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  1. I appreciate the response! I'm not sure I need Conserve Power, but I remember experiencing a net loss of Endurance over time while testing on the beta server. It was a fairly slow decline, but I'm concerned that I'd eventually run out in prolonged fights without it, and replacing it with another toggle would only make that worse. Giving CS some End Mod enhancement helps with this as well, but didn't seem to be enough on its own since its +Recovery buff only lasts 30 seconds. I might need to test it again, though; it's possible that I forgot some changes I made to the build since then.
  2. I've seen a lot of differing opinions about Beam Rifle; currently, I skip Single Shot and Piercing Beam. With Power Boosted Farsight, my ranged and AoE defenses are softcapped, and Time's Juncture covers the gap in melee defense. I've heard Distortion Field is skippable, but I like the extra mitigation offered by its -Recharge and occasional holds. With both Hasten and Chrono Shift, I barely have enough recharge to make the latter permanent, although I have to remember to use it on cooldown. My main questions are: Should I keep Charged Shot for its higher DPA (if target
  3. I logged a character out next to the base portal in Nova Praetoria, and when I logged back in, I was greeted by a group of protestors right next to the portal: Being neutral, the protestors didn't attack me, and I could still interact with the portal just fine. My concern is that, aside from feeling a bit jarring compared to the placement of other base portals, someone with an aggressive toggle aura (e.g. Icicles, Hot Feet, or Rise to the Challenge) may accidentally aggro or outright defeat the protestors upon exiting from this particular portal. I know this is rather a sm
  4. Mission dialog for one of Palatine's missions in First Ward - "gauge" is misspelled as "guage".
  5. While running First Ward missions solo, I began on the mission "Drive away the D.U.S.T. Cell" as part of Nadia's arc. I didn't look at the mission objectives in the navigation window until I had cleared the first few groups of enemies; according to the Paragon Wiki Archive, they should have been "Find Captain Muldoon" and "Decide Captain Muldoon's Fate" (here). But when I looked at them in-game, they were... well, see the attached image. So far, this is the only mission that's like this. If anyone else has run this arc recently, did you notice this as well?
  6. A bit over a month ago, I made a thread regarding stuff I'd like to see in the AE system. It's pretty long, so I felt it would be better to simply share a link to the thread rather than copying and pasting its contents.
  7. TL;DR: New power sets for custom NPCs in AE, one primary and one secondary. Primary contains every power currently available to them, including toggles and autos. Secondary contains mix-and-match auto powers for partial customization of passive bonuses without worrying about unwanted FX or secondary benefits. I've been playing around with the Architect Entertainment system a lot over the past few months, and though I love the degree of customizability it offers, I can't help but feel frustrated at the areas in which it lacks. Personally, I would love to be able to have a fin
  8. I've been playing with AE a lot lately, and I cannot express how much I'd love to have those themed sets. Better yet, a "masterlist" set that includes every power currently available to custom NPCs, including secondary sets (Thermal Radiation, Invulnerability, etc.) and different versions of the same power (e.g. Dark Blast's Life Drain has lower damage and longer recharge than Dark Assault's Life Drain). Pre-made NPCs like Baron Zoria draw from no fewer than three themes (Dark, Psychic, and Earth) across five different power sets (Dark Blast, Dark Miasma/Darkness Affinity, Psychic Blast, Mind
  9. I wrote a very short poem to express my feelings on this topic: Pizza is savory, Pineapple's sweet, And never the twain shall meet.
  10. Update: I tried respeccing a second time, and it threw an error again. On a third attempt, all my Enhancements re-appeared in the allocation window, ready to be either moved to my inventory or slotted into a power. I placed them all in my inventory and finished the respec without any further issue, so it seems like they were "stored" somehow, or perhaps it was simply a display issue. During the period of time when my Enhancements were missing, they didn't appear in the vendor window; however, after they reappeared, they showed up in both my inventory and the vendor window just fine, and I was
  11. Someone had just powerleveled me from level 13 to 33 via an AE farm, and I realized I made a mistake in power choices when I was training up afterward, so I decided to use one of the respecs I gained from leveling. After reselecting all my powers, allocating slots as desired, and moving all my Enhancements into my inventory (none into my powers), I clicked the Finish button, but it threw an error and didn't save any of the changes I'd made during the respec. I seem to recall hearing that's to be expected, so in hindsight I'm not sure why I tried to use a respec without having trained all the w
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