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  1. Yeah as I finally 50'd and played him at 50, he's definitely much squishier than my dark armor. It takes getting used to pre-emptively firing Consume just to counter endurance drain. And like you've mentioned, recovery debuff from Freak stunner resurrection is certainly noticeable...something I took for granted and never noticed the difference since all my brutes/tankers are Dark Armor or Electric Armor. As for tanking, aside from using the tools available to min/max, I always went with the philosophy of "easy/lazy" as possible so that I can focus on the fight. I realize it's no
  2. Somehow I can't get around taking Fiery Embrace. Although I can do bursts of damage, I find it's only good for soloing +4x8, whereas any other scenario (farming, 8man groups, iTrial) damage will be outclassed by any damage dealing type. Omg thank you for finding that Unbreakable Guard move lol. Was itching at me for the longest time. So far, Tanker's Might proc hasn't fallen off when I'm standing beside an AV 1v1, although there might be instances where it does if I miss or proc doesn't happen... it just hasn't happened so far. I would imagine the times where I'm m
  3. I've updated it to remove the Ragnarok proc in Gloom and put Knocback resist in Combat Jumping, as well as ForceFeedback into Stomp instead of Damage. Appreciate the changes. Seems to work wonders the FF proc in keeping Burn in a manageable chain of attacks in groups
  4. Hey @Miss Magical Totally love your build and after studying it for a while, it completely inspired me to try one similar. What do you think of this? Similarities between our builds: - 100% slow resist because healing = Fire Armor - Incarnate powers same - Reaching resist caps after 1 stack of sMotT proc The difference between our builds: - Aimed for Psy resist to make the Fire Armor tanker = Dark Armor tanker + Burn damage - Traded away some ForceFeedback + Consume slotting in exchange for psy resist. I figure that any incarnate t
  5. Thanks for pointing that out... no wonder 😅
  6. Hey @Bopper I created a similar build but forced some personal power choices instead. Question for you: At the same %165 extra recharge as your build, why does my Mids say that Mind Link CD is 88.55s with Hasten on? Link to my build is below This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Natural Arachnos Widow Primary Power Set: Fortunata Training Secondary Power Set: Fortunata Teamwork Power Pool: Sorcery Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Medicine Power Pool: Speed
  7. Hello COH RP community I recently started delving into the COH storyline (after having never read the in game storyline details except for the sunset AMA interview post) and decided to try adding a bio to my fully incarnated crab Spider SoA. The problem is that he's "Natural" origin and all his attacks use the little gun (not even the spider backpack) that all SoA archetype uses in the early levels. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on an interesting back story or a way to logically explain how his powers/attacks become so powerful as an incarnate when he's shooting everything
  8. Hello SoA Veterans! Looking for insight into optimizing my build with input from some SoA veterans. I've got experience reaching softcaps on brutes/tanks but haven't tried so for SoAs. Really appreciate your time and feedback since I'm new to this archetype. Although crabs seem to really need a review from devs due to redraw, bad animation time, I picked SoA attacks for the best damage per animation. I also picked crab because of my brute/tank playstyle requiring the feeling of invulnerability with high defense/res/heal + 24/7 mez protection (e.g. can't stand Peacebringer lightf
  9. Bump. Hoping for a 2021 update to these statistics
  10. Glad you're still here and grats on beating 300bn!! What have I missed over the last 8 months?
  11. Appreciate the feedback. Yeah unsure what to do with jab lol. I actually was trying to forgo defense completely since I'm capped at resistance. I only did 3 slots and not 4 for unbreakable was because I didnt want to go for defense at all I understand it's odd that I took maneuvers and fully slotted the Cloak of Darkness, which was to really get set bonus and reduce end cost of it since it's a nice perk to stealth sometimes. I took maneuvers and weave simply as a LOTG and 4 piece mule to get the energy resist to cap energy resists, my understanding being that capped
  12. Really intriguing stuff here! Would any of the Tanker vets mind giving my build a look over? It's a Dark Armour/SS. Aimed for capped S/L/E/Ne/Psi, with as much proccing as possible and using rage on CD. Thank you in advance 😃 Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Natural Tanker Primary Power Set: Dark Armor Secondary Power Set: Super Strength Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leadership Ancillary Pool: Ener
  13. My only comment is for T9 pet survivibility: I think all T9 pets (Mastermind pets, Defender primary power pool pets too) should be treated similar to WoW hunter's pets, i.e. immune to enemy mobs AOE attacks and take 90% reduced damage from enemy mob single-target attacks. Recasting long-recharge T9 pets just to watch the pet die to 1 or 2 boss attacks makes many of those pets a non-useable power compared to other Archetype Primary Power Pool T9s, especially Brutes, Scrappers, Stalkers, Corrupters, Blasters, etc. That's all.
  14. @aethereal love the idea and play style! I have some suggestions/feedback though: If Super Reflexes is the ultimate version of no-resistance defense-based set, I would think Regen would be the ultimate version of a no-defense low-resistance Self Healing, +Regen, and +Max Health based set (no absorb mechanic). To that end, your version of Instant Healing being, for example, 5% isn't bad because when it's fully slotted it would be 10% heal on a short (5 second?) CD that is reduced to 30% of its original CD (1.5 second?) after slotting. However, I would say the constant
  15. @ceto555 given your post count and question, if it's suitable for you, I suggest you pick one that fits your budget. Also, when you say /EA do you mean /Energy Aura or /Electric Armor? /Energy Aura is usually written as /EnA and /Electric Armor is usually written as /Electric Armor. To answer your question: /WP needs $ /WP is the cheapest to make viable at level 50+4 door missions. 50+4 missions will require you to hit 45% defense, which is easily attainable on /WP. However, when your raid, you will need to focus more on resists than defense. Defens
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