. Both combos will also allow you to farm INF with relative ease (not as quick as a Fire/Kin or brutes, but still quick enough for you to get your IOs). While I have played over 1,000 hours on Storm characters, I don't think it's a particularly friendly set for players who have never played the game to 50 before. Especially considering they won't have the INF to back up the improved IO builds that turn squishy Stormies into beasts.
  5. Here's my take at it. 44,1% to Melee/Ranged/AoE, while keeping the things you wanted. I've also added Chocking Cloud back in, because I believe it's a nice tool to have under your belt. Lingering Radiation is now slotted with 1Accuracy, I'd rather have a split second downtime than missing the hit. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1531;714;1428;HEX;| |78DA6594CB4F135114C6EFB453B1A5052AEF97D02282058696C756A3824603A6B4E| |8CE34633BB41370DAB43582D144DCBBD1851B79199F1B17CA43FF15251ADDFB5888| |023EEAE99CAFD0A493B6BF33DF3DE77EE7DE3BD3F1D911E7CBB3F3278454717A46C| |D642223DA9466C4B4B463528B268CE44C323E27F257197DDB0B839153D7A6A69490| |1AD3D5AC9E3422A357F54C868296BD84906AC4B598124E1A7A3472329B55A3D3EE7| |346424B6B46562904AE603239A39CD1E389AC6EC42BCDBB314DA5FA4C424F390BF7| |291A749837E194A6C5DCA3293DAA8CA8E9E9C8B89AC96AE9B906EACD47DFEB16FA9| |1F2DDE66C628282805D58426098294F320F5C042F31DF59042EAA5D10A6D6FE88D9| |B1C83CB2042E832BCC59AA95D857481ED6E648B3B22659EF5AD8FB3E73936083976| |D5536B5836BE03AD3B1C174BE6556BC61DEA0DA327895C1CB428763E7F9ACF620C1| |4BF56166D5041862BA29B79CEB2DE5B5BC76E770FE80ADA202B4528E0BBDBB8EF3E| |17B06AC66EE07F2AF44EF95AF586B79CD3CBC0AAE81EBCCF60DA64CF3B8E1ED86F7| |217816F891E6AFC6FCD58F79BF6A9E804F9975CFC0E7CC8617CC9B845AAE15B54DB| |C37B748ABC77CF55BC8FFC96CFA056E335B76989E5DCC4FFD3662AF1BD16F3569CD| |D09AD1730D69ADF06D459E97B436EC615B0F9E27F0134DEF454F5E3F9F6BC73038C| |4EC0A307D03CCBE41E667AAED446DE7026B4717C125701973ACA0F621F3361D43B7| |F982E46CDDBF798DC7FE807FC17F4C5F0E147C76F3841E5E8FDC534F41AB5DF46EF| |158EF36B8C3ECFBC1BC4350E0A7C0AF1F7EFDF0EB875F007E01F875D0FEF9799D92| |FF3DC636714EF2DEBB4A1FBA84AF44F19728811265B044192A51C6E4BDFF147AC9D| |8FFC2BE960BCA08F3EFBE5961AF12F93598A35F1C45FF0C7D7CFADFF63549F2F06A| |BBCE93D065175F8BF3BB39FF7B71FE3D3CA10F98BB75047472C561F668C66A517CB| |9280E16C5FF01F773FDD3| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| EDIT: After seeing that you'd be willing to give up 2 slots (health and stamina), you could push both AoE and Melee defense to soft cap, ending up with 45% Melee, 44,1% ranged and 45,9% AoE. If you don't care for capped AoE, you could also put the extra slot somewhere else. A few contenders: Tough (extra ribosome for hitting S/L cap) Combat Jumping / Maneuvers / Weave (Kismet +6% acc or Karma KB protection or Shield Wall +5% res) Lingering Radiation (+1 recharge would make it overlap for 4 secs) Radiation Infection (Achiles -res: note: I did not test how often this would proc on a toggle) Tactics (extra tohit buff - either set or hami-o) +Recharge on either AM/Hasten Move celerity+stealth to SS, so you don't have to run Sprint in order to get full invisibility Winter's Gift+Slow Resistance on SS | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1531;720;1440;HEX;| |78DA6594CB4F135114C66FDBA9B5A53C2A6F28428B08165A3A3CB61A15341830A54| |577A619DBA19D80D3A6AD118C26E2DE950B17CACBF8DCB8501EFAAF28D1E8DEC742| |14F0514FE73BC5269D74FA3BF3DD7BEE77E69E9999981B71BE38BB704298AA4ECF2| |AD96C74449D56F5B89A714CA9B1A49E9A4D25E645E1B0D1D9511C8C9EBA3A3D1D08| |2B714DC969293D3A7A45CB662970EF4F082B7A428D0722295D8B454FE6724A6CC63| |5A627D58CAAE702C5A032944ACD06CE6889644ED313D5C6D5B8AA507E36A9A59DC5| |EB340D3A8C8B485A55E3AED1B4160B8C289999E88492CDA999F926AACD47E73533F| |D990AD5E6AD629202D92ECC61660494A6C003179817C1B766C107E52E0A43EB7808| |762E814796992BCC55708E724DF015260FB479D22CD04C963B6678DF05B70856F6B| |2AE498676709DB9013A3641E71BB0EA35789D726DEC65632F3335C78EF52CF610C1| |4BF911B0669219065D34B702F9E68A7ADCBB73B8D0608BA8625A684E25D75E791CC| |DF70C588CB9EFC9BF9A6BAF7E09CDFD0A3CBCC65C676E801D9BA044EBB8D8DBC5DE| |87D8B3C80FB47E2DAF5FFB08FB55F798F9046C78CA7C06363D076F10EA912BEA5BB| |03737496BE4F51AB779FE0FB0E527730774EF829E3D5E9FEA6DE6BD6EE67A6B496B| |E5BD69BD5F28D6263C8BA097C6DA78ACAD979F2166278DB5A30E73FB3BACEF2F3C7| |4B24DC85BE04782976BF506D1EFCE61E610D82D33072523C73780EB4F94DBC5B95D| |8BD08E2E3197992B9CBB0AFA1F80B7A83D3DC68B93B7F6FC426DC77E33FF30FF82B| |E3C53A0A70B845EDCB3D4DB48419B5DF46D63AC6F87B90BFABF83B70901F60BB05F| |3FFBF5B35F3FFBC9EC27B35F1DED63907B1CE49EB8A5FD77977E74085F99122C53E| |43265B04C192A53C6A5FD6F0CBD74A8EDFC7F2D1F92382C7C0B8C0C7B8D28D46E8C| |7E76947C29FC7832BE966AE728E8B68B2FA55A0FE67D2BD5EEC179AF81C0CE971D4| |64D46AC94C4974AE25049FC0F82A9FEE8| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  6. Hey buddy. I do remember you and your Tank - I'll send you a global invite whenever I get back online!
  7. Hi gang. I'm looking for a new home, that is active during daytime. I'm from Portugal (GMT+1) and I play mostly week days, anywhere from 9AM to 5PM. I don't care for PvP at all - I'm mostly a PvE player. Here's what I usually love doing in-game: - Leveling outside farms - Themed teams - Speed TFs (regular TFs are fine too - depends on how much time I have available) - Quest arcs and badge hunting PS: I don't share food.
  8. I'm leveling one too. It was a toss between /Rad and /DP, but I decided it was time I gave /Rad a try. The synergy is there, at least.
  9. Lovely work. Thank you! Small fix: "Sonic Resonance" instead of "Sonic Debuff" on Defender's chart.
  10. For teleport, the following bind should work: As for other useful macros, it really depends on what you find useful. You'll find a few handy macros/binds in this thread.
  11. There is no current solution for this. Here's what I do to get rid of salvage quicker: I have a bind or custom window for quick Auction House access Sort salvage by amount (descending) When dragging to the AH, select the highest amount possible and hit enter Because you sorted it by amount (descending), you no longer have to select the amount to the rest of the salvage stacks. Simply drag and press enter
  12. I had these saved, but decided to delete them since I wont be using any time soon Brienne of Trap - Traps/DP Defender Boom Boom Ciao - AR/Device Blaster Invulnerabull - Invul/SS Tank Burnt Toast - Fire/Time Corruptor
  13. Some people just like to watch the world burn.
  14. I'll go with the classic suggestion of 2x Fire/Rad controllers. 2x AM means hardly any end issues + damage and recharge buff 2x Flashfire for mass containment 2x Hotfeet + Chocking Cloud so you can jump in after Flashfire and start inflicting great AoE dmg 2x debuffs to make everything melt quicker 6x fiery imps of doom Add to that some handy heals, mass AoE hold and bonfire with KB>KD procs and you'll have a fantastic combo and fun times ahead of you.
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