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  1. SG Name: Paragon Galleria CODE: Pshopping-13668 Global: @twentysix
  2. A nightclub opening in the Shadow Shard... PSHARD's! A gleaming glass structure rising like a phoenix out of ancient ruins. Crystals everywhere! Complete with a crystal dance floor, bottomless pool, a small grill/cafe, and three themed hot tubs. Base code is Pshards-10520
  3. I am having the exact same problem. I had it working fine, but over the weekend it stopped. Everytime I log in, I can select a character, but all I see is the world.
  4. I got it to work just fine on my PC, but on our Mac I get everything installed, click the button to play, it says it is launching and then nothing happens. Like for my wife and I to be able to play together again, but for now its tag teaming.
  5. Hey! Good to see you made it. Still hoping more of the RPC makes it's way back. My wife and I have been trying to reach out to some of the people that we knew. I'm assuming a lot of them are on that we just aren't aware of.
  6. I am also from the RPC! I remember you. Nice to see a familiar name.
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