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MEET & GREET - Atlanta, GA area

Squid Vicious

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Fellow SuperHeroes and Villains - 


Are there enough of us playing in Southeast US (near Atlanta, GA) to coordinate a fan-driven, somewhat regular meet-up of players of CoX?   It would sure be nice to start meeting folks in person and inspire the Homecoming staff to hold their own M&Gs all over eventually. 🙂



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Cool.    I know 3 others.    Would you all be open to a M&G at some metro-Atlanta location?   It could be a dinner, bowling, Dave and Busters, whatever ... but it starts with Hello!  


Excelsior server - Squid Vicious is my Kheldian main.   I live in Lawrenceville.  Let's plan something soon.   🙂

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Don't live in Atlanta anymore, and its not the same owners, but a long, long time ago, we did a ATL CoH meetup at Battle & Brew.  As far as I know, they are still open. I don't know as they'd let you load Homecoming but if you're looking for a spot it would be a little poetic 🙂

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