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My (unreasonable) AE Wishlist thread

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1.Broad 'Themed' Powersets

Have you ever wanted an AV to provide a challenge just not possible within the scope of TWO measly power picks? Is it too hard to code a third power selection? Well with this choice we can have our enemies and they can kick our asses too! The idea behind this would be to make some new powersets with every power that could be thematically appropriate all lumped into one mega powerset. So a 'Ice themed' Powerset will include a list which comprises of Icy Blast, Icy Assault, Ice Melee (including stalker version), Ice Armor, Cold Domination, Ice Control, and even Storm Summoning (there could be plenty of overlap in these sets allowed), and miscellaneous things only covered in ice-themed epic pools, ice manipulation, icy assault, and possibly even a special version of Spines locked into 'crystalline' customization that deals cold damage. Not all powers would have 'broader themes' that could be tapped into, but you could still, in theory, merge Assault Rifle, Arachnos Soldier, and Mercenaries sets and throw in Aim for good measure. At the end of the day this could promote much stronger or just more interesting enemies in AE. For some examples of of these broad powersets and what would compose them...

  • Ice Themed (As mentioned above could include Ice Blast, Ice Melee (including stalker version), Ice Assault*, ice armor, ice control cold domination, and storm summoning from just existing things)
  • Fiery Themed (Fire Blast, Fiery Melee, Fiery Aura, Thermal Radiation, Fire Control)
  • Psionic/Timelord Themed (Psychic Blast, Psionic Assault, Mind Control, Psychic Melee, Empathy, Leadership pool, Willpower, Super Reflexes, Temporal Manipulation, Time Manipulation)
  • Martial Arts Themed (Martial Arts, Street Justice, Martial Assault, Kinetic Melee, Energy blast, Super Strength, Fighting Pool, Super Reflexes, Willpower)


2. Mastermind Minions as their own AE Mobs

Basically let us flood a damn map with robotics drones or mercs, or generic ninjas. Please? (Relatedly: include the Rogue PPD as a selectable mob)


3. Allow us to add Cutscene Captions.

I imagine for this you'd just need to add some special optional dialogue boxes and tag them to specific event triggers like finding a certain clue, entering the mission, finishing the mission, X-boss at Y health Percent, and so on.


4. Outdoor maps with express 'start', 'middle', and 'end' spawn points.

I know it's theoretically possible, and I'm not asking for exact control over spawn locations (which would be very nice but I get why that could be a pain)


5. Relatedly: new Warwall/Tramless/Lore-free maps

Probably the hardest one to pull off, but I'm talking about things like taking the ruined city maps and removing aspects of them being in Paragon like the warwalls and tram tracks, or making removing the golden glow from some of the Croatoa outdoor maps and replacing the entrance with a more generic entry instead of the faerie ring, and lastly just removing warwalls from many outdoor maps in general so they can feel like they're set in places that aren't paragon.


6. 'Generic' EBs/AVs for each faction

Another hard one to pull off, but basically going through existing mobs to take some of the existing bosses, maybe giving them a few new powers and upping them to 'elite boss' or 'av' status for a bit of extra challenge without needing to go through and try to make a custom character that often doesn't look a thing like many of the canon gang members.

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Necroing this thread because I thought of another big thing:


Tying the mission timer to objectives in missions. Not just to entry and completion, but to stuff like starting upon getting an AV to a certain level of health and ending clicking a certain glowing object but not be the final objective.


Bonus point if we could even make it so the timer ending does not automatically fail the mission, but rather cause like an ambush or AV to spawn.

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To get back into AE mission building, I'd want several things corrected that extremely frustrated me on live:


1.  The ability to precisely places bosses and mission objectives exactly where I want them on the map.  I was so frustrated on live with certain objectives spawning in very awkward places ( like at the beginning of the map ).


2.  More missions per arc.


3.  More space to work with.  I was so limited in the amount of verbiage I could have per arc.


4.  Ability to create larger than life arch-villains, so that they stood out.



Nice to haves:

1.  Some way to lay out our own maps using building blocks ( like rooms and hallways ).

2.  Ability to place music cues at any point on the map.

3.  Ability to set lighting at any point on the map, kind of like the base builder.




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I've been playing with AE a lot lately, and I cannot express how much I'd love to have those themed sets. Better yet, a "masterlist" set that includes every power currently available to custom NPCs, including secondary sets (Thermal Radiation, Invulnerability, etc.) and different versions of the same power (e.g. Dark Blast's Life Drain has lower damage and longer recharge than Dark Assault's Life Drain). Pre-made NPCs like Baron Zoria draw from no fewer than three themes (Dark, Psychic, and Earth) across five different power sets (Dark Blast, Dark Miasma/Darkness Affinity, Psychic Blast, Mind Control, Earth Control); why not let players do the same for their own custom enemies, right?


While we're at it, I'd also like to see a "custom passives" set for all kinds of passive buffs - or even debuffs! That way you could, for example, make a fire elemental that's hugely resistant to Fire but vulnerable to Cold. To make it easier, the increments could be standardized. Here's how I picture it:

You'd have separate auto powers for each of the following: +5% Fire resist, +10% Fire resist, +15% Fire resist, +20% Fire resist, and +25% Fire resist. To continue the fire elemental example, you could choose the +25%, +15%, and +10% Fire resist powers to give it a total of +50% resistance to fire. Then you could pick the -25% and -10% Cold resist powers to give it -35% resistance to Cold damage.


In an ideal scenario, such powers (both buff and debuff) would exist for every individual attribute in the game:

Lethal resistance, cold resistance, toxic resistance, ... negative energy defense, psionic defense, melee defense, ... max HP, max End., regeneration rate, recovery rate, damage, to-hit, accuracy, recharge speed, movement speed, perception radius, ... confuse duration, fear duration, knockback magnitude, ... knockback protection, hold protection, stun resistance, immobilize resistance, ... defense debuff resistance, recharge slow resistance, movement slow resistance, End. drain resistance, taunt resistance, ... untouchable, only affect self, ...

...et cetera. Though I can't fathom how tedious and exhausting it would be for the devs to create every individual power like I suggested, it would allow an obscene amount of enemy customization without worrying about the FX or End. drain attached to toggle shields (note that such shields would still be available in the "masterlist" set that I suggested at the beginning of this post).

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I want alternate start points. I *want* to start a player (or team) in a holding cell and can't. Or at the far side of a jungle map.


(Also "more map variety." Might be City of Heroes, but what if I want to send a team to the pyramids, or Central American ruins?)

Primarily on Everlasting. Squid afficionado. Former creator of Copypastas. General smartalec.


I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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