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  1. Any chance we could PLEASE get the ability to recolor the UI to red again? I simply can't stand the blue color scheme and I've been using an outdated version but I really want to play around with the new power sets and IO sets.
  2. As I played a Praetorian character again after a long time of not having played one, the difference between Praetoria and Paragon City are night and day. I'd play blue side if all the zones weren't as samey as they are now. Basically, a facelift of Paragon City to be more distinct like Praetoria.
  3. Good to know. I've gotten my first stalker up to 17, Savage Melee/Ninjitsu. Liking it so far, quite a bit actually that I created a Psi Melee/Willpower Stalker (but not sold on the Psi Melee, seems Boggle is completely skippable) as well. Just want to make sure that I skip sets that are better off on Scrappers or Brutes. Thank you!
  4. Is there a melee set that is certifiable worst on Stalker than the other melee ATs?
  5. A shame. I'm all for helping out with visual impairments, but since this was already an option that could be switched to back and forth, I'm not sure why it needed to be removed. After all, if the red was causing some difficulties, the user could have left it as blue/switched it to blue. Oh well, thanks for the heads up.
  6. Currently tried but I can't get over the all blue color theme. Before, when I clicked on Villain, it would switch to the better red color theme. Seems with 2.6, this doesn't work and I can't see how to change the colors myself in any of the options.
  7. I liked the game well enough, but since you can't play as your own created villain, I never actually spent money on it. Or more than a couple of hours. Shame.
  8. Am I the only one who shoots for Hasten-less perma Dom? Yeah, I eschew personal defenses for it, but if I'm already going for perma Dom, my recharge bonuses are going to far exceed what Hasten provides (even if Hasten is taken, you still need more than 70% global recharge to reach perma Dom). In fact, with a few exceptions of specific powers that are really nice perma'd (usually in the support sets), I rarely get Hasten on my characters and would rather just build for 60%+ global recharge.
  9. Having had a Necro/TA MM up to 50 on Live, fully IO'd out and incarnate'd out, I wish you luck on your masochist endeavor. You'll need it. And lots of patience, lots and lots of patience. So much resummoning, not per mission, per spawn (at +whatever/x8)...
  10. No, more like EQ's Shadow Knight, WoW's Death Knight, GW2 Revenant (sort of), Rift's Reaver, etc. And as I typed out that list and realized most don't use shields in their respective games... I still kinda want to stick to Shield. I never got into Titan Weapons despite trying it a few times.
  11. So I'm working on a concept of an evil knight, sort of like a paladin except part Necromancer instead of Cleric. The sets that are definitely in are Shield Defense and either War Mace (Tanker) or Broadsword (Stalker), Soul Mastery (Tanker) or Darkness Mastery (Stalker). I'm not worried about the builds for either AT, I can easily get both to soft capped Melee, Ranged, and AoE. It's just that I'm torn, a BS/Shield Stalker is glorious, but it fits the concept slightly less. I've never had a Tanker before but after the changes it caught my eye, and the combination of Gloom, Soul Tentacles, and Darkest Night fit the concept much better. Honestly, if Stalkers had access to Darkest Night it'd be a non issue and I'd just go Stalker, but for the fantasy I have in my head, a debuff power is so much better than a hold. Originally, way back when, I was working on such a character but I was torn between Brute or Scrapper. How the tables have turned...
  12. My first level 50 Mastermind on Live was a Necromancer/Trick Arrow. After decking her out with IOs and finishing her incarnate abilities, I told myself "never again!" She was reborn here as Necro/Time, fully IO'd out and with some Incarnates.
  13. You'd have to replace Rain of Fire entirely, Dominators already have it through the Fire Mastery epic. Although do keep in mind that we do have precedent for an assault set with as few as 2 ranged attacks (Earth Assault), so don't feel constrained by that.
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