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  1. Back on line, when the "No Travel Powers" challenge was selected while doing a Flashback arc, the Ouros Portal was still available. Now it is not. This is a problem if the mission is in Ouros and you don't happen to be there. There is no way to get there, save by someone else's portal.
  2. I caught Sally swimming through the island in the center of the lake in Croatoa. Sorry I did not get a screen shot, but it was on the Southern shore and she was swimming from East to West.
  3. Your character name (the character with the red star): Termyt Your global handle: @termyt Your Supergroup name: Friends of Ouph The shard you’re on: Everlasting The passcode for entering the Supergroup base: foo-602 The character names or global handles of any Supergroup members that contributed to building the base (up to a maximum of five, including yourself if you contributed): @termyt There are many features of the base that I am very happy with, far too many to show in a few pictures. The base requires a lot of exploration to fin
  4. I was going to say you are early, but it's only too early in North and South America, so carry on!
  5. It has been an issue for as long as I remember. Definitely older than the last couple of patches.
  6. My eyes are not young. I set my Windows Opacity to 100% so when I have two windows up I can see the text in the one that is active. Every time I log a character in, the value changes. Usually back to 0, sometimes some value between 5-30%..
  7. I've been fighting an issue lately where my settings for both Auto-Accept Level Changes sliders keep resetting to 0. What's worse, every time I zone, I get prompted again if I want to keep the level change. I like to have both of theme set to 50 because I do a lot of TF/SF's and I am aware my level is going to decrease. I really hate having to go in and check my settings every time I log in.
  8. It's 3 plaques in Cap and it worked for me. Perhaps you missed one? Or perhaps a roll back due to a server issue removed one of them from you? Or maybe it's a new bug.
  9. It's good to know that worked, TopDoc. I've tried both of those with no luck, but now that I know it will eventually be fruitful, I will keep at it. Thanks both of you for your replies.
  10. I don't have Pither as a contact. According to Paragon Wiki, the only contact that will introduce us is Arbiter Daos. The problem is, I've finished Daos's second arc, after which he will not speak to you anymore. He never offered up Pither as a contact. Any ideas on how to get the Efficiency Expert badge missions?
  11. You are probably missing the higher level Twinshot arcs. That said, it's all arcs by all contacts in the zone, not in the level of the zone. To find all contacts in any zone, look up the zone in Paragon Wiki, then look up those contacts arcs in Ouroboros.
  12. termyt

    Badge count

    1260, by my count.
  13. I've never really studied the numbers and don't mind the changes. If this has already been said, I apologize, but I just became aware of these pending changes. 1. Dark Blast -> Moonbeam - this is a longer range power already, is it not? The base range is currently 175 and mine is at 200. Is this one, since it's not Psi, going to get cut to 150 max? 2. About the range nerf - I don't mind if "fast snipe" range is reduced - but could we leave the slow snipe range max off? One of my key abilities on my rad/dark defender is its ability to pull extremely well and range on Moonbeam
  14. I don't mind the naming policy too much. I much prefer the names be made by account rather than server, though.
  15. Hello all, I'm the builder of the Friends of Ouph base on Everlasting. Love for you all to visit. The passcode is FOO-602 Enjoy.
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