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Hey peeps, was trying to see if anyone has made a list of useful channels players can join, and in the absence of finding one I figure I'd start a thread to get the ball rolling.


So, any useful channels for Indom such as for badge hunting, TF/SFs, raids, etc?

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Are there any Incarnate Trial Channels?


Indom TF is the largest channel in indom, made specifically for pickup TFs and Incarnate trials


Hami Hunters is a Hamidon hunting channel that hosts at least two Hami raids a week (generally a daily pickup one though)

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Is there a badge hunting channel?


^!(If there isn't already, I went ahead and made one, but I don't want to split people so if there already is one I'll get rid if it.


"Indom Badgers" is the name if there isn't one already and people are interested in grouping for zone events like the Ghost ship, Troll Raids, Fires, etc.

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23 minutes ago, Apparition said:

So it appears that Indom TF is the only channel used now for TF/SF/raid/trial recruitment?  Are there any other Indomitable global channels I should be aware of?

Honestly that's the only global channel I've seen active in a long time. 

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