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  1. You guys are amazing! I appreciate the work done and suggestions, I can't wait to test them out!
  2. Thanks for the advice! I don't find Mids intuitive. Guess it's just sit down and deal with it for a while!
  3. I'm starting to close in on 50, so I thought working up a final build should be something I should do. I'm looking for help with IO Sets since I'm not to familiar with them. I use my plant pet as my main damage source as well as -def, and my dark pet for -to hit and low level basic heals. If I don't have to twilight's grasp I can put that end to something else. For defense I use hover, which leads to fly for my travel power, and I use hasten to give me my Creepy Creeper Vines back quicker. I have two main questions, What sets would compliment a Plant/Dark/Soul Mastery controller? Is it possible to get Creepy Creeper Vines on a near permanent basis? If somebody has a build I could reference, that would be wonderful! Thank you, in advance!
  4. I always chose 2. For some unknown reason I always default to the left when exploring. And taking the back elevator keeps me out of the way of pets, teammates, and mob aggro radius. Usually.
  5. A little surprised this hasn't cropped up yet. Stereo Fuse - Superhero
  6. Neko, this is an amazingly articulated post! I think it should be required reading for anybody new to the game. It touches a bit on why CoX doesn't really require a Holy Trinity of Tank/DPS/Heals for most content! Empathy is very desirable as a team mate, people want empathy! Just... not necessarily for the heals. Clear Mind is amazing for people with out hold/mez/sleep Fortitude for +defense, and thoese tasty Damage and Accuracy Buffs Recovery Aura Gives us that nice nummy endurance regeneration Regeneration aura Keeps our health ticking smoothly. Adrenaline Boost, such a wonderful shot of endurance, regeneration and recharge speed! And the rez is nice for when the team meant to pull 1 clockwork, but the whole room pulled and suddenly nobody has any endurance left! Recovery Aura is god in a sitation like this too!
  7. This can be a tricky for me. I've been in a few task/strike forces where RPer's haven't taken travel powers, and no other member had teleport other or the bring the team to the mission door power. These few travel powerless people all complained that the rest of the team did not wait for them to run, and in one extreme case walk to the mission door. And in the case of one lecture the other RP'ers on the team for not respecting their choice of character concepts. I find this attitude to be inconsiderate of other players and their time. That said. Mad props to the people that advertise and successfully run travel powerless task/strike forces!
  8. I ended up in a TF that was RPing in every mission, it was much fun! Usually, I'll make a few IC comments when I do join teams, and that tends to encourage other RPers in the group as well. When keeping an eye on LFG and Broadcast, for what I'm looking for, I'll jump more quickly to those that are incorporating RP into their recruitment pitches.
  9. Two women of the same height and baring similar facial features walk down the steps from City Hall. Both wear broadswords sheathed on their backs. Their conversation and steps come to a halt when a small female pops out in front of them. Curious they wait as a sign is pounded into place and the small female exits as quickly as she come. “Club Valhalla, do you think the mead will be up to standard?” The one on the left lazily stretches her wings as speaks. “I haven't had an excellent mead since arriving on this world.” “Sister, the question should be, do you think the club would expect a pair of “Choosers of the Slain” to show?” The sister on the right pulls her hands from the pockets of her long coat. Laughing the first answers “It matters not, since the location is not listed.”
  10. Oh man, I was notorious in my SG for coming up with "concept" SG's. There are a the two that I can remember <Paragon City Culinary School> Everybody had names like Saute, Kitchen Aid, Creme Brulee, Viking Range. <Ladies of Negotiable Affection> We'd all wear fishnets (men too!), and lean against streetlamps. And run people through TF's or badge missions. For a reasonable price, of course. I think I had SG concepts based on colors or aquarium fish or movies with lots of wire work.
  11. Hopper was so much fun to run with! ~Tenebrous Night
  12. Bad Monkey? Malsimian? I remember RP with Simian Defense Force!!
  13. Sigund from the SG Codex checking in!
  14. Taxibots! <3 Taxibots! TenTen checking in. Tenebrous Night BS/Invuln Scrapper of Sisters of the Silver Moon.
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