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  1. Okay. So I need to clear up a few more things I erroneously stated before. I played for about 1.5 hours last night. Blood Thirst is actually a "build-up", and not a heal power as stated in Paragon Wiki. I confirmed this by taking the power. It looks like it does consume blood Fury and I do experience the end loss as with Rending. I wound-up taking it out of the number attack line-up as it was messing up the chain. As Riot Siren pointed out, the blood fury consumption feels more punishing than beneficial here as well. Playing AE for the hour and a half last night and I can only assume the "crash" I'm experiencing is the loss of the End discount from blood fury. Though it seems strangely odd that Panacea seems to stop functioning as well at that exact duration. Combat logs aren't showing the discount and monitoring Combat Details doesn't seem to express the discount either even when fury is building. Most of my attacks are 5 slotted but because it's a 30-ish level toon the End discounts aren't as aggressive as what you experience on a toon with 50's or purple sets (actually purple sets don't have the best END reduction bonuses), but you probably understand where this is going. But I'm not only playing my three 50's. I have a 38 dominator, a 15 level sentinel that I'm also playing and don't experience weird Endurance problems with the Stamina procs, but they also aren't putting out this level of damage per round or have Fury. Also Sidious makes a good point about the speed of attacks in Savage is impressive and that's something I didn't mention. The animation are QUICK! Even though I am running Hasten on this toon, I am also thinking about dropping it in a respec. I can chain Savage Strike, Maiming , Shred, Savage (again), Maiming and Savage (3rd time) in an endless cycle with barely a break for recharge, and this is for a lev 30 not fully slotted. By the time he's 50 and fully slotted, I don't think Hasten will make much difference at all, despite the fact it has become ubiquitous on every other one of my toons.
  2. Not sure what's going on. I just ran around brickstown with recovery monitored (2.48/sec) along with End consumption (1.54/sec) with all 4 toggles on ( Temp Invuln., Invincibility, Unyielding and Maneuvers). No numbers change with Blood Fury build-up or consumption. I can hit Shred, Vicious Slash & Rending Flurry with semi-abandon so long as Blood Fury doesn't trigger and blue bar only wavers a bit. A few second pause bring blue bar to 100. But if Blood Fury triggers, it's like sappers are hitting me. Blue bar drops like Recovery is at zero and End procs are non-existant. This is only a level 30 tanker.
  3. My End Bar drops in half when I trip Blood Frenzy. I misstated that. My end drains like I'm being zapped by a sapper (due to toggles still going I'm guessing) over the next 15-20 seconds or so until it hits about half way, when I trip Blood Frenzy. This is usually when I just take my hands off of the keyboard and take a drink/a bite of a sandwich. When the "exhausted" symbol disappears i know I'm clear to hit a Blue and start pounding attack keys again. (Note as I mentioned above. I have Health slotted w/Panacea, Numina's, % Miracle +rec, and Stamina is Perf. Shifter Chance for end + Performance Shifter END Mod. So it otherwise stays up in the 90% range at all times when using other attacks and all toggles running).
  4. I often wonder how this game would be if it actually kept a secret tally of your decision making and only notified you of an alignment change when you reached critical level. There are missions on blueside that sort of feel "vigilante" enough depending on your decision. Similar to the progression of some badges or the tip bar for hero/vill alignment mish (but not something you could view.) Then when you do something(s) that tipped the scale from the choices you've chosen and the game gave you the alert "Boom! You're now a rogue!". "Boom! Society now sees you as a villain!" etc. The way it is now, since you can see where you're at or avert the Alignment mish, you can technically call yourself whatever you want or play on either side you want. It would also be cool if, when you're a vigilante and going through blue side or red side cops con as enemies and attack you. Just a weird thought. I actually thought this happened with yellow cons in Brickstown (Crey?) when you took up mishes that targeted them, but I might be mis remembering it from live. I too was turned-off by the villainous life-style and no longer have any red-side toons despite trying several times to be motivated to play there.
  5. I'm working on leveling up a tanker with Savage Melee right now. Got him upto 30 doing AE farms from about 26 (this is much slower than just teaming radio mishes, but less standing around waiting for team members or mish starts). I chose savage melee for thematic purposes, but now that I'm playing it I can tell you that I'm not a fan. Much of this game is leveraging benefits versus the weaknesses of the powers. For example; psionics may seem weak in damage #s, but most factions lack resistance to it and some who elevate to the high tiers will tell you it's a bit OP (but they paid their dues getting there). Darkness/Neg Energy is strong but it comes with a heavy endurance price tag. Energy is sort of meh, but it drains targets of their END (Anyone that has been attacked by sappers knows how effective this can be), Etc. With anything in this game you have to weigh the benefits with the detriments that counter balance it. Let's take Broad Sword for example. Broad sword is good damage output AND has the benefit of a Defense Debuff on some of the attacks (no benefit vs low level factions, but highly effective vs mid to high level factions). There is a standard/typical build-up (+ACC/+DAM) option just over halfway in the power tiers. And there's a nice little benefit of getting to slot Debuff set IOs in five of the powers. Not a bad fringe benefit. The negatives are that it does lethal damage (the 1st or 2nd most resisted/defended damage type in the game) and slow attack speed animations. It doesn't take a lot of min-max DPS to work out broad sword in my raddled brain. You can get into END problems, but the powers aren't END hogs. I find it to be a very solid, albeit straight-forward offensive power set. Now take Savage Melee. It comes with a +minor damage over time benefit on some of the attacks AND Blood Frenzy. Blood Frenzy gives a modicum increase in damage as you stack it. The "special set" slotting for savage melee is Taunt sets, which is sort of meh. And now we get to the negatives: As with BS, the damage type (lethal) is highly resisted in the game. Also, the "benefit" of frenzy is also its utter detriment. As half of the powers "consume" the blood frenzy and immediately cause your hero/villain to become Exhausted. This is usually a side-effect of a Tier 9 power that was meant to off-set the OP benefit you gained. But you get this crippling effect with no less than HALF of your powers. There are 4 attacks that build up Blood Frenzy and 4 power that consume it (and crash your END). Seems pretty fair, but in actual practice it's a game of hot potato. While you are attacking you are advertently or inadvertently stacking frenzy. When you hit a power that consumes it you get a minor boost in damage (similar to build-up) followed by, BOOM CRASH! If you love Malta Sappers, you'll LOVE Savage Melee because it's like having a sapper ambush that jumps out randomly and goes "GOTCHA!" whenever you need it the least. I just notice that I'm spending a lot of time looking at my status bar counting blood frenzy icons now, and hesitate to hit the -Frenzy attacks due to the inevitable crash that follows. For a tank, I do NOT like Blood Thirst. Most Tank primaries have a heal that are obtainable at a lower level and won't cause Recovery crash that really makes this power very skippable IMO. IN fact, I'd rather just take-up slots with large greens than take something that requires me to hold on to blues for the "lean times". Early on in a build I dedicate 3 slots to Numina's Convalescense, Power Shifter, and Panacea. And a 4th to Miracle +Rec at lev 27. These appear to be completely nullified during the exhaustion phase of blood frenzy. It's not nearly the worst set in the game, but the negative aspect (though it's pretty singular) is a bit severe for the benefits of the set, IMO. On a tank, you really want to concentrate on defense and resistances anyhow, and is probably the best AT for this set because as a tank you shouldn't have to be pounding on attack keys. YMMV.
  6. 1) You can only slot IOs that are equal to your level, below your level or upto 3 levels higher than your level. Ex. If you're level 27, you can purchase and slot a level 30 IO, but if you're level 26 you can buy it but won't be able to slot it yet. 2) Attuned versions of set IOs are equal to the level you are at. So if you get the attuned version of Luck of the Gambler, for example, it will increase in benefit as you continue to level-up. You can slot it so long as your level meets he minimum requirement for that IO (22 in the case of LoTG). And you don't have to to do anything else to it going forward. 3) You specifically said BUY, so let me add: On HC, Attuned versions of set IOs you purchase from the Auction House are pulled from the same bin as the un-attuned versions, and thus will cost the same amount. Thus, I almost always purchase Attuned versions of set IOs. YMMnV <-your milage may not vary.
  7. You win the internet today for that one. I don't know how I let that slip by. Everything i complain about in my life is a Nemesis plot (no one at work understands what I'm talking about).
  8. I'm not saying get rid of the hero costumes. I'm saying make 2 versions of each farm. A hero version and villain version. You can still kill hero cosplayers if you choose that version. That way you wouldn't have to load 250 costume options into a single AE mish.
  9. A $hitstorm of hydra? Because they sort of look like...you know.
  10. I killed Kallisti Gold several times this weekend. So it was uploaded. Brigg; I know you've lamented only having so many available slots for costumes, and some people have stated that it's odd killing themselves (or other heroes they recognize). how about a farm that segregates Heroes and Villains (A hero version and villain version of each). That way you wouldn't have to have 200+ characters to load into a farm. And heroes wouldn't have to fight other heroes; heroes could do the Villain one and vice versa. Just spit-balling.
  11. I don't know why a person would want to roleplay a vile individual. I can sort of understand playing "villains" <-those who operate outside the rules of society for personal gain. But wanting to role-play a sociopath, a sexual deviant, or even a person who trolls to get a rise out individuals is beyond my ability to comprehend. Of course, I also don't understand griefers being a thing. ("Yeah, I created a toon and leveled it up just so I can mess-up other people's attempts at having successful raids and TFs. I also like to show up at random stranger picnics and let loose boxes of army ants, and steal walkers from old folks homes.") If you want a toon that is a Council or 5th column member, they are representative of the axis powers that existed in the middle of the 20th cen. Ex: Nazi/PNF (Partito Nazionale Fascista). They are established in game and that should be allowed esp. on CoV. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they MUST to be racist. That would be a personal choice on your part. And if someone felt that you were being abusive, even if under the facade of it being "well, that's my character", then they should still report you for being offensive. Being in-character and being offensive aren't mutually exclusive. It sounds like now you want to do a toon that is marginalized by main stream society because of their mutation/cat-raced-ness. The X-men's take on mutants was an intentional metaphor to the racial tensions of the civil rights movement. A team of mutants (minority) disparate from humanity (the majority), who were in turn hated by those humans they were defending. This dichotomy is actually what makes them endearing, and more so when the prejudices were heated up. Fathers and mothers turning their own children in to the authorities, and such made for great shock value. But this was something that had to be established in the lore of the marvel universe over many issues and in a finessed way. The brotherhood hated humans and wanted them wiped from the face of the earth so that mutants could take their rightful place as the evolutionary replacement of humans. But this rarely went beyond comments like "You mutant scum!", and "You humans will rue the day!" The motivations and prevarications were rarely put in terms of vileness. CoX hasn't established this as precedented backstory. Having a cat-person who hates humans and spews vitriol will seem like it's coming out of no where, unless you go into real detail about why this is a "thing" to your targets, and even then most people probably won't be able to correlate that to something that doesn't just come across as you being abusive. I know playing the downtrodden fighting against the establishment can be seen as heroic or valorous, but it all has to be taken in contextually at the moment it is given to your audience. A bigger question you might want to ask is why you want to play a vile individual and what the end result is that you are hoping to gain in doing so. “Let's lay it right on the line. Bigotry and racism are among the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today. But, unlike a team of costumed super-villains, they can’t be halted with a punch in the snoot, or a zap from a ray gun. The only way to destroy them is to expose them—to reveal them for the insidious evils they really are.”..."But, although anyone has a right to dislike another individual. It’s totally irrational, patently insane to condemn an entire race—to despise an entire nation—to vilify an entire religion. Sooner or later, we must learn to judge each other on our own merits. Sooner or later, if a man is ever to be worthy of his destiny, we must fill our hearts with tolerance.” -Stan Lee 1968
  12. I get it. If this is a new player's introduction to CoX, it seems like an exercise in futility. This problem is specific to Trick or Treat. I rolled a new Savage Melee tank last night and was street sweeping +2 level hellions and Vahzilok as fast as my END would allow without fear of health, but when I switched to knocking on doors, it all went down hill. I only had prestige enhancements slotted. The door monsters con at my level, but are WAY harder. A level 5-6 warwolf is tough, but not impossible. But get a wolf AND a Vampire, or a vampire and a crone! Yikes! The vampires were taking 8-10 successful hits (same level as me) to actually take down. Where-as a level 6 Vahzilok Is 2 or 3 hits tops. Some of those go down in a single hit when the proc goes off. A ToT generated zombie; not a problem. But you (lev 6 maybe) vs. a sorceress, a werewolf AND a spirit was just resultant in emptying your Insp tray + free trip to hospital. For as "boss-tough" as they are, they don't feel like they give a lot XP either. I opened about 10 doors. Got 2 pieces of salvage and no costumes. I then went back to street sweeping.
  13. In an irish dialect it's pronounced phonetically like "ul-chə" <-I hope that comes across as a schwa. Two syllables, the first with a soft ul sound as in "ulster". And the second half a harsh ch, like you're clearing your throat (as in the first part of chutzpah) joined with a schwa. Not sure there is a comparable sounding word in English. If someone says "gesundheit" when you say Eochai, then you're saying it correctly. While we're on about it: Tuatha De Danann is pronounced: two-ah day-don'n and firbolg is fair-bol'lig.
  14. Streetware/Secret Identity/day-job/uniform. (One of my alts, Monkey, has a "flying monkey" outfit his boss has him wear. She's a real witch.) Evil/parallel universe/doppleganger: Same exact costume wearing a handle bar mustache and/or goatee. (Would LOVE it if I could put a mustache on a helmet) Winged or caped version of toon that you Bind to your fly or hover power with toggle cmd. (they cast a spell/become blessed/mechanically transform/mutate and temporarily are granted wings). Some toons need 2 versions. Teen girl who transforms into a giant robot or grotesque monster is a favorite I like to see. Go to facemaker and do a slot with same costume but opposite sex. "Oh crud! I put on that girdle of femininity/masculinity again......I'd be upset, but it looks incredible with these boots!" A costume slot for different levels? You started off your crime-fighting/vigilante career wearing a hoodie and welding goggles, but you got street wiser and scrimped and saved enough to eventually buy some spandex. Then you got into that supergroup which has a R&D division and now you've got body armor! (When you exemplar down, you can revert your appearance to the hoodie/goggles). All-black/dk grey/dk purple colors?......STEALTH SUIT. All colors White and light greys: 1920's film noir outfit. Back to facemaker: Shrunk down or giant sized version of your normal self. (Magic potion? Shrinking/grow suit? Evil villain hit you with an de-aging ray! Eeevil!) And the number 1 use for alternate costume slots....COSPLAY. Boom! There it is. Don't tell me you didn't see it coming.
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