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Stalker Build List

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Hello, I'm @Hopestar and I'll be maintaining a build list thread for each Archetype. From here I'll be linking any finished builds from the forums and pm'd to me or pinned on the discord into this topic.

Have a finished build that isn't here? PM me.
Please no theorycrafted (as in never played) builds, I want your used builds.


Other Build Lists:


Brute Controller Corruptor
Defender Dominator Mastermind Scrapper
Sentinel Stalker Tanker Peacebringer
Warshade Arachnos Soldier Arachnos Widow  






Here's the format I'll be using:
Powers - ex. Street Justice/Super Reflexes/Mace

Forum Link

Mids Build Link

Tags - ex. 45% S/L Defense, 75% S/L/F/C/E/N Resistances, Solo Friendly (any other things you can tell me about the build)


(Thanks to Kaizerin on DeviantArt for the icon)


Forum Builds:


@Kruunch's Electric/Shield/Body


Tags - 45+% Melee/Ranged/AoE Defense, Near Perma-Hasten, No Incarnates


Discord Builds:


Valeska (Maethil#0220)'s Street Justice/Energy/Weapon


Tags - 45+% S/L/E/N/F/C Defense, 55% S/L Resistances, Incarnates


Doctor Photon (Vayhle#5026)'s Kinetic/Electric/Soul


Tags - 30% AoE Defense (60+% to All with Shadow Meld), 75% S/L/E/F/C/Psi Resistances, Perma-Hasten


Colyn#7939's Psionic/Shield/Soul


Tags - 35+% Melee/Ranged/AoE Defense (60+% to M/R/AoE with Shadow Meld), 53% S/L/F/C Resistances, No Incarnates, Near Perma-Hasten


Colyn#7939's Electric/Shield/Soul


Tags - 45+% Melee/Ranged/AoE Defense, 58% S/L Resistances, Perma-Hasten


Gyffes (Excelsior/Everlasting)#7385's Electric/Energy/Body


Tags - 63% S/L Defense, 65% S/L Resistances, Near Perma-Hasten


Sigr#5007's Staff Fighting/Super Reflexes/Body


Tags - 60% Melee/Ranged/AoE Defense, 52% S/L Resistances, No Incarnates


Sigr#5007's Martial Arts/Energy/Blaze


Tags - 45+% S/L/E/N/F/C Defense, 54% S/L Resistances, No Incarnates, Perma-Hasten

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