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  1. Purples arnt top IO anymore with ATOs and such in a lot of cases. They are still good, but not always the best. IMO they are to common and cheap This will kinda derail this, so Ill try to keep it mostly on topic Things will inflate as time goes on because in the long run inf is worthless. There is no where near enough inf sinks in the game that actually useful. The truly build valuable stuff will eventually outpace the merit price of stuff just because players will have piles of it laying around (this would be the case if nothing at all changed)
  2. lol I dont have any interest on voting on this. I understand this takes dev time and would be very niche usage, but for players trying to break into market pvp, me and other armchair ebil market players this would be great. my vote would be on more ingame stuff over this, but worst that can happen is someone says no right?
  3. while that does touch on a few topics I am interested in... It does mention some sort of public market tracker without derailing this, ya, its a weird read. I personally think the economy in this game is great. There are actually a few things Id put forward (outside of this topic) that could add some longevity to this game.
  4. Any chance there could be a API or just Homecoming hosted Market price watch and history trend with a webpanel? It would be nice to no price history and volume for stuff. Ingame has the annoying display bug and tends to not refresh sometimes. As a side note, depending on how this topic goes, I think a long term look at the game economy and planning for it is very important to the longevity of this new community.
  5. So if your going to add 20 PTs of KB in PvP only, Add pvp accolades while your at it Thanks The real point of this is to be the *least* amount of work for the power devs to turn on
  6. You can already put IO SETS in sprints. The only new thing would be allowing universal IO sets
  7. Posting for Trainwreck crew LGTF Time 17:17
  8. I see that is seeing the AH messages but it is ignoring them. Is there a (already made) way for it to track your increase/decrease in inf from the market messages?
  9. Is it just me or other than finding the process and hero info, its not logging any messages/ doing any calculations.
  10. it is def a lot lower than even 50%
  11. As posted in the pvp section, pvp accolades in some form - temp, perm, w.e - would go great lengths to build the pvp community and long term allow people to have a much lower bar to entry into PvPing at a competative level. See the thread in pvp forum
  12. If there was accolades for PvE, but only way to get them was to pvp with your pve toon for 100 hours and get 100 pvp kills and 2000 pvp assists, and 100 hosipal visits and collect 400 bounty in sirens, would that be good for you? Either disable pve accolades in PvP or make some way to get them in pvp or an equibalant. ignore the pvers Thanks
  13. Firi


    I think your forgetting about buff timers and xp,inf/x, and a history of all these stats. I think it tracked drops too. It did a lot. Combat atrributes... Not sure it even gave half those numbers in the first place.
  14. Firi


    Any chance this will get updated to work with the game now?
  15. Server gods, any thoughts?
  16. lll be there on Indom. brb Getting 50 rq
  17. Top ones for me are hit caps, agro caps, ED, and I13 pvp (dr and how powers worked) changes Reverse those and im playing on that server Pvp only accolades would be great too. Having to do tons of Pve content just to get a good pvp only toon was a big hurdle for competitive pvp
  18. Are these going to be turned on soon? Great job too
  19. After making the macro, edit it and leave out the /. See if that works
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