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  1. This needs to happen, and moreso than a tweaking of the options. It should be for the player only, and maybe not completely remove but just highly minimize (I can imagine it'd be important in PvP to see what effects others are under). I play an /atomic blaster, and the Metabolic Accel power is way too much visually, even with the gray and such. Devs, please make this happen.
  2. I'd be fine with them divorcing the damage dealt to the healing. If the set enhanced 5 stats without a proc, that would work for me (acc, dmg, end, rechg, heal/absorb). It would work for dehydrate, drain life, siphon, etc.
  3. Hello Heroes, Villains, and Praetorians, When accessing the website, I used to be able to just type in homecomingservers.com and it would take me to the forums directly. I don't know if the devs are planning a full webpage for HC, but typing in the URL (without the forums. beginning) takes me to a Google search page. It should be an easy fix to make the redirect back to the forums, at least until the webpage is complete (if that's how they're doing it). Just my 2 inf.
  4. Krajeek

    Water vs Ice

    Water is more about AoE, whereas Ice is more ST with Mez. Depends on your playstyle, but Water would be better for farming. Atomic is more like Time in that it's a target debuffer. It has some awesome close-range attacks too, especially the nuke.
  5. In the blue side patrol mission at 5-10 Get the 'Shard of Serafina', the description states "...one of he Crystals of Serafina..." It should be one of THE crystals.
  6. I can't comment on elec, but Atomic is perhaps my favorite secondary. The early hold makes a huge difference, and the rest of the powers are nice as well. I normally take Shackles since it's required, but I don't even use it. I use Positron Cell to limit the amount of fighting back I suffer, and Beta Decay helps your survivability too. Be sure to take Metabolic Acceleration, as Blasters are a lot hardier than they used to be. Nearly every blaster secondary gets a powerful self-heal toggle at lvl 20. YMMV. I typically run solo and focus on single target damage. Best of luck out there.
  7. Since I haven't gotten any responses, I decided to do a lot of work on theorycraft and came up with a solid build that I'm enjoying. The only issue is that the end is a little bit tetchy, but it's not a major problem. I just have to turn off Tough and Beta Decay to balance it, including all the Incarnate abilities I've gained.
  8. Hello fellow heroes, villains, and praetorians, I've been playing and tweaking a build for some time now, and finally dinged 50. I think I've finally got it to where I'm pretty happy with the result, but now I find that I've got 10 slots that I don't know where to put them. I was considering changing Speed or my epic, but I don't know which to take. If you guys could look over this build and let me know any changes you'd recommend, I'd be greatly appreciative. I mostly play as a solo ST specialized character, and usually run at +4/x1 without a problem (which is fine for me, as I don't use AoE). I appreciate any constructive criticism you guys can offer. My style isn't the most powerful, but it's fun for me, and gives me great RP capability. - Kraz
  9. Wednesday, August 5th at 4 EDT/8 UTC, there will be a Bio Contest in Pocket D, with 20m in prizes. Anybody can make a costume, but it takes dedication and creativity to make a good bio!
  10. Blaster has become my favorite class since the i25 changes, and I've been having fun with a variety of them. I'll post them in the order of uniqueness and fun: * Beam/Atomic/Mu. This is by far my favorite for ST damage, and I've been expanding him into AoE attacks. Disintegrate is an awesome power boost, and having a low-level hold in Atomic is beautiful, not to mention the debuffs. * Water/Ice/Cold. Ice isn't a great secondary, but it fit with the concept. Water has great AoE, but smashing damage is highly resisted. Still, the ability to attack and recover HP is great in Dehydrate. The slow aura is good in ice, and keeps some melee enemies from attacking. * Fire/Fire/Fire. Yeah, the same old same old, but this one is designed more for non-AE missions and has quite a bit of ST damage. I often run at +0/x4 without a problem, and get a lot of XP/recipe drops. Maybe I could run AE farming, but that's just not my thing. Hope this helps.
  11. Hey guys, I guess I should post these individually, but I'd like to get consensus feedback and not fill the forums. I have a few game enhancements I think would improve the game significantly. 1) Costume options from various factions. Not a complete outfit like is available for Halloween, but just one part to help you build someone from the faction. Maybe a blocky cybernetic arm from the Freakshow, a strapped chest piece which the Cimerorans have, a Goldbrickers rocketpack, etc. Maybe have them unlock across the account but cost a lot of reward merits (50+), etc. 2) A base item to store account-specific influence and reward merits. The mail system is being overloaded with mailing stuff to other characters, and most SGs are account-specific, so this should reduce lag on the server and allow for easier centralized maintenance on an account. 3) Make DfB unite hero and villain. Right now, it's nigh impossible to run DfB redside, and a threat like this would affect both zones. Let people join up from either faction. If somebody wants to make it specific, they can form a limited team already, but some villains don't want to talk to a seagull and become a hero just to run the trial. Any constructive criticism is welcome. If any of these ideas have merit, I can form a thread about the unique idea. Thanks in advance. - Kraj
  12. A couple of issues with the Breakout tutorial mission for villains: 1) Once you talk to Morben, the destination changes back to your previous contact rather than Sabuki Tamurai (sp?). 2) Occasionally, when entering the mission from the Arachnos Pilot, your powers vanish from your tray.
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