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  1. This can probably be added to the drop-down menu easily enough. The only catch is that I may have to bypass some internal logic. There's a hardcoded 5-minute lockout timer on checking for updates that the UI doesn't have access to. It's a failsafe to make sure that some unforeseen circumstance or programming error can't cause it to get stuck in an update loop.
  2. They should adjust to the screen size, at least to the size that Windows itself is set to scale for. What is the scaling in your display properties?
  3. The answer to that one is 'no'. Activation effects are completely separate from normal power effects. They aren't "auto-hit" in the traditional sense -- instead they don't use hit roll mechanics at all. They: Are always applied when the power activates, regardless if it hit anything or not. Apply only to the caster. Target specification in child AttribMods is meaningless because the target is always the caster. Apply only once regardless of how many targets are (or aren't) hit. Do not trigger procs. They don't even check because these effects are applied separately outs
  4. Have you tried uninstalling the runtime? If you’re getting that prompt it means it tried to load the runtime but failed, which if it thinks it’s already there indicates a broken runtime install.
  5. Which folders are you looking for? All AE stuff should go under architect in the new layout. PlayerCreatedSouvenierClues.txt should go directly under architect (I believe the installer tries to do this already). The subdirs are all listed in the deep dive post unless I missed one.
  6. We've semi-officially moved into a "soft launch" phase. You'll notice that the Homecoming Launcher is now linked from the install guide rather than Tequila, but we haven't made a lot of noise about it just yet. There's two outstanding issues that need to be fixed. One of them involves migration of files from Tequila: it needs to ignore certain files from the old Paragon Chat map pack that a few people have lying around and can cause game crashes, but that only applies people installing it for the first time and doing the migration. The other is a bizarre crash on startup that a sma
  7. @Lockpick That's a known issue with Shinobi from /Ninja that is fixed internally and I believe should be in the next beta build.
  8. Those who are experiencing this, if you are running the new launcher, can you please try to reproduce it in build 26.5.3018 on Prerelease? There is a change there that may help, but if it doesn't should at least provide some more information to help track this one down.
  9. Positive. It was only on a single developer's machine and was never committed or sent to a test server, since the double animation made it look very glitchy.
  10. It's something I looked at a while back and even had a proof of concept demo (sorta, keep reading), but isn't really feasible without some serious animation work. The main problem is that there are not existing animations for transitioning from the flying ready state directly to the fly poses, only from the "flying forward" pose to them. So when moving forward it has to make your character go into the standard fly pose and then immediately shift to the chosen one. That gets really clunky and bad looking once you start moving around and changing directions a lot.
  11. @srmalloy It's actually kind of backwards from that. Fold space and the LRT accolade came first during development, which led to a general revamp of the various teleportation powers, which led to discussions of "I guess we should finally fix enterbasefrompasscode now that the recharges on P2W/day job powers are getting reduced", which led to the creation of the base portal power* since it's something I had wanted to do whenever the command was patched. Somewhere in the middle of all that, we got some additional information about things related to the systemwide improvements to input validation
  12. @Postalityjr Yes. Many of the developers and GMs have been using the new launcher for 1-2 months now; we were just waiting on the code signing certificate to start the public beta. I never run tequila anymore.
  13. Yes, it will. I edited it right after posting to mention that, but in case you didn't see it in the scroll of new messages.
  14. The existing macros will work if you're standing next to a base portal (including the new summonable mini-portals), or have the window open after using the base transporter power. Or if you're in a base already, for quick base-to-base movement.
  15. Bad news then, Page 6 is not going to beta today. 😉
  16. Long-standing annoyance: Teleport powers have never worked inside that ring. It's because the geometry for the force field only has triangles facing outward instead of two layers like everything else, so the teleport checks find backfacing polygons and think that you're trying to teleport out of bounds. Not really feasible to fix short of a new model for the whole ball. Could really use one anyway; it's way too low detail to be running around inside and there are seam mismatches everywhere.
  17. It is. The launcher core already builds on Linux and I was testing the CLI at one point. In theory the UI should also be portable since IUP supports GTK, though it hasn't been tried yet and there may be some issues to sort out due to slight differences between the platforms. There isn't a whole lot of reason to do so though. The design intent is that the launcher should be closely tied to the architecture of the game, as it makes things like launching with the correct parameters and working directory much easier. A Linux native launcher might be useful for updating, but couldn't ac
  18. The launcher is static and doesn’t draw any frames unless you’re interacting with it in some way and it needs to repaint. It uses Direct2D by default so if the GPU is sending less frames to the monitor it may be a video driver thing, possibly doing vsync when it does update. What if you also have something else running that is updating the screen more frequently? You could try modifying the shortcut to start the launcher with a -nowdl flag. That will fall back to GDI rendering like any standard Windows application, though it may be slightly less responsive.
  19. From the log it looks like something is going wrong with the UI code and causing it not to run. The launcher core is actually starting to download files, but you can’t see what it’s doing. If you kill the process and run the launcher again (not the install but the one under bin/win64), what happens?
  20. Hit cancel and look for a launcher.log file under logs in the location where you installed it. It sounds like it's having trouble downloading the launcher package with the latest version of itself.
  21. I see it, thanks! It may take a little bit to dig into since it wasn't the obvious case, but hopefully that will have the information I need to determine the actual root cause.
  22. Not in this build. Whatever is causing that one is smashing the stack badly enough that the crash reporter can't run, making it impossible to get a memory dump or even a stacktrace. The windows event logs confirm that it's a crash, however since it's happening inside ntdll it doesn't give me anything to go on. I suspect some sort of graphics-related overflow in the rendering engine from so many objects appearing at once, but don't have solid enough information to prove that.
  23. Unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce it under controlled circumstances -- the ones that I could reproduce were just fixed but it seems to still be happening for some people -- and the clues in the memory dump don't seem to point to anything useful. The next time it happens, can you go to the advanced options and select "Full Memory Dump"? The upload will be quite large, so please only do this once, and also indicate in the notes that it's the one with the fulldump so that I can find it easier.
  24. Please try it now on the latest update. 26.5.2778 if using the new launcher, or... restart Tequila and hope for the best since I don't think it shows the version number anywhere.
  25. Yep, got it. Looks like it's just randomly dying after checking the packages for updates; no indication of problems up to that point. Do you have a 'crash' subdirectory, and if so can you send me the files inside?
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