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  1. @deadly spike2 @spineropolis lineup: build 1/build 2
  2. Global: @Not Deadly Spike/@Deadly Spike2 Aliases: Bloop, Howard, Corticotroph Adenoma, Deciduous, Psych PvP Builds (fully IO'd and accoladed): Emp/Ice Defender Ice/Nature Corr Earth/Fire Dom Psi/Plant Blaster Bio/SS Tanker Psi/EA Stalker Rad/Ice Defender Dark/Psn Defender Ice/Regen Sentinel Ice/Bio Sentinel Grav/TA Controller Mind/FF Controller Bot/Therm MM
  3. testing124

    PvP Bugs

    These bugs need to be addressed.
  4. STF. https://imgur.com/v4pUtl3
  5. Ten mages. https://imgur.com/WpjQ6Z9
  6. No idea if there's an "official" time for running those. I've run them at all hours of the day. I'd recommend joining "Indomitable TFs" as well.
  7. Since the reboot, AE has been giving significantly less influence. Prior to the move, a +4 boss was giving about 211k inf (on Indom without the 50% exp boost) with exp turned off. Since the move, the same boss is giving 89,713 inf. Turning on exp gives 64,801 inf for the same boss, meaning turning exp off only gives about 38% extra inf rather than the 100% extra we should be receiving. The Windfall temporary power is having similar issues. With Windfall, the +4 boss is giving 76,897 inf (an 18% boost). With Windfall and exp off, the boss is giving 89,713 (0% boost). I don't recall seeing anything in the patch notes about additional AE nerfs beyond the original -50% that was put in place and based on the inconsistency of the inf boost with exp on/off, I'm assuming there's some issue with it.
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