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Zoning times Fullscreen v Windowed?


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Hi, my rig is new and top spec and runs everything at full blast with complete ease... but....

when I run game fullscreen I have virtually zero zoning times, I hardly see the zoning splash screen and am back ingame in new zone.

If I run the game in windowed mode that immediately changes and my zoning times are long enough to wonder if game has crashed.

Go back to full screen and zero loading times.

Am just curious as to why the discrepancy in times, especially as they are so large?

And yes I tend to stick with fullscreen unless I am dual boxing as allowed under the rules 😇


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10 hours ago, EmmySky said:

The only thing that comes to mind is that your graphics card may be trying to render your desktop or other open stuff when in windowed mode.  In fullscreen it ignores everything else and just focuses on the one thing.  


Happy hunting!

This was my thought exactly. It has way fewer things to render at once.

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