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3 PB Tin Mage TF (video) (more videos added 10.24.2019)


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On 10/16/2019 at 8:47 PM, Honest Abe said:

We may have to do it with Warshades next.  


Also, my fellow Kheldians, we need to bring back Kheld Fridays!




This was a great time too. LOL at Dechs rocking out at 0:46. I don't think I saw my Warshade once, but at least I got credit for leading 😅

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16 hours ago, Doomrider said:

Video of us (Septipheran, myself (Etherrender) and AIB) on our Warshades puggin' on the last night the servers were up. Finishing one last ITF before the curtain dropped.  @Septipheran@Honest Abe


Mission accomplished...barely. 


The action, the music, the drama all of these, and more (thanks Sept) combined to make this video what it is...a masterpiece. 


If you choose to watch it, be sure to notice the red lettered warnings, regarding CoH shutting down for the last time, at the 10 minute and 5 minute marks.


Thanks for posting Doom. 

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