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  1. Can you grab C:\Homecoming\logs\launcher\launcher.log and DM it to me so I can take a look?
  2. It’s better in the long run to use relative paths rather than absolute, but still requires some editing. You would need to log out of the forums first in order to do that, since we’re currently using them as the IDP and the authentication is integrated. But there really isn’t any reason to switch accounts in the launcher at the moment. The location on the Mac doesn’t matter at all, since the game is running under wine it sees the virtualized file system as c:\coh
  3. This thread is for suggestions for enhancements or additional features. Already planned: Keyboard navigation of the main launcher screen Single sign-on option to launch the game and automatically log into the account that the launcher is logged into Some method of linking additional accounts for multiboxing (probably a right-click option to launch with a secondary account) Basic account management like password changes from within the launcher itself Custom profiles for quickly switching between different graphics presets, etc Addon manager and u
  4. This thread is for general feedback on the experience of installing / using the launcher. Bug reports should be created as separate threads to make tracking easier.
  5. Unfortunately Island Rum for Windows doesn't seem to have a convenient registry key that can be used to find out where it's installed. On Mac it's always installed in the same place under the wine root, but on Windows it could be anywhere. 😕
  6. Thanks for the feedback! For 1, you don't have to hit the play button, you can just click on the profile itself instead. For play and update actions, the whole thing acts as a giant button. Install and cancel require hitting the smaller button since those are more invasive actions. What's your windows display scaling set to? The launcher should be fully compliant with modern high-DPI displays, including multimonitor support, and increase its resolution on those screens, but I'm not sure how many of the early field testers were running 4k. For 2, can you elab
  7. Please post bug reports as separate threads in the Homecoming Launcher subforum. That way I can track them and lock the threads once they've been fixed. The UI scale resetting is expected, since it was moved from being a global setting to an account-wide setting, something that wasn't a thing until now. Chat timestamps and recharge timers will likely also have to be reset if they were enabled. As to your question, I'll expand a bit on Tahquitz's answer. It's fairly intentional; one of the design goals of this launcher was to be something that could be trusted out of the
  8. This should hopefully get better as more people use it and build reputation associated with our signing cert. One of the frustrating things small independent developers have to deal with. The hotspot extends quite a distance above the dots which may help. You can also right click on the profile button to get that menu if it's easier. Can you clarify which popup buttons you're talking about in your second comment? What OS are you running on? You might try running the launcher with -nowdl to force it to fall back to standard GDI drawing instead of using Direct2D.
  9. That's correct, in some cases it's more accurate to say it won't download code that doesn't chain back to something that can be validated. There are two tiers of things that have signatures. There's the launcher code itself, which is relatively small, is signed, and does verify the signature every time it's run. The launcher executable has a publicly verifiable Authenticode signature which Windows will check, and once it's running the launcher takes care of verifying that the LuaUI code it runs is signed by the internal HC CA. The game files, which include the exes and
  10. You should install the Homecoming launcher somewhere else. The game client design is different and is a clean break from the Cryptic/Paragon COH install.
  11. That's correct. If you don't need Tequila for anything else, you can remove it. Be sure to check screenshots before deleting it, as due to the potentially large size, that is one thing that is not automatically copied over.
  12. This is a technical deep dive of the new Homecoming Launcher. For download instructions, please visit the public beta thread. Terminology The launcher uses some terminology that, while it’s not necessary to know for normal use, can be helpful when reading log files or discussing features. Package: A package is a collection of files that lives under a particular root (which may be a subdirectory). Packages are versioned and stateful - a cancelled download will not leave a package partially installed or updated for example. Only once the entire transaction is staged and verif
  13. Welcome to the public test of the new launcher for Homecoming: City of Heroes (or HC Launcher for short)! Internally codenamed ‘Project Hangover’, the new launcher is intended to function as an officially supported successor to take the place of programs like Tequila. This post is a high-level overview of the launcher. There is a separate post with a technical deep dive here. Looking for a quick start? Click here to download the launcher! Note: This needs to be installed to a new location (not your existing CoH install directory) If you are currently usin
  14. @Blyzzard From your screenshot we can tell that it's an issue with the accented e in the path you have the game installed (C:\Users\Médiacenter\...). The game historically has very poor support for international character sets, but some like é that are in the system ANSI codepage are normally ok. There is new code in the works to fix this and work with any valid Unicode characters in paths, but it's not hooked up to everything yet and a lot of the old code is still there. The last patch extended it to more of the game, but there was a problem with the interface between the old and
  15. I committed a change earlier today, based mostly on crash reports, that should fix this, though I have not been able to reproduce the crash myself so it's not 100% certain. Most likely it will be bundled with some other stability enhancements for a release on Tuesday to coincide with the normal maintenance window.
  16. I found your crash report. It looks like you have a corrupt powers.bin file. Make sure you are using the official manifest (http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml) and reverify files. If that doesn't work, check your data folder and temporarily move anything out of the way to make sure it's not conflicting.
  17. The workaround in this release is only targeted at the driver used for the Intel HD 3000. If the Q45 driver doesn't load as a result of the same issue (i.e. it works when you shim it with the VersionLie compatibility database), I can add it to our workaround. I just need the name of the OpenGL driver dll you use for the shim and it would take 30 seconds to add to the list.
  18. How comfortable are you with things like copying files into the wine root that Island Rum originally set up, and editing the script that you've been running (or preferably a copy of it)?
  19. @DoctorBobThat was a new patch going out that should fix the issue for some of the people having problems with it installed in a root directory. You happened to get it in the window after the manifest had been updated but before all the download files had synchronized.
  20. On the retail servers, Paragon typically ran the Halloween event for around 2 weeks. Last year we ran it for an entire month so that people would have more of a chance to trick or treat or do banner events without feeling rushed to cram it all in. There were a number of complaints that it being night all the time started to get really old after 3-4 weeks of it. So this year we're splitting the difference and breaking it up, keeping the extended event schedule but not running eternal night for longer than it was on retail.
  21. Those who are getting the 'unable to locate game data files', where do you have the game installed? So far everyone on Discord who has reported that error has had it directly in the root of a drive rather than in a subfolder, which is... not recommended.
  22. The windows 7 issue was that the default UDP receive buffer size on Windows 7 is too small. Initially we hadn't gone down that road because there were scattered reports of the same problem on 8/10, but all the ones we were able to verify turned out to be on 7 and were solved by adjusting the buffer. The Intel issue is a lot more complicated/annoying and I'm planning on doing a dev blog or similar post about it. People may find it interesting since our fix involves doing something Microsoft engineers say never to do under any circumstances.
  23. Try adding -gfxreset to launch parameters. If it works, don't forget to take it out after.
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