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Stone Armor without Granite


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Granite armor aside, you'll need to be okay with the play style requirement of Rooted to root you and that you have to be ON THE GROUND to have mez protection.


Although it can fixed with a simple macro swapping between Rooted and your travel power, it still plays oddly when you need to jump and represents a risk when you need to move/jump.


If you're okay with it, you can make stone armour work (again granite aside), even if the armor works oddly by missing resists or defence for things here/there.


Edit: spelling.  Also, the huge psy hole makes it non viable in iTrials based on Psy damage (MoM trial). Possible solution is you could bring a tray of 20 oranges (20 minutes) to get medium-low psy resist, make a second build specifically for Psy tanking that slots the 6% psy resist IO in every resist power, and with barrier popping randomly...nobody will know your weakness 😉 


Edit 2: Psy damage resist can reach about 50% ish through:

- 5 x 6% resist IO

- the Melee resist passive 15% resist in Hybrid

- one full 6-slotted set of purples IOs in one of your attacks.

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Psy damage
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Helped powerlevel some folks last weekend, ended up without about 6 of them.  One guy started with his alt, second run he switched to his Stone brute using Granite.  Started helping to kill, all fire farm.  Through most of a mission, he only died twice but the second time he had to leave.  His goal was to make some cash, unfortunately to many people kinda lowered that goal.  The whole point of me saying this.


He had no IO bonuses, maybe normal IO and I didn't ask.  It was +4/8 setting, medium long Atlas map. He was pretty much a beast, dipped down to half a lot but went on face rolling next to my fire brute build exclusively for farming.  He did pretty well, his damage might of sucked but his taunting gained a lot of attention letting my brute smash things with about double the aggro limit of 2 groups together.


All I can say, don't skip Granite.  Aside from the slow and near immobilization, you can't be stopped 90% of the time.  You don't have to use it often, but keep it in your back pocket for those moments you need it.

"Farming is just more fun in my opinion, beating up hordes of angry cosplayers...."  - Coyotedancer

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