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  1. Yeah. The hold proc is pretty ugly. I use it on my Earth/Earth Dominator and it doesn't bother me too much with him as it seems to trigger well. On this toon I find it annoying and I get the "feeling" that it isn't really improving the quantity of holds. The CC already holds very well with just set IOs, and I like having a damage proc in it at the moment. CC seems a bit OP at times.
  2. I should bind the Shriek, Shout and Shockwave to also do /local "Ok Boomer!" /Local "Man made climate change is real! Your denial is killing this planet!" /Local "Why the heck can't I get on the wifi'?!!!!" ad infinitum
  3. I feel like there are a lot of missions where you are to "track down so and so" just to clear the map to find out that they escaped and now you have to do 2 more door mishes before you ever actually confront that eb or av. YMMV.
  4. Since this is my 3rd iteration, I'm reticent to re-roll the toon again. Though I did go on the test server the other day and tried Poison controller and did the auto level to 50 to see how I'd liked it, and I didn't like the trap setting mechanic. I've managed to get the Rad/Sonic up to lev 26. When she hits 27, she'll be able to slot Lockdown: Chance for hold 🙂 Okay. The shockwave + change KB to KD proc is a great idea. The anchor target for Radiation Infection hasn't been rabbiting much, as Choking Cloud has been doing a fantastic job of locking foes down. But occasionally a Tsoo will run off with it. Though rare, it makes for a tense few moments as I contemplate de-toggling and targeting another. That is an awesome tip! The thought of KBing things (knocking them out of my choking cloud) seemed like a non-starter. I really like the benefit/cost on some of the powers of this game. Choking Cloud locks down foes VERY well as a defender and it's a considerably large AoE that I don't have to target and I can just keep toggled on. The negatives are that you do have to get within close (not quite melee) range, it also does zero damage (unless you proc it) and if you get mezz'd it shuts off and you're basically SOL. The thematic aspect is a nice change from maxing DPS; sort of like what I had intended with an Elec/Elec sentinal that I was hoping would be like a Malta Sapper to drain enemy END leaving them helpless, but END drain effects powers don't really work that well. By the time you got someone's end down near zero, they were already out of Health as well. And until they hit zero END, it's a pretty pointless secondary effect for powers. I never did get him to be like a malta sapper. Back to the Rad/Sonic defender: Targets that like to attack out of range are a minor annoyance. I either need to run up to them and get them in the field of the Cloud, or target them with sonic attacks first (if I have a mob I'm already choking). And those that like to just run around like a child in a toy store. But the most annoying are those that have a mez affect. Even a split second mez from a Freakshow or Tsoo all of your toggles can shut-off. I'm looking at franken-slotting the Radiation Infection to get the -ToHit up there. As it is now, choking keeps everyone pretty static. When they break free, they may get a swing or two in before choking takes hold again and they're locked down for another full 60 seconds. With a 10-20% def (lucks) and -30% to Hit, they don't hit much. But all it takes is for a Red Ink Man Tsoo to hit me once to turn me into a powerless (yet High HP) citizen of paragon surrounded by a mob of Tsoo.
  5. Did you ever read the text that says that the strong men get "sealed" in those helmets and see how they are attached by chains to a "virginity belt" looking contraption. "...Upon loyal service as an Iron Strongman for five years and a day, they are re-sealed into specially designed helms that provide the normal protections as well as the ability to harness their inner strength to weaken their opponent's attacks." Besides the striking similarity to Juggernaut or 'Blaster' in "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, I'm hoping that grille on the front is removable for solid foods, otherwise they must get all nutrients through a straw. And means they have gone 5 years without accessing decent dental hygiene. Eeeew.
  6. To add to MetaVileTerror's post: https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Might_for_Right_Act
  7. Static mounted dome helmet in CoH?!?!? That sounds insane. Stop talking crazy. <COUGHCarnivalStrongmanCOUGH>
  8. I rolled a Rad/Sonic Defender last night and got her up to level 18 and I was a bit disappointed, as the Choking Cloud doesn't make enemies wretch. They just cough like they do with Earth Control's Volcanic Gases. It's still pretty powerful effect. I was street sweeping +0-+2 in skyway without any issues or taking faction type or mob size into consideration. The CC gives a nice big AoE, and combining it with Radiation Infection helped mitigate hits on me, then I could just whittle enemies down slowly with sonic attacks. I like the fact it's just PBAoE with a toggle. No need to pick a target. Anyone close to me get's a dose of sickness. Radiation infection seems pretty effective as well, until the enemy you target takes off running leaving you open to the rest of the mob. But once I hit 18, CC tends to lock them down with the mob most of the time. I must have been thinking of the Poison Trap that makes enemies vomit. But that power won't suffice. Even though a defender can get a Poison Trap as early as level 12, it's a clunky "place device mechanic" power that must be tripped and it has a long recharge time. Not worth it for the concept I was going for. Radiation is nice as you can really debuff the crud out of small mobs. Between Infection and Lingering you do: -DEF, -RES, -ToHit, -Dam; By the time you hit level 20, you start to face mobs with troublesome resistances, and -DEF is always good for accuracy checks. The -tohit and -Dam was the only thing keeping me alive. The Enervating Field with the -Regen,-Rech, and -SPD seems a bit situational.
  9. I have been rolling a toon (now on my third iteration). Unlike honest healers that primarily "heal" people, this toon would make people sick. The hero is a pre-teen with the mutant ability that makes enemies ill/weak when they are near by (sort of like Plague/Pestillence from the Marvel's X-men though she had to come into contact to infect). Originally, I was trying a Poison corruptor, but that was a very weak power set (secondary affects for Poison are weak) and didn't feel thematic to what I had in mind. Then I went to Darkness Sentinel (enemy -to hit), which felt a bit stronger offensively but even less thematic for what I was going for. There is an AoE HOLD power that makes near by enemies cough and vomit. I think it's the radiation emission power of Choking Cloud. This is exactly the thematic power I'm looking for, and let me amend that with an I THINK. Choking Cloud is available on the Defender at level 18 (pretty early for an AoE hold power <-which is nice!). Also Radiation Emission can be had by Controllers/Doms. But that power comes much later to them (10 levels later to be exact), But do the holds last longer/stronger on Corruptors/doms than on Defenders? Can a defender lock down someone or is it just a party trick for them (enemies will break the hold after a couple of seconds?) Or is the strength of holds negligible between ATs when IO'd? Are there any other/better power sets that might have that "make other feel sick" type of power that I might be missing? I want powers that will make targeted enemies or mobs visibly wretch in the animation. There doesn't appear to be many powers that do that (maybe 1 per AT). If Radiation Emission is good, what secondary power would you recommend? For a "defender" there doesn't appear to be any that are sickness affecting so I was thinking maybe giving her a gun and calling it a day. But it's a bit of laziness combined with "I don't like any of these secondary power sets" but maybe I'm missing something that would tie in thematically. This doesn't need to be a strong soloing character. I don't mind teaming up, but don't want a toon that is so weak it "must" be carried (like the time I did that Force Field/Illusion. Yikes!) Thank you in advance, for any ideas or advice you might have.
  10. With my broad sword scrapper, I like fighting Cimerorans solo. The Neg Defense makes them challenging in mobs. An there's something satisfactory about fighting sword vs. sword. Also soloing some AVs (any faction) or a GM. When I got back into this months ago, I forgot that some story arcs ended with you facing an AV and I would get my butt handed to me a on a plate by them. Some of them are plain brutal to face solo. But going back with a fully IO'd toon and facing off against Nosferatu or Black Widow by yourself and winning by the skin of your teeth is VERY satisfying. I feel like I should subsequently smoke a cigarette. I really "like" most of the villain factions in the game, especially after reading the Wiki back stories of each. CoH has great back story write-ups of factions IMO. A lot of factions have special abilities that make them a force to contend with (Psi attack, highly resistant, slow you etc.) But Tsoo, specifically the sorcerer are 100% the most annoying. 1) Multiples will heal each other back and forth or whomever the 3rd individual is that you're attacking making combats drag on. 2) they will TP away from you when you target them directly (like a sky raider) and 3) they have that hurricane power that does -Acc like a CoT spirit. I swear whomever made the Tsoo sorcerers was thinking "What other annoyance power can I give them to irritate people?"
  11. Because Indom is a pretty small community, they tend to be mostly ad hoc. It's a good deal of cat wrangling to get 40+ heroes lev 45+ together in a coordinated fashion. It also takes a bit more balance and direction than an MSR (imo) for instance. Some of the bigger supers from larger super groups will have 5 or 6 members from the same SG, but it's nothing like on Live where you'd have 2 supergroup make-up all 40+ participants. I've only organized Hami one time and it was by accident (I was trying to just get people to join in a single league and planned to turn it over to someone experienced once they got on, but no one ever did.) There were a LOT of eager beavers that joined up. And luckily, for me the color leaders stepped-up and were excellent and really did all the technical coordination. My work was just getting everyone together and balanced with controllers and blue/yellow teams and then getting all the "Thank You!"s at the end of it. I've lead the melee/ranged groups a few times, but even in those positions people are relying on your targeting/maneuvering skills. And sometimes it's hard to get people to step into those roles. because a) they've never done it and don't know exactly what they are supposed to do or the sequence of events or b) don't want to be responsible for the failure of the group and possibly the raid. The Hamidon Raid is a team effort. No one person or group can do all the work. Everyone has to understand they are coordinating their strengths. Half of the team "phoning-it-in" or not clear on what their task is, will fail the mission even if you have a full league. Some tips: 1) If you don't know the 2 stage hami tactics, read-up and familiarize yourself with them, or get someone who has done it to lead and give out instructions/assignments. Even if just participating as a member, reading up on the strategy will greatly benefit you. 2) Get color team leaders who are confident that they know what to do, and make it clear that they need to communicate and organize their teams to do the task as they deem it should be done. (Some teams split and attack mitos in a 2 pronged attack to try to clear mitos faster. Others stick with the original plan of going clockwise around hami). 3) Recommend to team leaders they get a Lieutenant to 2nd in command in case they go down or DC. If you are a leader and the team is targeting through you and you go down and or just getting blasted out of the air by the mitos, they can turn into complete disarray (BTDT). Or as in #2 above; make sure everyone knows the plan so if you do go down or DC they can continue without you. 4) Have a designated person on the league to be the "League Recall" person. They have to be an Incarnate and have Destiny power of "Incandescence" to teleport the whole league to Safe Rock when the time comes. They shouldn't attack the hami, but should stay on the rock to recall everyone at the key moment. This isn't an absolutely necessary position, but it's a really cool job to give someone and it's one thing that the other 40+attackers, league leader can take off of their plate, and concentrate on eliminating the Mitos if they know they have this support role covering their backside. 5) The primary tanker that tanks the Hami is super important. They have to tank the hami a Very long time, Only some of the strongest tankers can do it successfully. Try to have a back-up person as well as a designated support (healer) person for this roll to make the job a bit less stressful. If the Hami tanker goes down the whole mission can go side-ways quick. 6) I tend to burn through 6-8 Essence of the Earths during a hami (3-4 on each stage), so recommend to people that they acquire that many before you begin the first dive. A full 48 league can do it in a breeze if everyone contributes to the task. And it's worth the pain of organizing for the 4 Emp Merits you get.
  12. This doesn't surprise me. Procs in toggles are a bit wonky sometimes. Personally, when I see a "toggle" i just assume only globals will work effectively unless someone has confirmed otherwise. I put performance shifter +end and a Panacea in toggle that appeared to not fire a single time over 30 mins, but then I just slotted performance shifter +ENd on a toggle on a lev 50 toon and it seemed to work fine.
  13. I don't think I've ever even slotted annihilation proc. but I can answer the Force Feedback question. No. It does not stack. If you look at the Paragon Wiki entry, the fourth note on this proc is: "The proc is not unique, meaning it can be slotted in multiple powers, but does not stack - instead, multiple procs will simply refresh the duration of the buff."
  14. I was invited to do door mishes in believe Talos or IP a few weeks back. We started with 7 and were doing +3 or 4. But we were having a real tough time of it. I was a earth/earth dom, and just trying to lock mobs down. The tank would run in as expected to, um...tank...but he'd face plant every couple of mobs. Which left the rest of us to take the aggro. The stalker I figured would probably be next in line to hold aggro, but when the tank went down and everyone else's health started to drop, he'd run out of the room leaving myself, the controller, sentinel and a PB to "handle" business. The tank would just lay there until of us rez'd him. A few times I passed him what greens I had to try and keep him alive, but I mostly had purples to keep my own Def at softcap. But without any aggro control, me effectively being the next in line to tank, the couple I had were disappearing quick. Every time the party would wipe, another member would quit the team. No warning. No "I give up" or "I gotta go". Just a "So-and-so has left the team". I'd tell "What happened to so and so?" No response from anyone. (Maybe they were on discord chat or on a team channel - But literally crickets). Another wipe. Another member quits the team. I make a snarky comment "So, is our tactic here to just run in to every mob and get killed?" Still NO response. Eventually down to the stalker the tank and myself. As my usual tact, I'm literally following the tank mob to mob, expecting him to tank and me to control. But without rez's the tank just lays there doing nothing. I have no rez's to hand out. He's not saying ANYTHING. I bite my lip figuring eventually he'll just have to hospital it as this office building isn't going to clear itself....But nope. Tank (leader) and the stalker both quit the team without a word. And I'm like "WTF was that?!?!" I don't think I teamed with anyone for a week after that experience. Since you have the global ID, I would try to contact the guy and see what was going on. If you get a flippant answer I'd put them on my blocked list. believe it or not, there are inconsiderate jerks out there that don't give a rats butt. But like Security says, maybe there were technical difficulties. If the response is "I was trying to do laundry and I had to take out the trash and walk the dog. So I was busy, ok?" I'd make sure I burned their global name into my brain and never team with them again. Rule of thumb: Don't invite me to your mish and then leave me to do all the work while you go do chores or watch TV. I'll help share the load, but I'm nobody's pack mule.
  15. Okay. So I need to clear up a few more things I erroneously stated before. I played for about 1.5 hours last night. Blood Thirst is actually a "build-up", and not a heal power as stated in Paragon Wiki. I confirmed this by taking the power. It looks like it does consume blood Fury and I do experience the end loss as with Rending. I wound-up taking it out of the number attack line-up as it was messing up the chain. As Riot Siren pointed out, the blood fury consumption feels more punishing than beneficial here as well. Playing AE for the hour and a half last night and I can only assume the "crash" I'm experiencing is the loss of the End discount from blood fury. Though it seems strangely odd that Panacea seems to stop functioning as well at that exact duration. Combat logs aren't showing the discount and monitoring Combat Details doesn't seem to express the discount either even when fury is building. Most of my attacks are 5 slotted but because it's a 30-ish level toon the End discounts aren't as aggressive as what you experience on a toon with 50's or purple sets (actually purple sets don't have the best END reduction bonuses), but you probably understand where this is going. But I'm not only playing my three 50's. I have a 38 dominator, a 15 level sentinel that I'm also playing and don't experience weird Endurance problems with the Stamina procs, but they also aren't putting out this level of damage per round or have Fury. Also Sidious makes a good point about the speed of attacks in Savage is impressive and that's something I didn't mention. The animation are QUICK! Even though I am running Hasten on this toon, I am also thinking about dropping it in a respec. I can chain Savage Strike, Maiming , Shred, Savage (again), Maiming and Savage (3rd time) in an endless cycle with barely a break for recharge, and this is for a lev 30 not fully slotted. By the time he's 50 and fully slotted, I don't think Hasten will make much difference at all, despite the fact it has become ubiquitous on every other one of my toons.
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