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  1. Sure thing! You can message them to me if you want. 🙂
  2. Ohh I see what your saying now. I misread that part. Heh. Honestly I’ve no idea why they would be proccing every activation. Maybe your just getting lucky on the chances. Who knows. From my understanding is anything with a higher than 15s cooldown base has a 90% chance to proc. The chance gets lower as base cooldown gets lower. im also new to this proc monstering thing myself, and cannot give you a better answer. I’m sorry.
  3. You typically want procs in longer cooldown abilities with NO recharge slotted in them. But rely on the global cooldown. Longer cooldown abilities have a higher proc chance than faster cooldown abilities.
  4. Thanks for the info! I’ll revisit it. But I am also debating just going for Invuln/SS instead. Im aiming for a build that is unkillable like @Bopper’s ProcRocks build. But without the downsides of granite. Lol. Although the build is tons of fun!
  5. @Sir Myshkin I put together a Invuln/WM based off of your "blank" invuln. Any thoughts and potential changes you would do please?
  6. ?? What exactly am i looking at? Lnk seems to be broken
  7. When do these changes go live? Also, does anyone have any builds they would like to share? Was debating doing a Invuln/EM, Bio/EM, or Rad/EM tanker.
  8. I've looked around and have not seen it anywhere. I'm lookin to build a tank and debating on using your Granite build or going for a Rad/SS build. I cant decide tho. @Gobbledegook and @Tsuko, do you guys have your rad/ss posted anywhere? If not, would you mind sharing it with me? Thanks
  9. @Bopper Has the full tank spec been posted anywhere? I would love to see it. Also, is rage absolutely needed? I was thinking of using WM instead of SS. Wondered on your thoughts on it. Thanks!
  10. When i type in game the command it says i am using 3 args rather then 1....retypred stuff to suit my directory and everything...
  11. Sorry, idk if im blind or missing it. But how do you get this installed? When i go to the site, there is 4 different file downloads....
  12. Also would like to know, Just got done leveling a melee based widow to 50....should i even bother? Or is a TW/BIO better?
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