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  1. My Thugs/Time MM is a former assistant to Dr. Aeon who swiped the Temporal Deflector designs from his desk while bringing him coffee. She photocopied them and perfected the design in her spare time, then used it to rewrite past events to steer her ex-boyfriends into a life of crime, then blackmail them to serve her. Her name is ForgetMeNot, and she's a rogue (I don't do morally unambiguous). An absolute beast too, solo or teamed.
  2. I remember teaming with a MM on live whose Assault Bot was named, "DoorBlocker 9000." I also remember the patch which no longer required MM pets to be resummoned on every map change. I remember thinking, "Great, I'll never be able to go to the Black Market again without wading through 3984738 bots making clankity clank noises jumping over themselves to bubble each other." Therefore, it's hard to say with a straight face that people's pets do not annoy me. That said, no, they don't annoy me.
  3. Hey @Snarky, do you do all the unlockable contacts, too? I ask because I'm doing an Ouroboros completionist run currently, and I found I needed to take the time to do the miner strike event in Sharkhead to unlock one of the 19-24 contacts, as well as Crimson Revenant a bit later. And there are a lot of contacts like that redside. I know that Veluta Lunata used to be one of them: you had to spirit trap some ghosts at Fort Cerberus to unlock her, but apparently not anymore. Here's a list of the ones that still require badges to unlock: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/w
  4. Here's the build I'm following right now. Only 30ish level at the moment but I'm slotting attuned enhancements as I go. At 50 it will be softcapped to S/L and ranged. With hasten up the ST chain will be GD - SotW - P - ES - SotW - P for what looks to be decent damage. Hasten isn't quite perma, and with it down you'll need to throw in a CP after ES. Not the best blapper ever but I enjoy the simple playstyle and looking badass. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  5. Nitpicking here, but Johnny Blaze is Ghost Rider. Johnny Storm is the Human Torch. And I'm pretty sure Human Torch would be Fire Armor, not Willpower.
  6. I had a Rad/Mental/Ice too, back in the day. Did S/L farming surprisingly well, before incarnates were a thing. With softcap S/L, Drain Psyche for regen and sustain, three good PBAoEs (the nuke, the DoT and Psy Shockwave) and two matched cones, you could just jump in the middle of a ton of baddies and spam AoE. Kind of an AoE blapper. Pretty fun. Did okay on teams too. Single-target damage was suspect, for a blaster. Fell apart soloing villain groups with mez or a lot of exotic damage, but you could easily plug those holes in today's CoH. 8/10 would recommend giving it a go.
  7. If Hide is inherent, how do I escort hostages? Call a brute?
  8. I remember being part of one of those tests. We would target the nucleus, hide behind a rock spire, summon and when called, order them to attack. It ...didn't... really work well.
  9. The issue with provoke is that against a level 54 AV, you have to slot it AND kind of spam it to reliably keep aggro. While managing your pets and keeping the buffs/debuffs/heals going. Doable, but not optimal. I suggest that for dedicated aggro management, Tanks and Brutes are fine. But for a tankmage, in the sense of leading the charge while doing crazy DPS and applying buffs, debuffs and heals all the while? MMs are awesome.
  10. Sure, you get the buffs whether or not you cast the pets they're in. But I think you may be underestimating the contribution of your minions.
  11. Personally, I would not rely on this kind of "non-stealthy" stealth as a MM. Not that it couldn't work, but I'd find it mighty inconvenient. When I stealth missions as a MM, I don't summon my pets until I have found the objective. If it's a glowie, I'll usually just summon a sacrificial wave of minions to get rekt while I hit it. Otherwise, I find the nearest quiet spot to summon, buff up, and take out the boss or whatever. Having to do any of this while mobs I aggroed previously are already shooting at me would be a mess IMO, although I define mess as any non-zero l
  12. Oh yes, I was speculating: I assumed the badge was for 7th Gen PPs. I take it I am mistaken and they are a new mob type?
  13. If memory serves, the blueside arc "The Revenant Hero Project," a 35-39 arc from Gordon Stacy has a mission full of 7th Gen PPs which could be farmed for that badge.
  14. I can confirm Thugs/Time is awesome. Muling is putting enhancements into a power just for the set bonuses even though you might never use the power itself. For example, sometimes people will slot Boxing or Brawl with 4 Kinetic Combat for the S/L defense bonus. Then those unused powers are referred to as "set mules." Frankenslotting is when you slot a power not with a full IO set, but a bunch of different enhancements or partial sets. This can be useful for maximizing enhancement values, and/or packing procs into a power. It is often highly effective for MMs to frankensl
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