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  1. Rouge Angle of Santa would carry the same theme through each word... :) An excellent suggestion which I've implemented. Just need to add the Santa Hat to all her costumes.
  2. That is adorable. Can you imagine that child is at least 13 now? Are they playing with us now?! This makes me wonder what ever happened to Sister Flame.
  3. Fluffy Thoughts - MC/Dark controller. Inspired by the name of a local bakery. Nanuke of the North - Ice/Rad corrupter. Pun on Nanook of the North. Rouge Angle of Satin - WP/Fire tanker. A tribute to misspelling. Sirius Moonlight - Rad/Dark defender. All powers tinted the lightest gray I could get. Does not yet have red shoes. Rotten Banana - Dark/Spines tanker. Spines coloured black, Dark coloured yellow. On live I also had Frigid Femme - Ice/Ice blaster.
  4. Yo. Also re-established my links with The LooneyBin and BK's Funhouse. Like old times.
  5. Glad to see lobster and Nodonn around again. The LooneyBin will be full once more. :-)
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