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  1. >How do they compare with other damaging/Survival ATs? Crabs have good scrapper/brute levels of survabillity, especially with permanent Serum giving +HP. Serum + Accolaldes = 2000 HP = HP of a nonWP or nonRegen brute. Bane Spider/Fort/Night survabillity = Super Reflexes (Fix Super Reflexes) except better as a team player Damage wise, in a vacuum pylon test, Crabberminds have top DPS, but in a real iTrial fight, Crabs DPS are very low compared to Brutes/Scrappers/(anecdotally) Tankers. Crab pets die horrendous deaths due to long cooldowns and the low survivability of pets. Bane Spider animation time is terribly long = low DPS. Might as well role a /Stalker especially with stalker ATO procs giving anecdotally tons of damage. Fort/Night DPS seems fine given the trade off of being ranged for Fort, and a team buffer for Nightwidow. >What is your favorite build - do you think they compare with one another? I only play Brutes/Scrappers and 1 softcap /FF corrupter, thus I am skewed towards desiring tankiness. Therefore, I only, seldomly, play my Proc crabber, no pets. >Are they underpowered/overpowered/okay at the moment? The Archetype passive power is nearly useless as it does not give any additional damage/survivability to the VEAT. Perhaps a dynamic Archetype passive power, similar to defenders or HEATs may resolve the issue? Solo-wise I feel they are slightly underpowered. My Brute Crab has anecdotally lower DPS than a soloing defender. A 8-man team of VEATs are OP. A team of 8 VEATs running all 6 leadership toggles would hit iTrial defense softcap, give everyone 180% bonus damage which is very near brute at 90% fury, and nobody would miss ever except the innate 5%. Essentially everyone becomes a Brute running /Super Reflexes. An Itrial of 16 VEATS = 30% damage x 16 = 480% damage = everyone at damage cap all the time >What would you like to see changed? Comparability: Make the VEAT numbers closer to the AT they "choose". If they choose "crabbermind" make the pets similar in power/nature to Masterminds. If they choose crab, make their damage and survability similar to Tanks, if they choose Night Widow/Bane, make their damage similar to Stalkers except without the OP Stalker ATO proc. If they choose Fortunata, turn them into a corrupter. Personally, anedcotally, I agree with the WoW design philosophy of druids/shamans/paladins. Vanilla WoW had druids/shamans/paladins take a healing-only role. However, as the game evolved, multi-class Archtypes could specialize and essentially become the same DPS/survivability of the other Archetypes. They still had all their abilities but they heavily lost effiency (HUGE mana cost to heal someone if not spec'd as a healer, very low DPS if not spec'd damage, etc). This is what I hope VEAT and HEATs would change into. >What do you love about them? Passive, large-AOE (lazy), team buffs. Else, I don't play this Archetype anymore.
  2. Your Question: Solo, KB a lot, Sentinel: Energy Blast/Willpower. Answer: Corrupter: Energy Blast/Force Field. Survivabillity: At low levels you wont have Sentinel's /Willpower ability to regen/solo and therefore squishier, but at high levels when you reach softcap defence for all positions, you will stay alive. KB: /Forcefield has 2 KB powers (Forcebolt, AOE KB toggle that costs extra end per enemy). Forcebolt is the highest knockback Mag in the game. /Forcefield also has that AOE repel that everyone loves/hates. Energy blast: Energy blast
  3. If you need to change your incarnate powers..... do so before you swap builds! Or else you gotta wait for the cooldown.
  4. Cryon me more. How Pyronic, my own Judgement chained back to me. Edit: You and your vorpal tongue. Keeping an Ion you.
  5. For Clarity and Posterity: Spamming judgement is all we are doing on this forum, not using any other communication tools. This is true.
  6. Doctor's hate it when you do this one thing! Click here to find out how to triple your neck flexibility by 10 times!!
  7. Oh we're talking where our characters actually live in-game. Obus Erectus, my main, lives on DJ Zero's speaker in Pocket D. I Foot Stomp to indicate dominance over my territory. You shall not pass!
  8. My mains live within the 🌈 coloured long-term Care Bear city ,Care-A-Lot (sponsored by the UFC).
  9. The next thing would be to nerf COH Homecoming into Windows 94 Minesweeper because the game is generally, too much fun. I need a sense of progression and fulfillment.
  10. This was my understanding as well when /change build was added to the game.
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